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The Bannock Point Petroforms

In the beginning of my journey with these sites, the introduction and information became known as the Bannock Point Understanding. This understanding has since then moved into levels of information and knowledge that surpass the Bannock Point connections themselves. This is the basic introduction that I composed years ago.

Throughout the ages, there have been those who have sought to explain the "Great Mysteries of Life" from information they extracted outside this reality. Some used sounds, others used symbols, astronomy, mathematics and even the written word, all in the name of sharing the knowledge. There was one obvious issue, there was no complete unified understanding. These past mystics were not wrong it was just a matter of not being complete with the understandings. They were all worthy attempts to explain the unexplainable, and as such, simply became limited concepts that offer mind-intriguing possibilities for understanding. Humans, if they desire to know the unknowable, will resort to create systems and boxes within which to put those systems, so they can feel secure about knowing the unknowable.

The unknowable is just that - unknowable. You can grasp glimpses of it from time to time. For the complete understanding you will have to exit this reality and human consciousness. Working at the Bannock Point Site, I have been shown understandings far beyond my capacity to explain, and in some cases, there are pieces that I can't fit into any concept that relates to this existence. Without filtering or apologizing the next few pages will be my clumsy attempt to show and explain the gifts that were received. I honestly do not know why I was given this material. Possibly it was as simple as my commitment to share it.

If you were to view reality constructs from outside this plane, you would understand there are countless planes within planes. There are untold dimensions and limitless levels of consciousness. And each of these planes are based on the beliefs and thought forms of those who created them. It is like the blind men and the elephant story. Each of these planes are real and correct within that limited context, yet none of them are the big picture. There are for example, planes in which different geometric forms compose the reality construct. The Monroe Institute of Virginia can teach you how to access these focus states or dimensions through the Hemi-Sync program. Those who tap into these planes may try to tell you that this is the basis of the universe. Yet there are also planes in which archetypes are the governing structures. Many shamanic trips or some channelings will provide this level of contact. Those who resonate to these constructs will also tell you that archetypes are really the basis of reality. All are true, and none are true, depending on your chosen context.

This is not to say any of these people are wrong. In fact I applaud them for exploring their own divinity and the divinity of all. This is all part of the plan, or as I have been told "the game". These are evolutionary steps that we are taking to become greater than we are. The trick is not to think that every step is "it" the final solution. The "it" that we have found has always been around in one form or another, and has always been a trap for believing that we have found "it". Reality is fluid, and the "it" will always change.

The ancient shamans/priests did from time to time fall into these traps. One has to recognise that there were those from the past that unravelled enough of the Great Mystery to create what we see now as only relics of the past, modern religions. Generally humans have no patience for something that produces no physical results or involves increasing amounts of labour. Humans are much too pragmatic, and yes there are various "nonworking" religions that have been around for a long time. The truth is that religions can work as tools towards spirituality for many, otherwise they would not be here. Each to his or her own and to their individual level or needs.

One of my favourite parts of the Whiteshell Petroforms is that they cannot be subjected to many old "Victorian" concepts of the ancient world. One such theory is that these sites were used to determine the seasons so that crops could be planted on time to be successful. Anyone that would state this is more likely to have been born and raised in the city. Even modern farmers have an understanding of the right time to plant without looking at a calendar. Seasons vary from year to year, some as much as a few weeks apart from one another. Many years ago when I was an avid trout angler, I found this out through need. It all started around the need to be at the trout lakes right after the ice broke up in the spring for the best fishing. There were many wasted trips to the Whiteshell that found us standing on the shore of a frozen lake only to have the ice break up the following week. The answer was to mark the progression of spring. This was done on a calendar for convenience knowing that the dates could not be trusted. Every spring for a few years I would mark on the calendar spring changes and "landmarks". This could be anything from small creeks and rivers being free of ice to insect hatches and plant germination or buds opening. I don't live in the wilderness like the ancient ones but it didn't take long before I knew what was going to take place next as spring unfolded into summer. This type of knowledge could only be achieved through need and experience. Ancient agrarian and non-agrarian cultures understood this and did not need to develop calendars and astronomical alignments to know when to plant their crops. If you pay attention you will notice that spring and nature follows its own pattern or rhythm. So why develop the need for astronomical progression as far as the seasons are concerned? Why are certain planets or stars chosen as more important than others? Why is there a need for water moats around some of the earthworks? Why are the stones arranged in certain repeated patterns? Why is it that when the stones have been removed there is still a detectable energy at that spot? There are more questions about these sites than actuate answers or understandings.

I don't profess to have all of the answers nor do I believe the "Bannock Point Understanding" covers all of the sites in the world. There are a lot of cultural beliefs that are associated with individual sites and this includes different cultures. I do believe there was a seed understanding that germinated into a workable creation that was powerful enough to be propelled all around the world. After all cultures are colloquial in nature but knowledge is universal. There is much work ahead and will require many people to unravel this mystery. The Bannock Point Understanding was offered as a catalyst to create a new movement, with the teachings of the past.


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