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Whiteshell Ancient Sites



The Whiteshell Petroforms

The Manitoba Whiteshell Petroforms are a mystery to the public and academics alike. The creators of these ancient rock formations did not leave many clues to what they were used for because they were never intended to be part of a public’s understanding. This has always been the profile of the secret shamanic world and goes back tens of thousands of years.

The truth is if one is not a practicing shaman there is absolutely no way to understand the complicated unperceived realities that shamans dwell in.  Studying these rock formations on any academic level will never bring one closer to the truth, as one has to work within these unperceived realities to truly understand. This is not something that can be taught in a classroom as it has to be experienced. This experience is an individual accomplishment and not something that can be translated for others as it typically involves multilevel multidimensional “downloads”. For more information of this see: What is a Shaman  



Whitshell Petroforms Tie Creek

Tie Creek, the largest site in the Manitoba Whiteshell area - Feature # 1


Don’t think for a second that the Whiteshell Petroforms are just ancient sites. They are not camp sites, kill sites, or burial sites, they are spiritual sites. For the general public the word spiritual draws an immediate association to religion. Shamanism is not a religion it is a method of connecting personally to spiritual levels (the nonphysical). Although shamans can get together to share experiences it is still an individual experience and understanding. In a shamanic journey the experiences into nonlocal realities can reach to the highest levels human consciousness is capable of. Petroforms and pictographs are experiential creations from contact with these nonphysical realities. Interpreting them without these experiences will always be a misinterpretation. (For some examples of this see the link at the bottom of the page called “Interpretive Misconceptions of Deciphering Petroglyphs”.) As you read on and view the photos of these Petroforms remember these sites were for shamanic purposes only.  

Whiteshell ancient sites

Tie Creek Feature # 3 - see diagram below

Tie Creek feature 3 Whitshell Manitoba

Tie Creek Feature # 3 - see diagram below

In this page and related pages I have provided some diagrams and photos of different sites and their elements but unfortunately the sites are very unphotogenic. The moss and lichen growth covers the base granite and the rock formations on it with the same living pattern. This makes them almost camouflaged; as there are times one has to be almost standing beside a Petroform to see it.


A close-up of the lichens and their ability to camouflage 10 inch rocks on a granite surface.


Manitobans are extremely fortunate to have these rock formations in their backyard for if this area (the Whiteshell) were fertile soil they would have been lost a hundred years ago. The Whiteshell shamanic sites are time capsules preserved for present day recognition and as a source of learning. Bannock Point is the only recognized public site, unfortunately it is a disturbed site, with some of the Petroforms being replicas (as per “Papers in Manitoba Archeology” No. 14 Studies in Manitoba Rock Art, Petroforms 1986). The only value these features have is to distract the general public from looking for the undisturbed sites (see below for some examples of completely lost sites). I know there are many people that would like to see one of the undisturbed sties. For people that are aware of their energetic surroundings Bannock Point only has a few good elements. To really experience the true quality of these ancient energy sites one needs to be with an undisturbed site.

Whitshell Manitoba Tie Creek Feature # 4

Tie Creek Feature # 4 - see diagram below

Without opening the “flood gates” providing photos of some different sites is my attempt to help people who want to truly make connect to this past shamanic energy. One will still have to do the backwoods searching as I did years ago. Upon finding a site I trust people will respect the site and treat it with more reserve than they would with a modern church or place of worship. These sites are far more vulnerable than modern places of worship because the original ancient energy cannot be replaced or replenished. They need protection from more than physical abuse as any ceremony performed at a site changes its original energetic profile forever. All the sites have layers of energy that is latent in the site. With shamanic training one can access these different layers and the individuals that injected their energy into the site. Performing a ceremony at a site pollutes this energy as it adds a profile that is completely foreign, regardless of one’s perceptions.

Whiteshell Manitoba Petroform Site Tie Creek feature 4

Tie Creek Feature # 4 - see diagram below

If one feels an association with these sites and brings to them modern understandings or modern shamanism it would be advisable to create a new site adjacent to the old one, rather than change the original sites energy. These sites were chosen thousands of years ago in secrecy. They were never intended to be visited by anyone outside of the shamanic orders.  In the past these shamans went out of their way to create sites that were far enough away that they would not disturbed by their own people. The general public has no idea how important this is to a shaman (past or present). Their space and place of connection must remain undisturbed on all levels as it is useless to them if it is disturbed. These places are connection point to some of the deepest spiritual experience a human can ever achieve. They connect to regions of non-physicality that transcends any conscious level of understanding.  

Tie Creek feature 2

Tie Creek Feature # 2 - see diagram below


Many of the sites are located a few hundred yards off the main highway between Bannock Point and White Lake. Avoid the month of July for searching as it is typically a bug invested world there. The end of September and on is the best time to look.

Whiteshell Manitoba Tie Creek

Tie Creek Feature # 3

To connect to a site come in silence and stay silent. You will never hear this level of teaching if you are talking. Sit, stand, or lie down and meditate in silence, with the exception of toning or drum to use as a bridge for connection. You will connect to the energy, whether you feel it or not. The energy will be working with you as you might not be aware of it for weeks to come. The more time you spend there the more it will make contact with your consciousness. For more information of this see: Connecting to Sites and Artifacts

What is a Shaman link: Page 9 of "The Time Shaman"

Tie Creek Wave

Tie Creek "The Wave" - see diagram below


Tie Creek energy

Tie Creek Energy lines, found by Dowsing - click for larger image.

The proof that the ancient shamans were after the Grid Energy and not aligning to factitious star systems.

For more information see Dowsing

Ancient energy lines

Tie Creek energy lines, with prism stone in center - click for larger photo.

Energy Line Prism

Energy Prism used to balance two energy lines - click for lager photo.

Tie Creek feature #1


Tie Creek feature 1

Tie Creek, Feature # 1

Tie Creek, Complete Site

(Chronology, as taught by shamanic work at site.)


Tie Creek, Feature # 1

Energy Angles

Tie Creek site 6 

Tie Creek, Site # 6

Tie Creek, Feature # 3

Tie Creek, Feature # 4

Tie Creek GPS Waypoints

Tie Creek "The Wave"
Tie Creek feature 2 

Tie Creek Feature # 2
Tie Creek 

Tie Creek Feature # 2

White shell petroforms

Tie Creek Feature # 5

Tie Creek whiteshell feature 8 

Tie Creek Feature # 8

Manitoba Petroform

Tie Creek Feature # 7

Manitoba ancient rock formations 

Tie Creek Site # 1 "The Heart"

Other Petroform Sites  

Bannock Point

Bannock Point Site (one of the largest features) - feature A (see diagram below)

Bannock Point woman

Bannock point Woman (the male petroform was stolen years ago).


Rainbow Falls Petroform 

Basket Falls Petroform Feature # 1 (facing south) - see diagram below

Jessica Lake

Malloy Lake Site Petroform - see diagram below



Malloy Lake Site Petroform - see diagram below

Rainbow Fall Petroform 

Rainbow Falls Petroform Feature # 4- see diagram below

Rainbow Falls Petroform

Basket Falls Petroform Feature # 1 (facing north)

Red Rock Lake Petroform

Red Rock Petroform

Basket Falls/Rainbow Falls Petroform 

Basket Falls/Rainbow Falls Petroform  (I call it the Hill Top Site)

It appears that one of my favorite sites has recently been destroyed (the Hill Top Site shown above). Not living in Manitoba anymore I cannot confirm this but using Google Maps it does not look good. See photo below of what appears to be a tree logging pillaging. Why this site was so interesting is because the one that created it (eons ago) was an accepting shaman. This was a great site for teaching others as he was a powerful male shaman in his 30s with an open level to allowing new contacts. Most ancient shamans are not so open to strange modern levels of consciousness. Modern human consciousness, regardless of ethnicity, is very foreign to the ancient shamanic levels of consciousness.  

 There is another site north of this one at Basket Falls that has also been partially destroyed by a new roadway. It comes down to the balancing act of how to protect the sites. Keeping them a secret offers this opportunity but it also allows destruction for only a handful of people know where the sites are located. I have started to put into the text of this website secret links for those that are truly interested in the page’s topic. By reading everything on the page I hope to filter out those that are just browsing the diagrams and photos for curiosity. Look for these “in line” links that will take you to a different page not listed in the sitemap. On these pages I will be putting additional information. You can also e-mail me and I can provide more locations and GSP coordinates.

Hill Top Petroform

Hill Top Site of Basket Falls – looks like it has been recently destroyed.

Portage between Rainbow and Basket Falls

The above map shows the route of an ancient canoe portage between Rainbow Falls and Basket Falls. It is still marked by ancient cairns along its route. Look for rocks piled up, these are the ancient cairns. It is a safe area to explore because (with a compass) going in any straight direction will led you to a swamp, river, or the highway.  

Basket Falls

Turtle Petroform at North end of canoe portage.

Manitoba Whiteshell Basket Falls Rock formation

Basket Falls Site, at waters edge.

Basket Falls

Looking south from Basket Falls, waters edge site

Bannock Point

Bannock Point, feature A
Whiteshell Pine Point petroform 

Pine Point Petroform

Astwood Site, Whiteshell 

Astwood Site, George Lake
Jessica Lake petroform 

Jessica Lake Petroforms
Scarfe Site Pertoform 

Scarfe Site Petroform, Feature #1
Mulloy Site 

Malloy Lake Site Petroform
Raibow Falls Petroform 
Basket Falls Petroform Feature # 1

Basket Falls Petroform

Rainbow Falls Petroform feature # 4
Basket Falls Whiteshell 

Basket Falls Feature # 2

Whiteshell Red Rock Lake Site

Red Rock Lake Site


Destroyed Sites

These are Whiteshell Petroforms that have been lost due to carelessness and general public ignorance. Click on diagram for larger image.


Other Manitoba Sites

Alonsa/Glenella Site

(Dowsing Energy found there)

Alonsa Site

Alonsa/Glenella Site

Glenella Alonsa Site

Alonsa/Glenella Site

Lines found by Dowsing

Alonsa Rock Art Site

Alonsa Site - another unphotogenic site

The Dand Site

Possibly a lost site near Dand, Manitoba. I have never tied to find it.

Dand Manitoba Site

Manitoba Native site

Dand Site

Map to Dand Site

Click on map for larger image



Turtle Mountain area Petroform 

This a very exciting website find. I would love to know more about this Petroform, especially its correlation to true north or magnetic north. Notice the shape, it is the same as 2 Tie Creek Petroforms. It appears to be a defendant match to the same shamanic level of understanding.



Souris River Petroform -  another unknown

Associated Shamanic Site at Toews Bison Drive Complex

(Located in Manitoba near the Saskatchewan border)

The site (DkMg-4) consists of eight discrete features. These features includes include tipi rings, cairns, a bison drive complex and a shamanic site maybe even two. The features are in two clusters; the occupation area (about 50,000 m2 in the valley beside Pipestone Creek and the other features scattered along the south rim of the valley over an area of 30,000 m2.

Toews Bison Drive

Toews Bison Drive Complex
(Click to enlarge)

Pipestone  Manitoba Bison Drive

(Click to enlarge)

East drive lane looking south & West drive lane at crest of hill, looking north.

Tipi Ring

Feature #2 - the shamanic site on the west knoll, overlooking the drive lanes. This feature is an open rectangle facing east with a small semi-circular projection on the southwest corner.

The Turtle's Brow, Turtle Mountain Manitoba

I know nothing about this site including location. Maybe someone out there does.


World Grid Lines


One of the first things archaeologists noticed about the Whiteshell Petroform sites are they line up in straight lines across the map, regardless of terrain, lakes, and streams. There is a reason for this and it comes from the nonphysical again.

For further reading see: Shrines, Caches, and Medicine Bags

Also see: Researching Ancient Sacred Sites


Click on images for larger view.

Manitoba and Great Lakes energy grid lines

For more on the grid see Modern Mythology

Working at Ancient Sites

An excerpt from The Time Shaman Pages. For full understanding of Grid Lines please start at the beginning.  

(Page 13)

(The beginning of the teaching)

The ancient structures were built as collectors of energy that allowed shamans to enhance their abilities and experiences. This was accomplished through knowledge of the universal structure in conjunction with the geographic locations. These structure or “machines” made it easier to attract and store the avenues of choice. Creation in the physical is a combination of energies. At these sites one can focus specifically at one part (angle) or use multiple points of focus. There are no rules per se but one must understand the general purpose of the angles. As shown in prior chapters there is a time orientated structure at all sites built on vortex areas. Facing the direction of choice is important and with this the correlating desire for experience. Efficiency (quickness in time) is a result of desire aligned with spiritual connection and physical positioning. Generally circle sites are more oriented to higher vibratory states while square and triangular are more physical creators. Pyramids are machines that focused in three dimensional alignments with the same angle. This could include journeys (contacting to physicals outside this reality), power of creation in the physical, physical based knowledge, and so on.

Remember this reality’s present position and to a future focus is angled at approximately 51- 55 degrees. This is why many ancient sites are aligned to these 50ish angles. Using a 3 dimensional sphere as one’s compass, see the angles that apply. The opposite angles of 234 degrees (of 52) shows the way to our past. Both angles represent the physical connective angle but the 234ish angles are the past physical and one’s foundation in their physical. Family ancestors are along this back angle. Focusing to the elemental or animal guardians would be found in the range of 120 - 135 degrees. Going deeper into the lower vibrational levels would take you to the Dorajuadoik level of 160 + or -. Tilting any angle sideways or up and down (3D) will result in variations of this energy so one must experiment or rely on intuition to fine tune this.

This is the biggest problem with ancient sites. Their angular structure is typically set up with alignments of past earth processional tilts. Unless a complete time cycle has taken place the structure is typically out of sync with our present.  Higher vibratory site structure should be aligned to 0 degrees and this is why some sites are presently at 12 – 15 degrees off north (processional shift). In this modern time period the benefit of working at ancients sites is not in the site itself (unless researching past shamanic understandings) but in the general area. Typically the main vortex area has moved over to the side and out of the archeological site itself. With this understanding one can comfortably create their own site without disturbing any archaeology or energy of the site. Dowsing rods or pendulum can help in finding this new vortex position.

Dating the site can be calculated by this deviation, assuming it has not cycled around a couple of times. If a site goes back too far there is another angular problem that is present but its subject is too big for this book. Here is a link to its direction if you curious. http://www.nealadams.com/index.php/science

The best thing I can say is to experiment and experience it yourself. This is because everyone will have different results depending on their awareness level, and desires. Also remember that because of the differences between the sites and one’s own process there could be immediate results or it may take weeks to see any changes. This is one of the most important things to understand. Like all evolution of spirit one must be ready for change. If one is not ready to change do not expect instant results. This sounds easy but we hide our fears of change, and so well that most are not even aware we have any.  

Don’t forget that this is also based on a 3D sphere, with one in the center of it.  The angle’s in this sphere can be seen as “rings” or hoops of energy around the sphere. In my teachings they never referred to the opposite degrees of an angle as its numerical extension. So 53 is 53 degrees all the way around the sphere. 45s and 90s are the same with the only difference is the axis position of 0 and 180 degrees (see diagram below). There is so much around this subject and it gets very complicated but the purpose of this text is to introduce people to this lost understanding.


Earth Grid Lines 

Standing in a vortex or an ancient site (assuming the site’s energy has not shifted) true north would be “0” degrees at the horizon, in front of you. Arching up in at the same latitude of 0 to one’s crown is the highest vibrational level. Arching backward behind one’s body, on this same latitude, is going back into the present physical body’s spiritual past. The further back the angle the deeper back in time one goes. Continuing on the same arch back behind oneself and now below the horizon is our spiritual past, but in Akashic (DNA) levels.

Repeating this exercise in another angle produces connections to other aspects of us. For instance starting at a “physical present” (51 – 55) just below the 45 degree angle represents now. Grounding this “now” into our future would be arching down towards the horizon. (The purpose for these 50ish degrees in pyramids.) Swinging up on this same longitude angle to our crown is the highest vibrational (spiritual) level for our present physical existence. Swinging backwards past our crown takes us back in time of this present lifetime. Continuing the sweep backwards and below the horizon (on this 50ish angle) is a connection to our ancestors (if one is into ancestor worship). It is actually our past DNA design, our past lifetimes in this body configuration.

Each angle and its sweep around the arch have their own specific energy connections. No connective angle can exist without all the other 360’s contribution (balance). On larger cycles, into the larger spheres, connections with other reality types that shared our 8 pack are presented. The 8 different 45 degrees are as they have been described above. The horizon or 90 degree angles are the physical creator types or Jinn connections (a huge topic that involves different angles in different shell levels). One last comment; this can be done at home in front or behind one’s shrine.  

The Time Factor at Ancient Sites:

Time has to be addressed as it is one of the main components of the “power” that sacred sites have. It is the time factor above all that produces the most dramatic results. Other than the obvious measurement of events, from a shaman’s view, time can be observed as structure. The biggest problem describing the time aspect is the number of views or properties that can be focused on. Time has a distinctive pattern and a schematic. How we see this pattern depends on what level or angle of the structure we are looking at. At one point we see a grid, another ratcheting spheres or cubes, and at another level moving structures that spiral. It can also be sequential patch works or pockets of time displacement interacting with one another. It is all the same structure and it is all the same movement, just different aspects of the whole creation. The duration of time can also vary from one dimensional level to another including the physical.

Another Site of interest:

What I found interesting the other day was an article about a 9000 year old Caribou corral formation found on the bottom of Lake Huron. Three things stand out are; was it a caribou corral, as it has a lot of similarities to Tie Creek, two where are the broken projectile points always found at kill sites? Maybe in the future they will show up confirming a kill site. The last thing is the design of a Caribou drive, notice the desired funnel in the diagram below, as described by an Nunamiut hunter.

Take a look at the pictures and diagrams below and make up your own decisions on this site.


9000 year old Caribou site 

9000 year old Caribou site

Click on image for larger one

9000 year old Caribou site Lake Huron

9000 year old Caribou site Lake Huron energy lines

9000 year old Caribou site Lake Huron Grid Lines

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 Opening photo:

Description by Edward S. Curtis: The subject of this plate is a female shaman of the Clayoquot tribe. The ceremonial washing of shamans is much like that of whalers and other hunters, consisting mainly of sitting or standing in water and rubbing the body with hemlock sprigs in order to remove all earthly taint, which would offend the supernatural powers. 1915 - 1916.

Diagrams from “Papers in Manitoba Archaeology” No. 14 Studies in Manitoba Rock Art, Petroforms 1986.


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