Shrines, Caches, and Medicine Bags


Shrines and Caches operate on the same principles but their purposes differ. The Shine is a personal collection of different energies for the enhancement of one’s own life, regardless of the focus. The Cache is a collection of different “community” energies for the same purpose as the shrine, to enhance one’s life either in knowledge or strength. A Medicine Bag works on the same principle as the other two but with a more present time specialized usage. It typically is a collection of objects (or pieces) from various origins that can enhance a shaman’s abilities, all being relevant to individual desires.  (See page 11) 

I cannot over emphasize the importance of shrine work for a shaman or energy worker. When created and used with mudras they are very powerful doorways into “All There Is”. Mudras are the secret part of the shrine’s power, as the mudra becomes the dial that connects desire to structural power. The second part of this secret is the mudra has to be done in the proper angular position, in relevance to the shrine.  

Shrines are in every culture, religion, and in our homes regardless of whether it’s being recognized on a conscious level. All religions use them as recognized objects of worship from the iconic objects to the actual temple design itself. Shrines go back in history tens of thousands of years and have their roots in shamanic understandings. Imprinted into the human psyche for thousands of years they are still being expressed, but many aspects and understandings of the old shamanic traditions are lost. In modern times and in every corner of the world shrines have been adapted by current religions. The simple kneeling and prayer position in front of a religious shrine shows the angular dialling of energies that a person is undertaking with this body position. Unfortunately many are not aware of the process or the abilities around this, as the information has been lost for eons.


Shrines and Caches work because they connect to the matrix or structure of the physical and nonphysical universe. The structural design of the universe, even on the most basic levels are still unknown to science and yet most ancient sites were designed with this in mind. They were not built to align with astronomical objects. There is no great advantage to this, although astrological positions were used as markers to find the angles that were needed. The universal structural knowledge is too large for this website due to all the related subjects that would need to be addressed. Without this complete understanding, what I can do for now is to draw upon some basics of energy flow that shrines and sites perform for the individual. I cannot overly express the value of this work for any shaman or energy worker and the abilities that it gives one when done right. 90% of the information on this website was gleamed using the shrine-mudra method, along with Remote Viewing and OBEs as "vehicles".


In order to understand the flow of energy needed to support ones existence in this reality we need to start with the physical body. All around our physical bodies are an energy field that’s shape is spherical. This energy sphere is always there and it connects to larger spheres of energy that support it. This includes the larger sphere of our Earth Reality and its ability to support our existence in the physical. These larger spheres are responsible for the energy that maintains our home sphere, our community, and so on until the universal energy sphere is reached. We are connected to all of them by virtue of being in the physical universe. There is no exception to this rule, as it starts at the atomic level and ends up in size with the largest celestial objects and universes. Everything that exists has an energy sphere and it is connected to the matrix of everything else in the universe, physical or nonphysical.



If you are curious about these connected lines, you can check them out with dowsing rods in your own home. The best places to look are in areas you spend the most time. Obviously your bed is one of these as well as in front of a sink, computer, TV, and so on. If you dowse it carefully asking the right questions you will find straight lines of energy connecting all parts of your interior living space. You will also see hubs of energy in this space that are connected with each other. These hubs are called vortex portals and are very important in this type of work. There are typically lower and higher energy flows that move in opposite directions from the core of this localized energetic sphere. In all vortex flows there will be a balance of energy, including the larger universal portals called Black Holes. These too will have an adjacent portal of opposite flowing energy.

See the free Schematic of God book for an introduction.


On the basic nonphysical level of creating (just prior to the physical) the sphere is a structure of balanced energy flows. These flows are the axis portals that create and form the sphere itself. They are axis energy currents that run through the center with upper movement known as 0 degrees, and downward flow as 180 degrees. The other main currents are at 90 degrees from the vertical axis currents. These four 90 degree flows are known as the event horizon portals or axis and are responsible for creating and maintaining the physical reality. This includes the elements at an atomic level. All the angles in between these main coordinate flows are combinations of the energies, with specific angle strengths leaning towards the closest flavour of an axis. To understand how a shrine works you must see it in a 360 degree fashion and in a three dimensional structure containing every possible angle.


A Hans Jenny photo of a harmonic sphere showing the energy flow that supports and creates a sphere. This photo is only a slice of the complete sphere, as the completed sphere has 8 inner spheres or chambers.




Recognizing Shrines

Sitting in your favourite room, focus on your body’s placement. See its position in relation to one or all the vortexes in your living space.  This is the easiest way to see the supporting angles of energy that flow in and out of your creation. If you are co sharing with others in this home the positioning or design of the room elements will be harder to dissect, as others have some creational design here too. In your room of choice, position yourself on “your” chair. As you sit there, look around and see the placement of every object in the room including the TV, bookshelf, pictures on the walls, and so on. Using a compass will tell you were north and south are. Using this axis as a reference point, you will be able to determine the angles of all the objects in the room. Look at these objects and see what they represent to you. Is it on a level of physical support, emotional balance, spiritual comfort, or is it intellectual. This will give you a basic understanding of what angles of energy flow are supporting your creation in this reality. These angles of energy are supporting your life and have been chosen by you on couscous and unconscious levels. There are no mistakes in this, as life is your creation and if the purpose of the object is detrimental or beneficial you will feel it. If the room does not allow an efficient flow of energy (straight line to source energy) then they will be bent or have a longer paths of energy flow. This can translate into slower time and strength aspects of supporting energy, inefficiency in connecting. The connection will always be there it is just a matter of efficiency of flow.



We all live inside our personal shrines called home and community. The design is not random or haphazard, but it is a design of our nonphysical consciousness. You may think that you have purchased an existing house layout, but I can assure you that you have been looking for this design for years. It is all done from the nonphysical aspects of our higher selves. Our home’s position in the community and placement in the environment is by choice. This choice is fundamentally for the greater purpose of our present and future needs. Likewise the furnishings in our home are a product of our subconscious. This part is easier to see as it is closer to the physical conscious part of us. The arrangement of everything in our life is a reflection of all our aspects from the physical to the highest nonphysical levels. Shrines are blueprints of the psyche or templates of the presence, in physical form. See them everywhere you look for they are there for those that what to see.

An artist creates a painting putting together elements on canvas. Colors, objects, and the positions are the artist’s shrine and message to all that can read it. This is an unspoken energy flow (a shrine on canvas) that others can recognise on subconscious levels and appreciate. Those that do not recognize the artist’s energy shrine will not resonate to the painting. This is why some art is more popular than others are. It is not to say that the unpopular art is not great, it is just not as widely recognized by the majority of the public.

Shrines are in every part and aspect of our physical world. We just need to recognize this and it will help us in our abilities to create more powerful shrines. Most ancient sites are built with this in mind and were very powerful for the owners, at the time. These sites have lost part of the energy flow due to Earth Procession. As Earth’s tilt shifts so does the connective efficiency or positioning of the elements in the site's construction. This is why some pyramids were rebuilt every 50 some years and why some sites are abandoned all together. It was recognized that building a new site was easier than redesigning the old one to the perfect angles.



Shown above is a typical shrine pattern that I have used for 90% of the information contained in this website. The method performs like a focused “steering wheel” for OBE’s and Remote Viewing. It sets one up to a connective level some would call the Djinn Level. On the right is an actual Mayan shrine found in a recent excavation. The objects as well as their positions were important for their work and relevant to the energies or connections that were being utilized. In my shrine on the left, I was at the time researching some of the material in this website. The Mayan leader that created or worked with his shrine on the right had a different focus. As you can see there are statues of different people, of different position in their society. This shrine would not do well for the work I was doing any more than my shrine would accomplish his desires. The pattern changes with the week, month, and so on but mostly on the subject matter that one desires. The journeys and shrines I used for researching subatomic structures would require a different pattern, than researching into the Clovis culture.

Remember the Mayan leaders were a shamanic order and in a shamanic driven culture. They had abundant resources at their disposal. This is not something readily available for today’s shamans. Governments and private investors are not interested in funding research from this level. It is very obvious that it worked in the past for the Maya and other advanced civilizations. All shamans, past and present have the ability to access very advanced technologies and knowledge.




Working with the Shrine


I have never chosen a shrine pattern, as one must allow this to be done for you. Start the night’s session with clearing of mind and addressing the inquiry or set of questions that you are interested in. Allow yourself to be guided to an artifact (one that you feel drawn to). If you are drawn to more than one object, pick them both up and allow the placement of them to unfold. It is typically the axis or core flows (center shaft of shrine) that is built first. This is followed by other objects that are or have the abilities and vibration to connect with the axis’s purpose. (Different methods are possible)

Before and after the axis has been established do a mudra in front of the shrine or area of the shrine to be. This again is an involuntary mudra that you are guided to perform. The mudra at the beginning is as important as the shrine itself. It is not as effective if one is missing from the process. After this, start with a meditation that leads to journeying (OBEs), Remote Viewing or direct communication. (I never know what will be the course of action as there is no predetermined direction that we have the capacity of seeing.) Any use of intellect or ego will stifle the whole process, follow guidance as much as possible.

Candles, smudging with sweetgrass and so on are all part of this, if you choose. If you have several artifacts don’t be surprised to see the room start to fill up with many from this past. You will feel them and sometimes you can see them in your peripheral vision. If you are doing OBEs or journeys then you are being guided out of this reality to areas that can teach you. You will also find that performing mudras (through guidance) during the night’s session to be an extremely valuable part of this method. Mudras help to “shift gears” for the next lesson or towards your next question. They may all appear to be similar but the energies, vibrations, and angles are always different. With the shrine in front of you as a “steering wheel” the mudra connects you to it, meshing specific body angles of your question to the shrine’s embedded power.

A prior enhancement to this method can be done by asking for a communicator artifact in your collection (as described in Page 7) and taking this communicator to a museum for the purpose of gathering ones that can help. (They might also show up for that night’s session!)

The shrine’s North (found with a compass) is typically a 90 degree horizontal energy current (event horizon). Like the other three horizontal 90s, it is also a balanced duel energy flow. By this I mean there are two currents of energy that move in opposite directions and in a spiral ribbon fashion of equal strengths. Straight up from the center of the axis is the highest vibrational energy (called 0 degrees). Straight down is the lowest vibrational flow to 180 degrees (towards the Dorajuadoik level, a circle around the axis at 170 degrees). The 45 degree angles (8 of them) are the electromagnetic angles of element creation. Anything to the right of the axis is future and to the left is past. This applies to both sides of the event horizon (the midpoint slices through the shrine’s horizon. These are the basics, as there is much more complexity here.

The mudra is the key to activating a shrine. Mudras are similar to shrines in that they connect to the energy lines of creation. They unfold in every movement life takes as there is not a body stance or action that is not a mudra. Each movement of your body is a result of a need or desire to create. This is accomplished thought consciousness, which does not reside in the physical body. Consciousness is nonphysical and uses the physical brain to articulate its desires through neurological expressions. This requires the appropriate energy angles that are alignments from nonphysical structure to physical structure. This flow is constant, for when it ceases so does your physical creation. The simple moment of a finger requires this connection to the physical brain and other involved body parts. It is through this process that the mudra becomes a switchboard to the universal network. Our bodies shape and its positions are all part of the supportive energies that maintain our existence in a reality. All orchestrated by consciousness, whether one is aware of it or not. In a shrine upward angles are flows of higher or finer vibrational energy and lower angles are connections to denser world vibrations. All angles are equal in quality and importance for if one flow is dominating over the others, the imbalance is seen in the biology and mind of the person.    




In the above picture are three different body mudras. The intention is the same as they are all in front of a shrine and praying, but notice the head angles and the hand positions. Also notice the fingers and stature, standing, sitting, leg position and so on. These are all important when doing a mudra. Every part of our body has specific connecting abilities and the combinations of all the parts with desire create the mosaic of intent, called a Mudra. In the left picture the crown charka pointing to 90 degree or event horizon is a very specific angle to a physical connection. In the middle picture there is a “0” degree connection flow and a plant vibration to facilitate. Notice her thumb knuckle’s placement, this is a very power position as it facilities the ability to “see” into the 90 degree horizontal physical level. She is connecting to the highest vibration to see into the future present earth level. In the right side picture cupping the hands is a way of receiving, along with the object in hand as a communicator. (In doing shamanic mudras with a shrine you can incorporate all of the above and anything else that you are guided to.)


All flat or two dimensional shrines are connections into the 360 degree space of reality. Another method of enhancing this work can be done with 3 dimensional shrines. The ceramic bowl is a classic one from the past and many shamans today still use this method. In this method there is a slight difference in direction of focus. In a two dimensional shrine the focus is on the axis and center, the energy radiates out. In the bowl shrine the focus is into the center of the 360 degree shrine, with the bowl’s perimeter acting as the boundary of a sphere’s focus. There are two methods that I have been taught and one is to focus at the “opening plane” of the bowl. This would be at the full fluid level, if a liquid was there (shown as a grey line in the picture). This area of focus appears related to enhancing psychic abilities in the physical (Nostradamus Effect). The other method is to find the midway point at the center of the bowl and focus there (green lines in left picture). This focus area is one of inner work or journeys, going deep inside, of whatever your intents are for the session. This second method is great for inner healing work. Extra objects can also be placed into the bowl to increase energy specifics, as seen in the shamanic Trypillian bowl above (can you imagine an archeologist trying to understand this find). Remember placement of objects inside the bowl will have different effects (use guidance).


 An object that falls into the bowl shrine area is the Discoidal, as shown and described in Page 11. The Discoidal become the convenient way of carrying a more portable bowl for many shamanic people. Another very specialized shrine similar to the bowl shrine can be seen in the Costa Rica Stone Spheres (link to Note Page)


Using the Bowl

In a room of soft candle light enter into a meditative state holding the bowl in front of your chest. Once you feel you are relaxed and focused, slowly half open your eyes and focus onto the bowl’s opening. You can stay at this level or you might be dawn to go down to the center of the bowl into nonlocal realities.  From this point you can continue the work you desire. If you are lucky enough to find a bowl that a shaman used it will already be a working shrine.


We draw into our lives what we seek and this includes shamans from the past. If you are drawn to a potsherd, it might have been part of a shaman’s bowl. This is still a direct avenue even if the rest of the bowl is missing. Don’t overlook this inexpensive approach.


  The angles I speak of are not arbitrary positions that connect to imaginary energies; they are specific to the universal structure on all levels. They are all connected into the multi geometric structure that I have yet to find time to explain. All I ask at this point is to use the methods and understand there is a power source here that can be plugged into.

As practicing shamans trying this work, I ask that you work with it, as the proof will show itself. The ancient shamans used these methods but very few of them understood the complete knowledge of its workings. It is not necessary to know everything for the work will be accomplished regardless.


 Note: Tektites like Liberian Desert Glass, Moldavite, and Indochinite (Thailand tektites) are excelled translators, if you are having trouble understanding the messages. Beware of fake Liberian Desert Glass for there are imitations out there for sale. Although this tektite is not expensive it is a very difficult material to acquire because of its remote location.



A reliable source is:

and his E Bay page:



Note: Most of the ancient sites were not designed around astronomical objects. This idea is based on current intellectual observations (not the best source) and although researchers give credit to these ancient ones for their advanced designs, it ends there. I think the ancient shamans would find it insulting to hear modern people saying that these labor intensive structures were built for aesthetic religious values, like aligning to the stars and such. In the same subject, it is very disappointing to see European archeologists have not grasped the concepts that their European sacred sites are shamanic in origin. They don’t appear to be aware of this as they continue to seek answers in modern physical belief systems.

Contrary to many there is no need for alien intervention or contact! (A comment generated by all the TV programs showing up). Anyone saying this has not done any shamanic OBEs. There are no secrets in the universe and nothing stopping any shaman in accessing advanced information, if they have first created the resonate coordinating vibration. For more advanced levels of research one has to have their conscious, subconscious, and nonphysical higher selves aligned to the subject matter. This is how it is done and has been done. Furthermore the universe does have a specific structure and it is not a soup of exploding objects from some past big bang!

 We all have the propensity of collecting and excelling in topics that are of one’s curiosity. In doing shamanic research it is best to follow what you have been drawn too for years. This could be in plants, animals, Earth, Aliens, structure of the universe, and so on. At first try to avoid subjects that are only a mild curiosity.

If you want to explore subatomic structure you best do the explorations to get to this level. In this subject matter there is very little in current scientific knowledge that can help you prep for it. If you insist on taking on subjects like this then state the question and follow the guidance. This may take years of research but you will get there. It is a far better practice to research areas that you gravitate too. As an example of this, I spent 25 years studying subatomic particle theories, and none of it helped me, but it did create a couscous template that allowed true information to flow in from there.

Shamanic mudras

Totem poles are also shrines along with the Labyrinth, a walking mudra. Walking a labyrinth is the same as walking our daily shrines. Shrines come in all sizes as this includes the layout of our towns or cities. Look around and you will see pockets of similar energy or vibration in every city. In fact you can map these pockets of similar and different “energy districts”. See your daily pattern in and around the home, city, work place, and so on. These are all shine Labyrinths that connect you to supportive energies form outside and inside the physical. You may also recognize that you are following the same old patterns in this walk. By changing the walk sequence or locations you will change the old patterns and new ones will evolve out of this. This is beneficial as old patterns like old shrines do need to be updated at the end of an old cycle or the beginning of a new one. Supporting old energies of yesterday are not desirable for this is “stuck energy” that doesn’t allow growth to take place. 

Ohio Serpent Mound


The Ohio Serpent Mound is a Shrine Labyrinth with a “mudra walk” associated with it. It was designed by shamans that had incredible abilities to see into time. The Ohio Serpent Mound is not a snake or serpent effigy mound. Although its shape can be associated with one it is actually a journey representation, on symbolic physical levels, of a Time Shaman’s route into Time Quests. I have been told that these shamans were so powerful and accurate with their interpretations and visions that they had little trouble getting the support of others to build this site. The spiral at the end is the vortex or portal into “no time and space”. From there they traveled through the matrixes of realities into the past or future. The main focus of this group was into the future. This was represented by the zigzag pattern of the middle section. The “mouth” over the “egg” was and is the representation of their energy power over universal time, as represented by the egg shape. This was also seen as the energy they could wrap around the Earth Reality (Earth Shell). I have gone back to this time and watched their ceremony. To enhance the power the shamans from the area would start out at the spiral end in two groups. With each group on their respective side of the structure, they walked together towards the other end. By the time they reached the “egg” end the energy was activated and the appointed Time Shaman took over.    

Gault Site in Williamson County




Stacking is another method of focusing selected energies or vibrations into one path. This requires picking two or more artifacts and holding them together in one hand. In the other hand you can hold a Communicator, Translator, or crystal. The combination of like vibrations from different sources allows for a more in-depth inquiry to the subject matter in question. I have used up to 15 or more artifacts in one hand with two or three interpreters in the other hand to gain information on cultures rather than specific individuals.

The ancient shamans understood this method called Stacking as seen in the picture above. This picture shows an actual Stacked Communicator artifact found at the Gault Site in Williamson County, Texas, 11,500 BP. This type of cache was found in the position that is shown in the photo. The larger stone on the bottom is engraved on one side with the familiar universal grid pattern (see Schematic of God book). The top stone was also engraved but in the pattern of three dimensional realities, diamonded. It also is a more complex one having a “blend” into a plant pattern. This pattern originates from this shaman’s mother’s side. The Clovis people were a mixture of Solutrean 1, 2s and Mexican Originals. The plant representation is from the Mexican Original side as the Solutreans were more “technical” in nature. The center object is a worn and broken Clovis point.

 This cache was created by a female shaman that was enquiring back in time to her forefathers – downward work into denser past realities. She was looking for structural understandings of ancestral origins through the connections of her forefathers. This was an extremely deep journey into time frames utilizing the grid network of the universe as a focus and a path. She was also well versed in this work. The Clovis point is from a male forefather, of 2000 years prior to her. It was handed down to her from prior family shamans as ancestral property.  Her own father had incised the bottom stone with the cross grid pattern. The Stacked Cache was then: Mother – Father – Ancestor in the middle as the bridge. An easier method of going back into time is using an artifact of the period, in front of your shrine axis, and then focusing backwards to angles behind your energetic orb (show in diagram below). 

Source: pages/2003septembergaultengravstonepag2.htm

Mudra angles


You have your artifacts and your shrine is complete, but the effectiveness of this type of work is in understanding the mudra connections. The universal structure that surrounds your present self has a guideline to how effective or efficient the mudra is. To use mudras for effective connections to the appropriate sources one needs to know the angles and spatial quadrants associated with them. In the above diagrams I have shown what I have been taught. Standing or sitting in front of your shrine’s axis, focus your attention or travel (OBEs) towards the quadrant of choice. The angles of your “takeoff” are the key for effective results.

Spatial quadrants for mudras:

0 and forward is the Present with Past Present to left, Present Future to right. Behind you are the Past and this is towards what created you, your family DNA and so on. Spiritual levels behind you are upper quadrants, and biology in the lower quadrants.

The planes shown in the diagram are called Event Horizon Planes. In this work the horizontal planes and vertical planes are treated as layered events of creation. They are both called event horizons but they vary in angular degrees and thus energetic abilities or flavours. The planes are also layered to make up a complete cube structure. This is on the very basic level of the universal structure.  

When using these planes in a mudra have your palms open and facing the direction of connection. Placing one's arms straight out to the side will show the facing open palms connecting to a horizontal plane. See the planes as slices (slices of reality) as this is what my teachers call them. Rotating the palms will connect to a different layer or slice. Experiment with this in a meditative state observing the energy differences in your palms. The knowledge of the planes or slices is a very important aspect of this type of work.






Below are Horizontal Plane Mudra connections used by the ancient ones. 

Ancient mudras

For the complete understanding of angles and energy flow see:

The Schematic of Time and Ancient Sacred Sites

Science is discovering these angles

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Some interesting notes form my past sessions.


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