Who were/are the Clovis?


The story behind their creation.


After fifteen years of trying to get information on what the Clovis culture was I finally broke through. Using remote viewing and shamanic techniques I have finally been granted permission into the source. This winter season of 2016 will be uploading of the information I have received.  

The Clovis culture is a prehistoric Paleo-Indian culture, named after distinct stone tools found at sites near Clovis, New Mexico, The Clovis culture appears around 11,500–11,000 B. P. and almost “exploded” (in cultural time frames) across all four corners of North America, an occurrence unheard of in history. From northern parts of Canada to Mexico this culture managed to cross vast expanses of land to be accepted into all the tribes and peoples of North America, and in less than 400 - 500 years.

They are an enigma to science as well as anyone that has tried to understand who or what this culture was.

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August 20 2016