Guides and Contacts- Angels to Dorajuadoik


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Guides and Contacts- Angels to the Dorajuadoik


The more energetic helpers you have to support this type of work the stronger your contact to the information will be.

In the shamanic world there are two basic “visible” forms that guides take, in the lower world it is usually animal or nondescript hominid form and in the upper it is human in shape or again nondescript ranging to nonphysical presence or just light. None of these forms, regardless of their source are of any importance for most if not all are an interpretation of our conscious level trying to make sense of it all. This understanding will also show us if we have prior life contacts or memories from other physical and nonphysical worlds. On the other hand if you are a devout religious person the form could manifest for your comfort only as Mohammed, Jesus, Krishna, and so on.  Fear based journeys of course will create perceived devils and monsters which again, are very real manifestation of our inner conscious imbalances (we create what we fear on all levels). In the lower world each guide can be subdivided into familiar forms like bears, wolves, birds, snakes, and so on as these individual Earth based forms are stereotypical forms that have vibrational associations to their nonphysical levels. None of these forms are as they present themselves for they are all nonphysical energy. But they can replicate the familiarity of vibration for our comfort. They are also referred to as Totem Animals or Animal Guides.

Another interesting effect (that can be explained in great detail) is that if you go too far in one direction, say in the lower world you will inevitably pop up into the upper world. This is because the universe is a sphere and all of creation, on all levels, are supported by their individual sphere. Most energy workers are familiar with upper world light and angels but there is a counterpart that is just as powerful an expression in balance. This one can be found in the most complete level of balance deep in the lower world. I would like to introduce this one as it is a valuable teacher and has been for tens of thousands of years. One of the most respected shamans in our modern world, Hank Wesselman, has given it a name and I see no reason to change it because this name is from an ancient source.  Below is an excerpt from Wesselman’s books:


Dorajuadoik: by Hank Wesselman Ph.D.

The Dorajuadoik

“It has always existed and it always will. It was a primal force that was, is and always would be a part of the manifested structure of the universe. It was part of the source, the creative foundation of the all. It is alive but not in the sense of form. With a tremendous power and energy field it can function as a bridge between worlds, connecting between the levels of action and the levels of introduction, a doorway into endless vastness of the great void. The spirit expresses a form of consciousness that was completely devoid of emotions. It does not understand human values, has no feelings. It experiences a state of being in harmony, in time, in a positive, growth-enhancing potential. It is opposed to the condition of disconnected in a negative growth-enhancing capacity. Vast intelligence composed of pure awareness. It functions as activators and conductions of power. It has no material or physical form.


The Dorajuadoik was not really an entity, nor did it have any manifested equivalent form on the physical level of existence. It was/is a dense concentration of energy associated with awareness – a filed expressing an enormous, multilevel form of intelligence. It has always existed and always will. It was a primordial force that was, is, and always would be part of the manifested structure of the universe. I was part of the source, the creative foundation of the all.


I ask if it was alive? The immense energy filed before them was indeed alive, and among its many functions, it was an activator and conductor of power that could also serve as a source of information and ideas. As such, The Dorajuadoik could function as a bridge between worlds, a connection between the levels of action and the levels of information, a doorway into the endless vastness of the great void. In all of these capacities, the Dorajuadoik’s field was, is, and forever will be an expression of the generative state of being.

The spirit expressed a form of consciousness that was completely devoid of emotion. The brilliant field did not posses feelings, nor did it understand the nature of what humans call values. It was completely nonjudgmental, utterly innocent of human values such as good, or bad, or emotions such as love or fear.


For the Dorajuadoik, the experience of being in harmony, in balance, and in connection with everything, everywhere and at every time in a positive, growth-enhancing potential was opposite to the condition of disharmony, the experience of imbalance, the state of being disconnected in a negative growth-inhibiting capacity.


It left with a staccato, crackling rumble of thunder, and the scene before them dimmed.  The brilliant, geometric prism of the huge spirit faded from sight, shifting into a dark. Monolithic shape as consciousness awareness (observer) returned across the boundary between the spirit world and the ordinary state of consciousness. There was a distinctive pop as the consciousness of the Dorajuadoik was severed from the observer”.   -  Hank Wesselman


The Dorajuadoik


My teaching on this subject are given below:


 The Conceptional Spirituality of Animals/ Humans/ Love


“All That Is” has created an energy balance that we recognize in human form as love. It exists in two basic spiritual forms or directions for “All That Is” flows in opposites of itself. Both are in complete balance in all ways and in their perspective levels.


In the lower vibrational field (Lower World) an entity exists that is the last level that can be observed by the human consciousness. This supreme entity represents and has the qualities of the original God aspect. It exists in pure love and is a mirror of the angelic world (Upper World). Both upper and lower aspects are pure love; both are dualities of the other, dualities of All That Is - God flow. The silica/lower vibrational aspect (see “Schematic of God” for explanation of Silica Forms) represented the opposite state, but in a total unconditional acceptance format. This level of love is defined as total neutrality and acceptance in mass. This means unconditional love for all in a mass level (mass is defined as all sentient beings). This level sees everything as one for individuality would be its dual opposite understanding.


This level of love can be observed in physical animals for there is a total acceptance that can be felt. There is no judgment only recognition of your entry into their environment. This Dorajuadoik entity is one of the most evolved aspects of silica flow direction and is equal in spiritual evolution to any angelic form.


Although love in the angelic world is also universal in acceptance, the focus of teaching is towards individuality and acceptance of this state in balance with oneself as the direction. In the Dorajuadoik consciousness, love is about species or forms of creation and their existence in the physical realities. In the human love model (currently seen in our culture as a struggle) loving ourselves becomes the direction to loving all else that exists on any level. On the other side of the coin it is acceptance and love of all life, as seen in the struggle through the acceptance of giving one’s life to benefit the others existence (food chain). This level recognizes that life is precious but it has the understanding that individuals cycle back into ever evolving life forms. Growth comes from outside as in the higher vibratory levels see growth coming from within. As we focus inward we create our outside reality. As they focus outward they create the inward reality for themselves, as expressed in numbers not individuals. They focus outward to create inward as ever evolving deeper levels of the masses, thus they are the spiritual animals, the vibrational level of each species. The first and oldest of these levels, the essence and the beginning of Earth life is Dorajuadoik.


What I’m saying is that each of these dualities or opposites does have common virtues of the same value, but they are mirrors of each other due to their flow direction. Neither is better than the other as both directions are directional flows of Source Power - God or “All That Is”.  

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