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Some interesting notes form my past sessions, taken from my documents:

(Raw and unedited)

Spedis Owl

Spedis Owl from The Dalles, Columbia River, Washington/Oregon

Note:  Asked about the owl culture: There are many secret societies of shamans – the Owl ones are a variant of the Earth's 3rd energy (90 degree), the seers of the nation. More animals also represented here – snake, horse, bear, deer, buffalo, etc. These are all Earth horizontal levels – shown the Earth Horizons with many hundreds of horizons of varying degrees of densities between - separate horizontal levels. These groups worked on the physical level or the Middle World level. This group adopted the conscious focus of Owls, as they were the seers. Other bird shaman groups adopted different birds and their qualities, as seen in the birds themselves. Flying aspect of birds was the dominate quality sought by most of these groups, with some smaller shamanic groups adopting specialized qualities. 


Note:  Beads were first used and invented as a way to carry energy stones from sacred areas and sites. The shamans started this portable method of “medicine bag” and others saw its importance, without the understandings. This method eventually became a power status symbol and then a form of desired statement or adornment. Bead necklaces and pendants were the results. The birth of jewellery.  


Note:  Ghost Dance started by shaman as far back as 4,000 years ago. It grew in understanding and acceptance by 3,000 years ago and was ready for implication at 2,800 BP and again at the 2,000 BP cycle. Each cycle saw the importance of it as the shamans where honing into a future event and its importance to their culture. I saw this and have no doubt of its authenticity. Dance was adapted in recent history as a connection back to older cycles could be made. Natives of today would do well to use this dance as it has great importance in connections to the most powerful ones of the past. In these past time cycles there were native councils that saw the future demise of their culture. Councils were too small and this left little activation on larger populations of North American natives = too little too late = Ghost Dance was answer but 100 years too late!

Costa Rica Stone Spheres



Note:  Costa Rica Stone Spheres are tools just like the pyramids but in the opposite flow direction – inward and out of reality. This is very similar to the portale or the Blue Orb at the base of one’s sphenoid. These stones were used for journeys into the direction of the Dorajuadoik.  This is the pyramid opposite, and into direction of denser nonphysical realities. Both ancient cultures (pyramid and stone sphere) were here to balance each other out in reality. New Grange and Silbury Hill are also spheres similar to pyramids in their height but are composed of shells (layers of different earths) as symbolically and to some extent workable layers representing and functionally creating sphere shells into deeper levels of realities.

Saw the shamans with the Costa Rica stones working at fist with small stone spheres and then in time with groups on larger ones until I saw a group sitting in a circle around a circular dome structure. They also arranged the spheres into more dynamic structures to create different results. Eventually structures became more important then results until the lessons and results were lost by the following generations. This shamanic culture fell apart shortly afterwards.


Note:  The Final Frontier: As we begin to wrap up this existence called life we open doorways to “home”. If one is truly open and aware of this process it can and will be a perfect goodbye to this reality. The cycle is complete, as the same connections can be felt when the cycle first started (birth). The ancient cultures knew this and because of this they respected their elders for their insights. Today very few elders are connected to their essence self, as most are hypnotized into modern cultural belief systems.  We do not die without notice nor do we do it in a single act. Dyeing takes years of preparation, as it took years (in our terms) for spirit to create our birth.


Note:  Recently I was doing some RVing (Remote Viewing) back to the last North America Ice Age era. I didn’t intend to go back to 10,000 years as I was initially interested in the Ice Age at 14,000 BP.

I went out of body and found myself a couple hundred feet above the southern tip of Vancouver Island looking west down the Juan De Fuca Strait. I was not surprised to see a narrower channel (all in color) but I was surprised that I ended up at 10,000 BP and not the intended 14,000 BP that I had asked for. Realizing this mistake I tried again but this time I did it in increments by asking for 12,000, 13,000, and 14,000 BP. Unfortunately as I went back the light got so dime that near 14,000 BP it was too dark to see anything.

Later that night I did some channelling to find out what had happened to the 14,000 scene. I was told that starting at 10,000 years ago would take me to the beginning of this present orb cycle. This would be the major 10,000 year cycle that is currently the occupied creation of this reality. If I go further back into this time cycle I start to enter into a denser vibratory level. In other words I start to leave this major Orb Cycle and enter into the “last” or an older and prior 10,000 reality cycle. The vibration that I started with was not conducive to this older cycle and its vibration. This is why the density of the older cycle started a breakdown of observable reality and thus it got darker. The only way around this is to start in the prior 10,000 year cycle and then explore further back to 14,000 BP. (I should have known better!)

I asked about the Earth orb shift that takes place in this 10,000 year period of creation. It was explained to me that the people in balance and or of higher vibrations will shift into the new reality, as they are more suited to it. All physical realities are a conscious perception of creation in a physical construct. You are in a reality by choice and vibration of like kind. The shift is seamless to the ones that can do it and not possible for the others who stay in the old more comfortable reality cycle. I also asked to see what actually happens to the surface of the earth during this shift….it was blocked from me. 

Second journey was with artifacts of the 14,000 range. First vision was a white glowing round cornered square suspended in a black background. This shifted into an energy tunnel as seen in diagram below. From there the scene shifted into a brown stone tunnel that I was heading down. It curved to the right and then I came upon a veiled wall of grey energy. This was the edge of the physical creational orb wall of the older orb cycle. This second journey was done with RVing only, it was explained to me the difference in RVing and OBEs are that the name implies. Out of Body refers to and insinuates a conscious awareness of the physical body connection, and the reality construct that was left behind. The RVing is done with conscious awareness only and there is no limit to this as there is no level or reality limit to the soul consciousness.

Remote ViewingRemote Viewing



Note: The pictures shown below are more limestone tablets found at the Gault Site in Williamson County, Texas, 11,500 BP. This tablet is form the Mexican side of this family mix. (Solutrean/Mexican Original). The trees (I outlined them with a dark background) are from their “totem”. Many shamanic ceremonies were carried out at the Gault site to ground this alliance of families – Original Mexicans and Solutrean mix side. The Gault Site is a time keeper work site and part of the birth place for shamanic Clovis culture. Cross thatching is Solutrean #1 side. Plant aspect of this group – agrarian Solutrean 2 attraction, grid ones are the hunter side Solutrean #1. The stone image is a blend of nature’s sources. Both tablets below are shown in their proper positions – it is an opposite focus of the grid ones. Grid shamans focused on structure while the others focused on flow of energy into structure. The combination of this work was a level of ascension for them in their time and vibration. Limestone tables are a Solutrean tradition, as documented in European Solutrean sites.


Gault Site

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