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The Time Shaman - Front Page
The Time Shaman - Free Book

Ancient Families of North America

The Dejarlais Trail

Ancient Stone Stories

Remote Viewing: Sculptures

Remote Viewing: Comparing Accuracy

Tie Creek UFO

Solutrean Boats

Researching Sites

Cave de Vinci

New Discoveries

The Olmec

The Olmec 2

Current Projects

Misconceptions, Petroglyphs

Schematic of Ancient Sites



Bannock Point

Energy Sappers


Bannock Point 

Whiteshell Petroforms

Tie Creek Site 

Dowsing Energy 

The Tree of Life

The Grid

DNA and Time

DNA and Time - pdf.

The Schematic of Time &  Ancient Sacred Sites Book - Free book

New Science Discovery

Modern Mythology

Carahunge Site

Ian Honeywood - Dowser

Stone Circles

Mayan Stone Circle

Stone Circle Book - Free and updated July 2016

Tie Creek Vortex




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