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Manitoba Whiteshell Petroforms


The Tie Creek Petroforms

Manitoba's Whiteshell

Whiteshell Rock Formations

Tie Creek Feature # 1

Tie Creek
Feature # 3 Today

Feature # 3 is a circle of 96 stones with a triangle in the middle of it. The feature was modified sometime after 1953 as all photos prior to this date do not have the cross at the top of the triangle. 

Tie Creek Site Feature 3, 1935 - 2005

Most of the good archaeological ground data was recovered in 1934 and 1935. At that time Mr. & Mrs. Des Whellams reported that the cross was definitely absent in 1938 and photos from 1953 show no cross. The expansion of the triangle base and the center stone are original to the form.   

Tie Creek Petroform from 1935

Tie Creek Site Feature # 2

Feature # 2 just west of Feature # 3

Tie Creek Feature 3

Tei Creek Feature #3

Feature 1 and 4

Tie Creek Feature #1 and #4 to the right side, scattered stones circled in red are not random and do have purposes.


I have been told that the same level of consciousness and spiritual source worked in both areas, Tie Creek, Manitoba and Carnac France.  (Click on diagram to see larger Tie Creek image)

Vortex Trees

Two different Jack Pine trees that are twisted like candy canes from the spiralling energies at the sites. The left one is from Bannock Point, located along an energy line from the modern circle to the Woman Petroform. The right one is located just west of Feature #1 at the Tie Creek Site.

Tie Creek

Tie Creek Feature #1, looking North

Tie Creek Feature 1

Tie Creek Feature #1, looking South

Tie Creek

Tie Creek Feature #1 showing curve in slope (telephoto lens used)

Tie Creek feature 3 

Tie Creek Feature # 3

tie Creek feature 4

Tie Creek Feature # 4 looking Southwest

Feature 4

Feature # 4 - click on diagram for larger image.

Manitoba Whiteshell rock formations

Tie Creek Feature #1, facing North - click on photo for larger photo.

Tie Creek Site #1

Tie Creek Site #1, about a 1/4 mile west of main site, called "The Heart".

Tie Creek Valley View

Tie Creek Valley

Tie Creek Valley just 100 yards east of the main site.

The Complete Tie Creek Site, dates Before Present (shamanic knowledge - not academic) - click on diagram for larger image.

Without full awareness working with sacred sites can result in uncomfortable expressions. Part of this is the lack of realization of the site’s specific powers or abilities. No two sites are the same and no site will have the abilities or strengths of a site that may be only a few yards away from its location. Each site is specific to its angular connections and to what prior work was performed there. The expressions of work performed at a sacred site will still be there as an overlay energy. An example of this is entering a sacred site that was used and designed to research sacred geometry with intentions of personal growth. The results would probably not be as productive as one wanted. With this in mind it would be more productive to find a healing site. This is the biggest mystery of the ancient sites. One must know what work the site was intended for, then with knowing the vortex’s abilities, decide if that is of interest (see Vortex Page).

An example of this misguided focus is currently taking place in Manitoba, Canada. Here native prison inmates are being taken to the sacred site of Tie Creek for healing purposes. Not to mention all the damage being done to the site’s energy, there are deeper levels involved here that may not accomplish what was intended. If you are from Manitoba and are currently involved with this project here is some information for you to consider. This information applies to all sacred sites that are placed over vortex spots. This is the basic outline of how these areas affect different personality types.

If your style is highly intense and you think in vivid mental emotional images, these will be swiftly formed into physical events. If you are also of a highly pessimistic nature, given to thoughts and feelings of potential disaster, then these thoughts will be quite faithfully reproduced in experience. The more intense your imagination and inner experience, therefore, the more important it is that you realize the methods by which this inner experience becomes physically real. Your thoughts and emotions begin their journey into physical actualization at the moment of conception. If you are a negative orientated person that happens to live in or visit a vortex area where the coordinate environment is strong, then it will seem that you are deluged by illnesses or disasters. That is to say if these are the nature of your thoughts, because all thought is so fertile in this environment.

On the other hand, if your feelings and subjective experience are fairly well balanced, fairly optimistic and creative in a constructive manner, then it will seem to you that you have been blessed with unusual luck, for your pleasant suppositions will come to pass so quickly. This is why these areas are called "intense areas" or "power spots". They literally intensify creation by speeding up (in our perception) what we are capable of on an intellectual, emotional, and physic level.

I have started to put into the text of this website secret links for those that are truly interested in the page’s topic. By reading everything on the page I hope to filter out those that are just browsing the diagrams and photos for curiosity. Look for these “in line” links that will take you to a different page not listed in the sitemap. On these pages will be additional information. You can also e-mail me and I can provide more locations and GSP coordinates.

One of the largest earth vortexes can be found in the Middle East. That is why we see on the news so much movement and discord in that region. The hatred and distrust goes back thousands of years. The intensity of the area will accelerate this hatred and mistrust because of the intense energy of the area. This energy source is neutral (as all are) in nature but will co-create with the emotions of the residents. Because of the productive nature of the area, the only way out of this present situation is to convert the respondents to a balanced state of love and trust.    Tie Creek Link    

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