These yantra cards each represent one of the 7 chakras of the body. The symbols themselves are ancient. Here Joanne has brought many layers of subtle colour to these uni

que representations of the chakras. Just as the language of Sanskrit has vibrational healing qualities in its sound, these yantra symbols offer healing energy in their images and colours. As a Yoga teacher and student, Joanne uses them in different ways. They can be singularly focused on in meditation while intending t

o heal a chakra (either in silence or with the “seed sounds”), used in a group setting while practicing yoga, or simply put up in your home, offering healing energy to all in its presence.

There are 2 sets available at this time, a small set (21/4”by3”) for $15.00 or a large set (81/2”by11”) with valuable information regarding each chakra and their “seed sounds” and definitions of their Sanskrit names for $75.00.