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The Schematic of Time and Ancient Sites


I never thought this book was possible for two main reasons. The first being I had thousands of pages of information, and how do I render this down to just a mere introduction. The second hurdle is I am not a writer which is a bigger challenge in itself. The catalyst for this query into ancient sites started years ago with a visit to one of them in a Canadian provincial park. From this start I eventually found myself wondering through Mayan pyramid sites and other ancient sites. Awestruck by all the effort put into these sites one cannot help but ask, what were the ancient shamans after when they built these magnificent structures?                 

The information below is a result of 18 years of Out of Body journeys and Remote Viewing of ancient sites and their teachings. Surprisingly, embedded in these teachings are insights into the deepest aspects of our physical world, from the atomic level all the way to the universe’s construction. The reason for this is the nature of the nonphysical realms.

As far as the material itself, the reader will quickly realize that not only is this a difficult subject but it is little wonder that the knowledge was lost over time. I tried to keep this book understandable as possible with no complicated technical wording. Just simple diagrams and photos, as much as possible for the information is for everyone.

Anyone that has seriously investigated any of the ancient sacred sites knows that there was advanced knowledge being incorporated into these places. This knowledge originated as teachings from thousands of years of nonphysical communication by the shamans of the time. Then over the millenniums this complex bed of information eroded down a few pieces of the original teachings. By the time prehistoric people of 2500 years ago came onto the scene there was nothing left but spiritual symbols or mystery icons.

There was no need for alien intervention in the way some in our culture understands it. There was also purpose and benefits that escapes modern researchers. Massive amounts of labour were put into some of these sites and it was not just to align to a impotent star or factitious sun god. Nor were some of these sites landing strips for alien craft!

I think if you ran these modern scenarios past the ancient shamans they would laugh rather than being intellectually insulted. The reason being they had no need to defend that which comes from higher sources. It is from these higher sources that one can still access this “database” through OBEs and Remote Viewing. The information that the ancients accessed is timeless and still available today as it was then. If information about a particular site is required, that can also be done by asking the individuals that built the sites. This can be accomplished through their essence self and the energy that is still embedded in the sites and artifacts.         For more on guides

As the messenger of this information it was difficult to narrow down the complexities and the scope that this material covered. After 18 years of Remote Viewing and Shamanic journeys into the nonphysical realms I have accumulated thousands of pages of notes. Up to last year I was told to keep this knowledge to myself, unless I could show the entire rage that it encompassed. The amount of material made it impossible until a year ago when I had an idea, and it was accepted. I asked if I could create a “Readers Digest” of this topic, as long as all the subjects got addressed. My teachers accepted this. Now the second challenge was putting it into writing. As I said earlier; I am not a writer and I do not have the resources for editing, so this book is nothing more than an exposition of ancient knowledge.

The bottom line is, this material is from nonphysical sources, as I have not added anything into it that did not come from these ancient sources (as with all information on this website). In fact after receiving a teaching on any subject I would re-ask the same line of questing a year or two later, just to test the answer for consistency (I am a sceptic at heart). 


The four purposes for this book:

1 To give back to the ancient shamans what has been robbed from them by modern concepts. That includes new age rhetoric or purely intellectual guesswork. Both fail to see through the understandings of the original shamans, as it was their truth.   

2 To offer people the original concepts that were used at these sites rather than current fallacies. To this end, the general public and modern shamans can reclaim more of this knowledge and experiences for themselves.   

3 To introduce the basis of a future science, one that is based on ancient understandings and offers new directions towards advanced technologies like unlimited energy sources. 

4 To reintroduce the schematic or the structure of time and physical creation.

5 To clear up questions I keep hearing.

Questions like; if aliens are here why don’t they contact our scientists and why can’t they tell us where they are from? What is time and what are time cycles? Why do certain species die off? What can I do at an ancient site to get information or benefits from the experience?




As part of this understand I will show:

Ancient shamanic art depicting the individual teachings, as it demonstrates that the material is not new to humanity. It was forgotten through time due to the secrecy of the shamanic world. Along with every stage of the teachings I will try to show an example of this in nature, by using astronomical images taken from various sources. Every object in space is a time capsule of the universe’s structural process. The design or structure of celestial objects are no different from that of the atomic level. They are the same design only at different sizes and stages of development. Each celestial object can show a different stage of this development and are “snapshots” in time of how our physical reality is structured.

Along with the above examples I will also show more physical proof of the teachings by providing Cymatics photos created by Hans Jenny. The research that the late Hans Jenny did back in the 1960s was probably the greatest scientific start in understanding how the universe was structured. Adding to this is body of information is Walter Russell’s work, which I recently discovered and was quite delighted to see how much it parallels the teachings that I received. This is the practical reason for introducing this research to the world. We need to look past what “modern” science is overlooking and focus more into the true design of the universe.

With the teachings from the “other side” or nonphysical realms greater levels of energy development will be discovered. For the last hundred years science has tinkered and tried to push the element world to find the impossible, an unlimited source of energy. They will not find this source in their current belief system as it is a nonphysical source (that can be activated into the physical). In fact there have been discoveries that point to this unlimited source of power but with no prior understanding of what is being observed or how to replicate the process, it remains a mystery.

Link to Hans Jenny's work on Cymatics   http://www.cymaticsource.com/



Working with Nonphysical Realities

Perception is far more dynamic than most people give it credit. We all think that everyone sees and understands the way we do without realizing there are 7 billion different perceptional levels on this planet. Some are very similar to our own but most people outside our culture see things through different belief systems then are own. One’s culture being one of the most impressionable parts of how we see things and interpret what we have just witnessed. The ancient peoples did not see things the way modern people do and the only way to understand them would be to become them. In other words the only way to understand ancient sites is to ask the originators of the site. As said before this can be accomplished through the nonphysical state as time has no relevance on this level. 

Even through this process the results fall under the filter system of the one performing the inquiries. An example of this is channeling. Of all the channelers out there I doubt that more than 1 or 2 are proficient enough to be accurate to 75% of the information that is being delivered through them.

Another example of this process is the angle of observation. If a researcher is using an OBE (Out of Body Experience) or Remote Viewing to do research, on say on the makeup of the universe there is still an interpretation involved. This interpretation is reliant on what angle or view of the completed system they are visualizing.  Below is a diagram demonstrating this. If your “filter system” is set up to only see certain profiles of vibration then you will only see that level. Everyone has different levels of vibration because that is what makes us unique and it is these differences that break visions down into interpretations.

In the diagram below; if a person is of a higher vibration and only interested in higher vibrational levels of the universal structure then that will be all that they see color (Red in the diagram). If that same person focuses down into lower vibrational levels then they will start to focus on the geometric aspects only (Blue). It also depends on the levels a person can achieve and to what levels they are interested in. To focus on all the levels one has to adjust their levels up and down to see the entire picture. This is the reason I kept asking the same question with gaps in time. Throughout the year and over years one constantly shifts back and forth within their range of vibration. Rechecking information is a good way to verify its consistency.


For those not familiar with the terms vibrational rates:

Everything is energy; everything vibrates at different frequencies. The only reason one thing is different from another thing is because there are energies and frequencies which are at different rates, different pitches than other frequencies. That difference in frequencies is exactly what determines what you perceive as this object from that object, this person from that person. Everyone is made from the same one homogeneous material. The only reason you appear different is because of the pitch, or vibrational rate, at which you operate, the level at which you define yourself to be.

In the briefest explanation possible:

Source energy ("All That Is" page link – Level 1) starts with an injection of energy into nonphysical as points of “light” ridding on a “harmonic pulse”. The light and harmonics I refer to are not what we would understand in our physical reality. Physical light and sound are products of sensory perception and source energy is not physical in any interpretation. This harmonic pulse expands out in a 360-degree pattern from source injection points, as it enters its new “reality”. Energy flows in and out through these points as it expands in an un-resisted sweep of the 360-degree (isotropic) range, only to flow back into its source point. As the 360 degree wave of energy or harmonic thrust reaches boundaries of adjacent point expansions it is defected back to its source (as seen below).


The initial injection results in a wave or harmonic movement that creates a spherical wave field. The harmonic spheres continue outward reaching their limits at the edges of adjacent spheres creating walls.

It is at this point that motion outward is impeded and a new reflected inward movement is created. This new movement creates a different vibrational level and thus a new flavour of the original flow.

As seen below, boundaries or walls are created, as spheres compact to fill in “available space”.


This expansion results in boundaries that are a mixture of each of the participating sphere’s individual vibration. The result of this mixture is the creation of a new structure called the Cube. This cube shape is more than an abstract static shape as it is composed of fields of moving energy which create a lattice structure of common frequency. Below is an actual electron image of an strontium atom showing the injection points and a cube shape.


Level 2

Energy Lines (Strings)


All of the structural elements from the initial portholes (injection points) to the most complex aspect have flowing energy. This flow is possible because it is instigated by need to find balance or neutrality. Unbalanced energy flows back to its source, all to find balance. Likewise energy is seen flowing out. The two opposite flows of inward and outward energy creates an equal balanced flow along their paths. As each porthole injects outward it too  receives inbound energy. The opposite directions of flow support themselves  by wrapping around each other, creating a harmonic multidirectional balance. This wrapping or twisting around each other creates a helix shape, as seen in the photos below.  The two photos on the left are Hans Jenny harmonics with the top one showing a helix from the side (#1) and the photo below this (#2) showing the lines on end. They are in pairs working together in a rotation of clock and  counter clock spirals. The photo to the right is an actual celestial photo showing this helix formation. In the photos one can see the opposite flows creating rotating helix pairs of energy, each pair as an individual, is called a String. This helix flow is one of the most basic harmonic structures that Hans Jenny has recorded.   


In Jennings’s photo above (#1) lycopodium powder can be seen vibrating into a helix. The right side photo is a celestial object.

space ribbons

The top two celestial photos shown above are more examples of this spiralling energy. My teaching sources call these flows Strings. Advanced formations of the string are called Ribbons (as seen in the bottom diagram) these are a composite of many stacked strings.  

nebula ribbon

Picture of celestial ribbon with insert diagram..

The photo-diagram above shows the opposites must flow through their ribbon structure and in opposite directions for any permanent duration or balance. They do not cross one another in this balanced flow for this would create interference and a different structure, rendering the end of the ribbon. As the lines of energy come full circle back to source, in a crowded universal field of lines, they eventually do cross others (of their vibration). This crossing of paths creates a new harmonic pattern called the cube.

Six wave field boundary planes called cubes.

Accumulations of energy lines flowing from source creates ribbons that continue to build onto themselves in ever wider unrestricted widths. That is until they reach the boundaries of other ribbons. It is only here, and with common vibrational levels, that contact can interact or create interferences with one another. Any other strand that is not of the same vibration will be outside the others “reality” or resonances and no interference would be created. As shown in the diagram above the widening lines eventually cross one another creating a Cube (that will have its own specific vibratory rate). These cube structures become balances states of energy of their own and thus are a permanent part of the Universal Structure. Its composition is still from primal source level of injected energy and because of this source it is a balances static structure. Each cube will have its own specific energy signature as it is a combination of the individual ribbon’s energy.

What I mean by my prior description of a balanced static structure is entirely dependent on our perception of time and space. This primal level of creation is measured in billions of Earth years. This does not mean that its time frame has anything to do with our perception or our measure of time. It is all about levels of perception as each level of vibration, regardless of its conscious awareness, will have a different perception of time. In other words there is no one time frame in the universe as each individual reality will create its own. Our concept of time existence is simple our perception and has little to nothing to do with the rest of the universe. So we can understand the cube grid as permanent but that is only because we are judging it by our standards of time.

Ancient lattice

Level 3

The Cube


In Jenny’s laboratory the confines of a container only allowed a slice of what is actually a three dimensional structure. Future science will need to study this in a three dimensional format. In these Jenny photos below you can see the points of energy injection. Lines of attraction join the points as energy flows back and forth in opposite directions. Section “A” in the photos is a magnified view of the injection point complete with attached ribbon lines. In section “B” I have drawn red lines to show the vertical flow direction of this slice, the third dimensional cube (Jenny harmonic). The three dimensional flow of this structure is a cube, but if seen as a two-dimensional slice, it can be called a grid. In the diagram to the bottom right I show how this would look in a three dimensional view.

cymatics lattice

To the left, in the photo above one can see this level of vibration in actual creation. The diagram to the right is a reminder that the entire universe is a saturation of this basic lattice structure. The scale of these cube structures ascend and descend in sizes without limits, but within their defined vibrational scales, never mixing but still connected.

Cubes can be described as wave fields of space, wave fields that are a product of ribbons of flowing energy, which must eventually cross each other on their journeys. As these ribbons cross paths they create secondary formations from their arcing energy (shown in next section). The energy needs to continue its course but interference defects some of the energy into a new structural level called a Sphere. It is within this breaking away from the static grid cube structure that creates a vibrational “bed” for “self-awareness consciousness” to enter.

Cutting a lot of corners here; it is within the sphere that our level of consciousness is allowed in. This new injection into the structure takes place in the center of each sphere. Each structure (cube and sphere) supports the other but as said in the beginning comments, it is consciousness that starts it all. It is in the sphere level of the structure that our higher level of consciousness is injected into the background (grid/cube structure). While a cube can be referred to as a wave field (the “soil”) it is within the sphere that our conscious injection takes place (the “seed” that grows).

These cube boundaries or walls are complex forms consisting of moving energy. A movement that flows in opposite directions, as does everything in the universe. These opposites create balanced states and longevity. A one directional flow would be over practically as soon as it started.  


Celestial object NGC6050 - the cube

Robert Bruce


An interesting perspective:

In the center image above is a diagram from one of the world’s best at Out Of Body Experiences (OBE’s) Robert Bruce. This is a very typical vision of the dimensional grid as you fly over it in an Out of Body State. These diagrams are from his book “Astral Dynamics” and is in my opinion one of the best books to purchase if you want to learn this ability. This is how Robert Bruce describes his journey into the layer just above the physical called the Astral Level:

“Each astral plane appears two-dimensional when its surface is approached. However, a fully three-dimensional environment is experienced when it is penetrated. The atmosphere above the plane, surrounding the projector, is faintly color-tinted, as if consisting of thin vapor radiating from the astral plane's surface. This color-tint is not apparent when looking directly down upon the surface, but can be seen misting all horizons. The corners of each square contain small but distinct dots and splashes of color that look like yellow, green, orange, and red paint. Each of these appears to be an entry point into a specific internal realm or kingdom.”

In the above diagrams you can see Robert’s artistic version of this grid structure. His drawing replicates the harmonic photos of Hans Jenny. The central “flower” aspect also shows up in Jenny’s photos, to the right. Understand that they are not the same vibration and thus will be different in shape but you can see the flower’s depth and complexity. The diagram to the left is ancient shamanic diagram from Bates Wells, Sonora Desert, Arizona.

Another excellent OBE teacher is William Buhlman: http://www.astralinfo.org/

Level 4 – The Sphere


As seen in the harmonic photo below the crossing points of the ribbons (corners of the cube) are areas of interference and imbalanced states. As typical, imbalance creates another structure and from this a different flow pattern. In this level, called the Sphere, our spiritual consciousness enters into the cube or static structure of “All That Is”. This is the melding point of us and “All That Is” (god aspect).

In the Jenny harmonic photos below the grid/cube (a two-dimensional slice) shows their common points of energy injections. The grid lines/ribbons create interference and imbalance forms a new structure inside the cubes. The photo below is a slice of this structure and would have to be viewed in a three dimensional profile to see its complete form. The outlines of the sphere can be seen overlapping the cube side as these are interference boundaries from adjacent spheres. I have drawn in red circles on the bottom row to highlight this. 

cymatics harmonics

Below and to the left is the three dimensional diagram with an actual Jenny harmonic photo of an isolated sphere (to the right). Sentient consciousness enters the cube grid level at the center of the sphere.

As you can see the sphere has its own movement of flowing energy and although it is independent of the cube structure it is also reliant on the cube. Cube and spheres are thus equal and the relationship is “symbiotic”. 

Below are a couple of celestial objects that are true spheres. Most celestial objects called nebulas are not exploding or dying stars but are actually births. This can be a birth of a new universe to a new galaxy. Due to perceptional filtering and time we can only see parts of this birth, as the full sphere and its process is beyond our capacity to see.

costa rica stones

Costa Rica Spheres – Bighorn Medicine Wheel – Bubble Nebula

In the celestial photo to the right I was told that this is a birth of a new reality.

A sphere’s main energy flow is called the Axis and its top is referred to as 0 degrees with the bottom of this axis being 180 degrees. This axis flow is a result of the alignment with the Universal Structure’s source (the “grain” of the universe). The horizontal flows are called 90-degree flows and are a mixing vortex of natural flows from 0 – 180 degrees.

As strings of helix energy spiral down into the universal grid from source they enter into the individual sphere structures from the top (0 degrees). This energy also flows up through this axis on its return from source cycle of the universal sphere. All flows must have an opposite and the axis is not any different.

The directional flow of this 0-degree energy is due to the construction of the universe itself. Our universe is a gigantic sphere and true to the design its flow is consistent with and to other spheres of its proportion. The ancients knew our universe’s axis as they referred to it as The Tree of Life, the Axis Mundi, and other terms. Our Earth’s position to this 0 degree axis flow is measured from our North Pole and is known to science as the Anisotropic angle, which is approximately 19.5 degrees. 

Anistropic angle

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