Consciousness Has Structure

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Consciousness is a band of energy that can be found in layers just like the vibrational “Shells” mentioned previously. They are layered because of common vibration; this includes desire, intelligence, and the emotional quotients. Layering occurs after thought has arisen; from there it naturally pools or gravitates into common arenas of the matrix of all sentient beings. Exchanges of thought and information as well as experiences can be tapped into in these regions. This banding is and does overlap realities in all levels. The difference is that individual realties are only capable of intersecting or tapping into that which is of common reach into their vibrational fields. You can, in your reality, extend out into the higher or lower bands by raising or lowering your vibration to the level of choice.

Tapping into original and unrealized (for Earth based realities) music, art, invention is achieved this way. Start by finding the common desire and intent of your emotional field. Follow it up or down after connection is secured. Once a vibrational shift has been felt – Let Go, and absorb the background energy! This will lead you to the information you seek. You can ask for help in the learning stages for there are many that would love to assist. Everyone understands evolution of spirit!

Perception of Time


Perception, a physical based recognition that is the observation of ones vibrational level in time sequences called Sector Sequencing. This sequencing is directly related to the field of vibration that a life form’s specific vibration (DNA) occupies.


Perception then becomes a field of observable probabilities that are constituted reflections of ones own vibrational field, within the boundaries of the DNA’s vibrational limits.


DNA thus becomes the vehicle for time flow as this provides the template and the vibration of a perceivable reality.


Within this perceivable field of vibration, all can be achieved within the limits of the vibrational realities capacity.


Sequencing becomes a matter of perception through the variables of the field stream of time and sequencing vibration, higher or lower.


As time moves forward so does one’s perception of the sequences called learned experiences. It is in the perception of learning that one has the experience due to comparison of the change or the shift in vibration.


This is the essence of evolution and the injection into the sequence at any point finds its source from lower or higher nonphysical vibratory levels (called sprit).


Spirit has the choice of where it will focus its desire into this sequential field and with the vibrational DNA profile that is needed to bring the experience to fruition.


Although mirrored, DNA sequencing is a flow in opposite directions that create balance. It is not something that can be observed from either directional side.


Physical DNA is one half of the flow direction of the DNA Sphere and its placement in a Time Sector of any given physical reality.


Reality and the perception of it has now become the eventual sequence of desire or thought in physical form. This form can now occupy space in the context of a co-creative reality with other like vibratory states or physical forms.


Physical form is the direct result of desire interacting on the field of universal matrix and its structure through vibrational differences and the sequencing of these differences from one another.       


Below are some diagrams to contemplate:

Below are some diagrams to contemplate:






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