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Written for the average person, this book explores levels of spirituality and universal design that have not yet been explored. This book is a seven-year research into the realms of the nonphysical asking the question; What design does everything originate from and how? Innovative and unique, the information in this book provides the inquisitive an opportunity to explore this new information and knowledge. For thousands of years many mystics and shamans have revealed parts of this wisdom. Unfortunately the translation didnít make it to our modern culture. The Schematic of God is a book about consciousness and finally having the opportunity to understand what could never before be understood. With many years of experience Bill Dayholos has used his abilities to extract this information using Out of Body Experiences and Remote Viewing as some of his tools. The book is composed of 260 pages of text and 110 images of completely new and unique understandings. The intent is to teach the average person how to discover the most profound spiritual or scientific discoveries for themselves.


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Including sculptures created form "Remote Viewing" into the past.



Language is a series of symbols that represent understanding and beliefs. If you are not familiar with the symbols than the language is not understood. The blueprint or schematic of the physical and nonphysical universe is obtainable but you must learn the language of its design.


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