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You can only understand

what you have experienced.

Mystics have always been present among the populace. They are usually loners by choice for they know on all levels they are different than others. Most keep their abilities to themselves. Not that there is anything to hide from trusted friends and family, it usually stems from difficulties in communicating to others what they have seen and understand. Communicating their understandings and explorations are usually too much for some and uninteresting for others. The experiences themselves galvanize the mystic to their work. Work, for me is a word that keeps this serious "play" from getting too obsessive. Going out of body or seeing crystal clear images (Remote Viewing) of environments that are not part of your daily life can be too emboldening to quit. Added to the mystics dysfunction, is that any part of domestic life becomes mundane and predictable, in comparison.

Mystics use their abilities in different ways and for different reasons. In the past, the words these people could use to describe what they had seen would have to find its source in the culture of the day. These past cultures were submersed in nature and the natural world, body, soul, and mind. In interpreting the "out of body experience" (OBE) they could only extract words originating in natureís expression. An example would be; if a cycle was observed, it could be described as a snake swallowing its tail (the Ouroboros). Try placing yourself there, if you wanted to describe a cycle, say the cycle of life, how would you do it? Of course all this in a culture that had not developed the concept of a wheel. The only way you could effectively do this is to use metaphors. It is these metaphors that have been passed down to us. It is also the metaphors that we focus on and think, "man they didnít have a clue". The mystics knew, it was just a lack of language to describe the impossible. In this modern day and age we have computers and electrical devices that alone, expand our language in unimaginable ways to the ancient mind. This expanded language allows us to communicate in more descriptive ways, a process that does not fit into the "norm" natural world. Even the simplest words like atoms, particle waves, microwaves, dimensions, black holes, gravity, and so on represent concepts the ancient mystics could have used if they were available.







Yet here we are in the twentieth century and we are still struggling to understand. The truth is that even the wildest scientific imagination could not begin to come close to the truth of "Real Reality". There is nothing in this modern culture that can come close to the incredible design of the universe never mind what lies beyond the physical. When the truth is eventually accepted by the world, almost all the known understandings and beliefs will have to be abandoned due to obsoleteness. Every scientific field will have to be scrapped or redesigned so much so, that the fields may even be called something else. It all depends on the time it will take to be accepted. Typically this would take a few generations to happen, but before this can take place the mystics have to inject or seed the human consciousness with the truth. This is and has always been the role of the mystic, the one that usually keeps to the background, like "wallpaper". The mystic is the translator, the message carrier, the bridge between cultural beliefs and the true nature of "All That Exists".

The most important aspect the mystic must preserve is accuracy in interpreting the information. Accuracy has been the biggest problem facing a mystic, it is not that mystics are ethically challenged, it is a matter of understanding with the limitations of the human mind. Mystics are exposed to the knowledge and the experiences. To those who understand the experience, their accuracy is also only relevant to the "language" they can communicate with others. Now add to this cultural dogma, beliefs of "ones self", fears, insecurities, general health, and greed and power issues. You can take any information and run it through the above "filters" and you can see there will always be different translations of the same information.

It will be done differently this time!

I have looked at the new subculture called New Age, and have seen how half-truths, become complete truths, as time and the story evolves. A partial truth is seeded, then becomes the foundation of the next partial truth, then the next is added, until the pyramid of what is true or not was lost in the translation. New Age was a stepping-stone in spirituality and like all stepping-stones you eventually end up on the other side of the river, but you are still at the rivers edge.

Science has not faired much better, for researchers find themselves in struggling to keep one another from fudging the data or just plain plagiarism of each others work, all in the name of financial and political power. The all mighty dollar has taken science out of the pure, independent, discovery mode of the past. New instruments have allowed science to see deeper and further into how wrong their old outdated theories are. Unfortunately they have painted themselves into a stifling box corner of maintenance of these old partial truths. In other words science has followed the same human pattern that New Age took, only most in science donít realize it yet.

Where do creationists and religions fit into this nonphysical world? Unfortunately they too have been diverted from their own great mystics messages. A true religion cannot grow, they cannot accept new mystics or their messages even from inside their walls. To religion, mysticism died with the true and pure of hearts of the past scholars. Today, one religion sees all entering this world as unpurified, so how could anyone be expected to be messengers of God, unless they were high profile members. Even with this status they are placed into a different category called sainthood. Sainthood being defined as; follow their example but donít change anything! In fact religion in itself fails to understand the messages that their own originators brought to this world. Religion by its nature and rules is bound by the Ďorthodox stand of stagnation". It is not allowed to evolve so it ceases to learn more of its own nature, humanity, and beauty. So why do I come forward with my message if all is lost? The truth is I know there are thousands of people out there like me that just want to understand why and how this reality works. What lies beyond the 5%, our physical form, we call "I".

Archaeology and interest in the past, first developed in my high school years. From there I achieved a federal grant for an archaeological research project. It was during these times that I became fascinated with the past and past cultures. From this interest, I like many others, found out the ancients had abilities we are still trying to understand. When developing an interest in the past, one always ends up asking why and how, with few obtainable answers. Why were some of the ancient cultures so advanced and yet they disappeared? Is humanity so shallow that we cannot retain what we have learned? It can appear this way for anyone that studies history. There had to be better answers than what the current history books and popular researchers were offering. I needed to find out, but could not turn to current theories, for these theories all give you the feeling of being "straws to grasp onto". I ended up deciding that I was the only one that could find answers to my questions. I had to do it, not so much by myself, but for myself. You can always tell when the academics donít know the answers. They either avoid the question or they make up something that is absolutely ridiculous. In fact the only ones that would believe and propagate this these ridiculous ideas would be news media, who blindly follow along by spreading the misconceptions to the public.

Stonehenge is a perfect example of a misconception that continues to be taught by the news media (in conjunction with the "straw grabbers"). The alignments, at these sites, as with most sites around the earth, are simply to find a directional position. They were never intended to align to the sun or star for other reasons. In an age before maps and compasses the sun was the best way to find direction. After that was established, the real interesting work began and the purpose behind it all. It was not to align with gods, fertility, crop planting or any other ridiculous theory. The truth is much more profound than this. Those using only intellect will inevitably fail to find the answers. I can tell you with complete conviction that intellect did not create the reason or purpose for the alignments at ancient site. This purpose was downloaded to the ancient shamans/mystics in the past, just as it can be today if you are interested in learning. There is a reason for alignment but it is not to gods or stars in the general sense of it. There is no value in aligning to a star or an imaginary god that produces no tangible results. Has anyone asked why would this worldwide need last for a thousand years under such an undemonstrative experience? There was a good reason but this book will only give the basics to the teachings. In fact this was probably the way it was done thousands of years ago. The real reason is so complex and "directionally diversified" in its entirety, that only a preliminary explanation must be given at first. You cannot learn a complex language without starting with the basics. There is nothing in our present culture or scienceís knowledge base that can come close to understanding the design. You first have to learn the language before you can read the schematics. The ancients did it this way and it probably took them thousands of years to accumulate the understandings. I can shortcut this because the work has already been done. The knowledge is already a part of the human physicís background. It is an illusion to think that discoveries are done in sequence of one another. Outside this three-dimensional reality there is no time. So discoveries are all there in their field of vibration. Every time a new understanding enters this environment called the present, it cascades backward and forward in time. Discoveries can be picked out of the "background" like fruit off a tree. Sequence of events for discovering any piece of information is simply a matter of how long your "ladder" is. If it is short then you discoveries (the fruit) will be from the lower branches. With each discovery your vibration in this "field" increases, and you are adding another rung on the ladder, this is the only sequence there is. The next book of this series will show the process and the benefits, for there is a real benefit to it all. (Or did you think that many thousands of work hours and tons of building material was worth aligning to the sun or celestial object)?

In the current information age, you can always tell which of the expertís (each in their own field), are dictating through intellect and not from original thought or research. After reading their material, there is the original "fix", of hearing the information, it is a short high that always leads to a long hollow feeling afterward. The translation for this Ďfix" feeling is; your questions are still unanswered. I realized many years ago that science could not answer the questions that I had about the ancient sites. They did not have the tools or training to get to the real sources, the people in the past that built the sites. I needed to turn to unorthodox methods, the only answer was metaphysics. Even in the metaphysical field, after many years of reading and researching, I noticed a crippling pattern. The pattern was that most authors were following the previous oneís path. The perpetual half-truth pyramid sequence is inevitable if you continue to research others material prior to doing your own research. Information is only a "stepping-stone", for it becomes information by virtue of comparing prior base knowledge. If knowledge comes from creative research as a base truth, and is recognized as original in source creativity, it should be felt alone, to stand on its own truth. Unfortunately too many recognize the creative aspect of some knowledge and want to add to it with their understandings and interpretations. This is how it all goes astray, intellect is based on what a person knows, and this is not always in alignment with true creativeness.

In the beginning of this work I was reading about 35 books a year. Then I realized something after seen a pattern in the books. After this period, I quit purchasing books because there was no real substance in them. I realized they were all saying the same thing, only in different ways. I decided to do something about it, for my strength in the metaphysical world was getting stronger. As I began my research, it didnít take me long to realize that I could find answers faster than others could, that is if I isolated my research from their beliefs. It also didnít take long to find myself isolated for the others in my life, falling into the affliction of the "mystic syndrome"! I continued growing and in doing so found myself separating in common interests from my friends and family. It isnít that I turned to a monastic lifestyle, it was that we now had little in common, as far as their interests and mine were concerned.

There is little information in this book researched from the intellectual viewpoint. As I have said, I learned a long time ago there is little new growth in a collection of already known material, even if it is woven into a new theory. Nonphysical environments and sources have handed down all information found in this book, to the extent that I have also been informed on how long I will be in this reality (Iím very comfortable with the knowledge). With this information package I was told that I will be long gone before this material is generally accepted. There are a few motivations that push me speak out, first was the realization that it took me fifty years to acquire the skills I needed and seven years to gather this information. The second reason is that I need to seed the reality before I go. The third and most important reason was a "pact" I had made to the sources that I would share the knowledge, if I were allowed to have all that I could comprehend.

If there is only one person out there that can benefit from all this work of mine, then it was worth the two and half years it took me to put it down in text. All effort on both sides of this reality must not go to waste. Iím seeking no accolades, power, or monitory rewards from anyone. I just want this information available for the next individual that can use it. I will not discuss the material, nor will I defend it or debate it, for it is what it is. I have found that there will always be insecure intellectuals that will try to debate, but this individual has no interest, at all. People must understand that this is not my information, it is knowledge from sources beyond the physical. I also realize that this information will have no effect on this present culture. There is no way this culture can be turned around in the current lives of this generation. Facing this realization, I must write this book for the next generation and especially for the generations after that. The new generations will challenge the "old order" and they will dissolve most of the present known ideas in science and cultural beliefs.

This book is dedicated to the next two generations. It is not realistically aimed at this present generation. In this book, the language will be simple and in very small increments of understanding. I know what it was like to be young, bright, and have nowhere to turn for answers.

To gather the information in these books I have traveled to the very edge of this universe and to some of the highest vibratory levels possible, that is in the context of what the human mind is capable of translating. Iím not the first to explore the higher vibratory states. Many in the past have, and records of their journeys are recorded in text. Arjuna journeyed into these realms and the book called "The Bhagavad-Gita" was created to show others what was possible. Most mystics, many, who are alive today, prefer just to remain silent. It is much easier to stay quiet than to attempt such a feat, and feel that you now must complete the understanding. I personally feel that these deeper experiences would not be possible without "outside help". I truly believe that these higher states of experience are gifts more than a talent. It is because of this belief that I feel I need to share the experiences. Readers will know what parts they need and what information is usable to them. This information is extensive and will encompass two books in its current form.

Presently, the world is full of partial or inadequate information, mainly because it was rushed and not thoroughly researched from its roots before it was released. Unconventional information should not be injecting into the publicís attention without being totally researched form its origins. If the origins are not understood or known, the information should state this fact. It takes years to acquire the complete understanding, something most are not willing to do. Many people today that acquire new information are so excited to tell others that they fail to see their role in this information. We need to begin with the basics first. That is the only way the information will not get distorted or warped into something else as it travels from one interpretation to another, the half-truths that produce more half-truths syndromes. The information that I have received encompasses completely new concepts of time, space, DNA, histories of humanity, spirituality, ancient sites, and much more. Below is a small sampling of questions that are answered in this book. I have placed them here under categories for the convenience of the readers.

The information in our books is totally unique to this reality, but not to global consciousness. The mystics of the past all contributed to the information in one-way or another. Some had small parts, others had larger parts to play, each creating their own unique version of the information and handing it down to the collective human continuousness. It is the mystics from the "past" that are the true inventors and discoverers. Be it directly or indirectly in what has been called the hundred-monkey syndrome. Some are recognized today as genius, some are inventive, others are called pure lucky. Whatever phylum you want to place them in, it is the creative person, the artist that makes the first discoveries. Every person alive is capable of this and most do creative work even in their own personal world, but the creative mind can only be established by "letting go" to the universe. Each person depending on their vibration will achieve their own level of discovery. Each person, past or present, has his or her particular "direction" to obtain knowledge. If you decide to read this book I can assure you that your vibration will be affected. You will rise in spiritual levels that will, if you "let go" sufficiently, create new experiential events for yourself. These new spiritual experiences will create a higher vibratory state for you to resonate with, if you accept them as gifts. The more you "accept" and "let go", the more experiences will come to you. This is your gift, a gift of validation, to yourself, proving there is more to this reality then the preverbal "I".

If wondered why I said "our books", well I do have a partner that has helped me with all of this over the past five years. She too has experienced many levels beyond this reality and has full memory of creative teachings in the period prior to her life here in physical form. It is this background knowledge of hers that I myself use as a filter to keep from becoming sidetracked. It is easy to go off on a tangent otherwise. She is also a contributing partner, and at times has sent me off into understandings that I did not originally get.

Problems with ancient spiritual sites and ancient understandings:

The last seven years are a by-product of teaching learned from ancient spiritual sites. I originally listened to the absolute lunatic ideas about the ancient site designs and knew I needed a real answer. The experts were saying the alignments of the pyramids and stone circles around the world were to tell the seasons for crops. This does not explain all sites, for example; western Canada stone sites that were built by nonagrarian people. There is also the theories that they worshipped the gods in the sky, when most of them "lived" in the underworld. We cannot whitewash every culture and time period with the same brush. It become obvious to me, they just did not know, but for some reason they still had to come up with something, even if it did not fit. There had to be a common link, a common theme, or understanding. It was evident that we as a race had lost this understanding for one reason or another.

I did find the common link and understanding but it was so different there is nothing in this world that even hints of this direction. What I was shown in my journeys gave unity to everything that exists in this world. From the shape of our bodies, the movements we make in our daily activities including dancing, Yoga, Feng Shui, and all the way to our spiritual heredity. The understandings were so totally new that I needed to be taught the basic "language" first before being shown the actual composition of this knowledge.

I have found out through my teachings that the alignments were to some celestial objects, but not for gods or seasons. There was a more beneficial reason that produced results for these people. That is not to say that some preceding groups did not find superstition and extracurricular reasons or uses for the alignments. Even today many still worship the seasonal equinoxes. Associations to seasons, nature, celestial objects, and time periods have always been part of humanityís attention. Cultures observe the cycles of life and the shifts throughout the year, but they donít run out there and make massive temples to demonstrate their observation. It is obvious there was more value to the temples than merely pointing at an object in the sky! Below I have given just a small number of questions answered by these understandings.

  • Why does humanity go through creative cycles like the Athenians only to lose it all like the Dark Ages and then start over again? Great civilizations seem to appear from nowhere, compete with architects, scientist, artists, and so on, how is this possible?
  • Why are there hundreds of pyramids and stone circles all over this planet? Many cultures were not agrarian, star watchers, or had gods that lived in the heavens. So archaeoastronomy for the worship of a star system or predicting agricultural seasons donít account for the number of sites built.
  • Why are there common angular positions appearing around the world at ancient spiritual sites, even though these sites donít share the same angle or view of the sky?
  • Ancient symbols are all around us but no one can give a real answer to what they mean.
  • What does Feng Shui, Vastu Vidya, and dowsing have in common? Why and how do they work?
  • How are Yoga, Tie Chi, Martial arts, dancing, other body positions related and to what benefits?



Problems in Science:

I have been told, "science is the study of tire tracks!" I inquired to what that meant and was told that in this field they observe, then measure, record, classify, and study the results or "impressions". Physical results left in this physical reality from a larger unseen source. The metaphor refers to a factitious primitive culture that has come across these strange tracks in the mud. In their culture none have seen a motorized vehicle, so the concept of what made the tracks is not available. In this factitious tribe the most knowledgeable members decide to investigate, using past understandings and observations. As you can imagine the best of them conclude that whatever made these tracks had to be round. So many theories are put forward as to the possible shape and appearance of this round object. Unfortunately time has robbed them of the opportunity to witness the event. With nothing to compare it to and only the physical results to go on the initial theories are adopted as the only truths available. As time goes on the theories become part of the historical fact for the tribe, for there is no need to question it anymore.

This is exactly what happened in our modern scientific field. Most of the past theories were only partially accurate or at best there was nothing else offered that could explain the "tracks". The answer is the same as with the tribe above, we mainly have been observing what is in the physical. All that is created in the physical realm is a result of processes and design that are not physical in nature. Below are a small number of physical "tire tracks" that are a serious problem for science to understand. The answers are there, and these books will show the nonphysical "vehicles".

  • Why are the Pioneer spacecraftís veering off course toward the edge of the solar system? Have they hit a wall that is keeping them into our space capsule? Something is holding the probes back, according to calculations of their paths, speed and how the gravity of all the objects in the solar system -- and even a tiny push provided by sunlight -- ought to act on them.
  • Astronomers call this boundary the Kuiper cliff, because the density of space rocks drops off so steeply. What is causing it?
  • In 1998, astronomers discovered the universe is expanding at ever-faster speeds. It's an effect still searching for a cause - until then, everyone thought the universe's expansion was slowing down after the big bang. "Theorists are still floundering around, looking for a sensible explanation," says cosmologist Katherine Freese of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


  • The team fired beryllium nuclei at a small carbon target and analyzed the debris that shot into surrounding particle detectors. They expected to see evidence for four separate neutrons hitting their detectors. Instead the Ganil team found just one flash of light in one detector. And the energy of this flash suggested that four neutrons all arrived together at the same time in the detector. Of course, their finding could have been an accident: four neutrons might just have arrived in the same place at the same time by coincidence. But that's ridiculous and improbable, or is it?
  • In our best understanding of gravity, apply it to the way galaxies spin, and you'll quickly see the problem: the galaxies should be falling apart. Galactic matter orbits around a central point because itís mutual gravitational attraction creates centripetal forces. But there is not enough mass in the galaxies to produce the observed spin, so what is the answer?


  • The University of Tokyo's Akeno Giant Air Shower Array has detected several cosmic rays above the GZK limit. In theory, they can only have come from within our galaxy, avoiding an energy-sapping journey across the cosmos. However, astronomers can find no source for these cosmic rays in our galaxy. So what is going on? Is Einstein wrong in his special theory of relativity saying that space is the same in all directions, but what if particles found it easier to move in certain directions? Then the cosmic rays could retain more of their energy, allowing them to beat the GZK limit.
  • Look across space from one edge of the visible universe to the other, and you'll see the microwave background radiation filling the cosmos is at the same temperature everywhere. That may not seem surprising until you consider the two edges are nearly 28 billion light-years apart and our universe is only 14 billion years old. So if nothing can travel faster than the speed of light there is no way heat radiation could have traveled between the two horizons to even out the hot and cold spots. In the big bang theory the thermal equilibrium we see now is impossible. This "horizon problem" is a big headache for cosmologists, so big that they have come up with some ridiculous solutions or straw grasping reactions.
  • What is creating sonoluminescene and why is the Universe Anisotropic condition prevalent in our universe?


Problems in understanding spirit and God:

  • What is God and what lies past God, where and how would you find this understanding?
  • Why are there two different spiritual directions?
  • What are the three spiritual sources of humanity and what creates them?
  • What are the three worlds (upper, middle, and lower) the shamans talk about?
  • Why does life appear to go in cycles?
  • What is a Soul Group?
  • Does God have a counterpart or equal?
  • What are spiritual Orbs?
  • What is a Channeler or a Mystic and how does shamanism work?
  • What is the difference between an OBE and Remote Viewing?
  • How is DNA connected to a spiritual past?
  • Who is right, the Creationists or the Darwinians?

The questions never end, but there are answers to them all, and to those not listed here.



William Dayholos March/2006 ©




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