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1st Level:

                  Drugs, drums, rattle, and voice activation to connect.   


2nd Level:

                  Stone, feathers, plant material, and vibration flavours.

3rd Level:

                  Sacred Sites, Chukchi; Direction Gods.

                  Mudras, crystals, and angular connectors.

4th Level:

                  The Shamanic Shrine.

 5th Level:

                  The Jinn


OBEs and Methods

An introduction

In my opinion the best sources to learn how to have an “OBE” (Out of Body Experience – a journey) is through the Monroe Institute’s teachings, Robert Bruce’s instructions, or the drumming methods taught by the shaman Michael Harner or his satellite teachers. Between these professional systems a person can find at least one method that will resonate with them. For Remote Viewing I would recommend:


Major Dames -

Paul Smith -

Russell Targ –

Ingo Swann -

Monroe Institute -


As said prior, I will not repeat what others have already taught but I will introduce more specifics for dialling into the realms of the past and its personalities. As you can imagine there has to be a co-creation here as nothing in the universe is a singular motion. Balance must be part of every universal flow, and in this case we are richer from the contact experience as the past is for its future experience. When connecting to the past and the resident individuals’ assonated there, be it spiritual or physical, one must understand that they too are experiencing your connection. This experience could take place in as many ways as there are individuals with whom to make contact. This includes perceiving you - one way or another, crossing paths in time journeys, and even in the dream state.

One of the most important things to remember when doing this work is cleanliness and the need to eliminate any sticky vibration that is not ours. This includes the energies that we collect during our day from others to artificial smells like strong smelling shampoos and hair conditioners. This sounds like a typical New Age belief system but it is not, as many shamans in the past also understood the preference from the other side. A clean energetic body helps in this work. It will not stop the process, but purity of vibration is an advantage. A shower cleans the energy of the day away just as Sweat Lodges have a purpose if a ritual bath is not possible. (There is more to a Sweat Lodge than this, but that is for another time.)


Description by Edward S. Curtis: The subject of this plate is a female shaman of the Clayoquot tribe. The ceremonial washing of shamans is much like that of whalers and other hunters, consisting mainly of sitting or standing in water and rubbing the body with hemlock sprigs in order to remove all earthly taint, which would offend the supernatural powers. 1915 - 1916




Methods to Strengthen a Shamanic Journey


First Level


Animal Form:

Many advanced shamans experience a transformation into animal form to do their work. The experience is so real there would be no benefit in trying to convince them otherwise. The more grounded we are in the physical the more we will have a tendency to need physical reality symbols to assist with the experience. This is because to some, the OBE experiences does not correspond to how they see the physical world. So if we find ourselves flying in a journey (knowing full well we don’t have feathers) some of us prefer to create the mechanism that is capable of flight, and that is a bird. They will either co-create with a living one (melding consciousnesses) or see ourselves turn into one. This is completely real for those that have the ability to go Out of Body and still need to be attached to the physical world. There is also nothing wrong with this as it is just an expression, like everything else in life.

All material has a vibrational flavour that is very specific to the form regardless of how similar the forms may look. To use different materials as tools, you first have to be accomplished at sensing their energy and vibrational level. Connecting to a feather is connecting to the bird’s spiritual vibration and its abilities to create physical flight in this reality. This is a powerful way to connect to the bird’s conscious ability to soar (starts in nonphysical) for there are no boundaries to conscious connections, unless the difference is extreme. In this case the connection will be limited in its experience. Connecting to this level of spirituality becomes an individual experience for we are working on levels outside the physical. This is also why shamans and the ancients wore feathers and other animal parts, as these are energetic keys to unlock doors and avenues into awareness levels not possessed by humans.

Connecting to any animal through its spiritual aspect is also a channel into its strengths and as explained earlier, after all this is the realm that gives birth to its physical form. This is understood by all shamans in past and present cultures as the animal’s strength and power can be adopted, in nonphysical levels. As shamans we can use this knowledge to advance our abilities. This includes connecting to the one of the lowest vibratory worlds of the snake vibration. This level is a step away from the Dorajuadoik and the answer to why some cultures saw the snake as a symbol of power.  

One final note; the lowest levels of vibration are not what the Christians understand as the Devil, for there is no such thing as the Devil or the sin associated with it, at least not until it was invented by humanity! The Devil like some “species” of aliens are subconscious constructs of human consciousness in mass (a global human archetypical creation). This is a very real construct but has no validity for those that are not feeding from this supported creation. It is similar to many past “Gods” created by ancient cultures. These Gods did exist and were not just statues on alters. For these people the Gods did have power as they were allowed this power by the ones that supported belief in them. This power is the power of the human consciousness in mass numbers (in this reality we are gods). These god constructs are still out there in the ethers, but with little to no support there are no entry portales into this reality.  

The shamanic world is not just a state of being open to everything, it is the ability to recognize the existence of all creation and to accept and respect it.

Drugs – Some shamans use drugs to aid their abilities into deeper journeys. From what I have been taught, this is mainly a benefit for those that need control in their lives. Without getting into the heath issues and legalities of the subject I can pass on what else has been taught to me.  

Teachings from the physical level; one of the most respected teachers I have had explained to me that in his culture’s beliefs “Drugs are only to be used for spiritual work and never for recreational use”. From his ancient cultural roots, his teachings accepted all drugs that were from nature (no artificial or man made kinds). These teachings showed him that it was disrespectful to use a gift from nature for entertainment purposes. Natural drugs are in every environment if you know what to look for. They were available to all ancient ones as each local area’s substance would have its specific vibrational connection to all life in the surrounding environment, including resident humans. Morning Glory, Peyote, Ayahuasca, Acorus Calamus (Sweetflag), certain mushrooms, and so on are all natural drugs that will have their own specific vibration and enter/exit avenues within that local environment.

On the nonphysical levels of teaching: Shamans that use or need drugs to assist them in their journeys will be limited to the vibration of the drug itself. Although it is true that one drug may be of a higher vibration than another it is also true that a drug will have slightly different effects on different individuals. The fact is, individual shamans will also have different vibratory levels in this physical plane. My reference to drugs is strictly with natural or plant hallucinogens. It is not commonly known, even in the metaphysical world, but plants like humans can be of different vibrational levels. There are individual plants (I’m not referring to species here) that are of a higher vibration than some humans. There are also parts of every plant that vibrate at different levels. The compounds that result in hallucinogenic effects in the humans are of these higher vibrations. All of this is relevant to the individuals vibratory level, and that of the vibrational level of the drug itself. Their vibration co-mixes with the vibration of the plant hallucinogen. With some people this can also lower their vibration, giving way to unpleasant experiences.

 Compounding this with individual fears and beliefs it gets very complicated but very diverse. Every person has a different level of vibration. But this can also vary throughout their individual lives, and at times throughout the year, even during a single day. Enhancing an individual OBE experience with a drug can go in either direction. The drug will always be a temporary rise or lowering, for to completely maintain a vibrational level you must become it.

An individual’s vibration is a combination of their earthly physical form and their spiritual “soul source”. What the drug will do is magnify the expression of the individual’s vibration, fears, beliefs and needs (conscious or not). This also happens in the nonphysical realities without drug induction. In the physical you create the world you know. In the non-physical realms you create it without time, so your fears will be manifested immediately, but the combination of the two can run wild in any direction. Harmonic resonance maintains individual realties into their respected vibrational states. This is part of the universal “filter system”, that keeps without divine impute, people to their individual experiential levels, no matter what dimension they journey into.

Each dimension will have its own spectrum of vibrational levels that compose that individual level or dimension. But if the specific dimension’s lowest vibrational layer is still too high for you, then you will not be able to resonate with it. You may experience a brief “visit”, which is exactly what happens with many profound mystical experiences. They are usually one of a kind and cannot be maintained or held because the individual can’t sustain a vibration that is not them. So how do I manage to journey into vibrational fields that I cannot come close to in this human conscious form? It is very simple and yet takes many years to complete. By completion I mean a balanced state of being. To arrive at a balanced state takes years of personal “housecleaning” and reorganizing of your beliefs. Housecleaning is clearing all that is in conflict, with expectations, fears, past hurts, and so on all acting on your vibrational field to keep it in a lower state. It is a huge topic and there are many self-help books on the market, but I think you get the picture. As you get closer to clearing all from this life you will inevitably start to stray into prior lives and levels for more clearing. With each level cleared a new level of connection will be gained and a new sustained higher vibration.

Voice: “Oming”, singing, and chanting. The Apache shaman-chief Geronimo once proclaimed: “As I sing, I go through the air to a holy place where Yusun the supreme being will give me power to do wonderful things. I am surrounded by little clouds, and as I go through the air I change, becoming spirit only”. Oming is also one of the important parts in initiating an OBE in the Monroe Institute system. It creates a harmonic that resonates through the upper plate to the sphenoid which houses the “Blue Orb” (one of the portales into the spiritual realms) - (I would like to place more information about this on the site, maybe at a later date).


Music or sound: This is one of the easiest ways to connect. Drumming at a beat of 4 – 7 cycles per/second (Shamanic method) will resonate to our theta brainwave rhythm that is associated with hypnotic imagery, trance, and shallow dream state.

The scientific method developed by the Monroe Institute uses sound in a different matter to achieve the same results, below is their statement of this method:

“The sensation of auditory binaural beats occurs when two coherent sounds of nearly similar frequencies are presented one to each ear with stereo headphones or speakers. The brain integrates the two signals, producing a sensation of a third sound called the binaural beat. Binaural beats originate in the brainstem’s superior olivary nucleus, the site of contralateral integration of auditory input. The binaural beat is neurologically conveyed to the reticular formation which uses neurotransmitters to initiate changes in brainwave activity”.

 Website - 

I also use non Hemi Sync music to help me connect to other realms. There will be more on my method further in this website.


Second Level

Stone: One of the best carriers or “storage containers” of energy and information and is too huge of a topic to get into at this time. Basically it is the first vibrational foundation of Earth physical reality. At this level, physical reality takes form (see “Schematic of God” book for more).      

The more quartz content (silica dioxide) the better the “memory”. The old North American shamans called rock the “History Keepers”. 

Feathers:  An ancient travel method. Probably all ancient shamans used the feather method to transform into fight. Feathers open up the crown chakra and give flight to 3rd eye vision when intent is given. Some shamans used combinations like the Japanese shamans with cap of Eagle and Owl feathers and a cloak stuffed with snakes.

Used in the beginning of a journey they can produce amazing experiences. By connecting to the feather’s energy as we leave our body we can produce experiences that have no limitations!

Snake:  The closest physical complex life form that is connected spiritually to the Dorajuadoik, the essence of lower connection to earth reality on that level, the beginning of life (see symbolism in Adam and Eve story).

Plant Material: Can help us link into different vibrations of the Earth consciousness, be it lower or higher vibrational levels. We don’t need the whole tree or plant for just a small piece of it will connect us to its essence. Predominate plant forms for shamanic work are trees, Sage, and Sweet grass as they are well known for their properties.


Third Level


Crystals: All crystals have a directional matrix flow of energy. Each matrix in the crystal is either aligned to the 0 or the 180 degree aspect of its axis and that of the Earth’s axis. The secondary angles of the axis determine what energy angular connections are possible to specific experiences. I will try to add more at a later date but remember they too are rocks in focused states of physical. Below are some excellent forms of crystal shapes that produce incredible results. The triangle crystals are excellent “binoculars” into lower or upper reality levels (used over the 3rd and, 5th, and 7th chakra). Quartz is the best for general research as the ancient shamans also understood this and used them for their work. Hold the crystal or crystals in hand or in front of the chakras that are being worked with. Also experiment facing different directions or angles when doing this work, as it is the angle of energy connection that is the secret.  

Crystal angles

Notes from a session: Rubbing a crystal over palms – it is “stimulating” chakra activation but more important it is exchanging energy with you – your energy is entering into it, as it is a window –YES all crystals are windows and the vibration of the crystal is not the means, but is a vibrational level that the crystal is aligned with – in other words the crystal is a window into other realities and dimensions. Its vibration, with yours will determine what levels and realties. The chakras are always completely open it is only a perception of focus that doesn’t see or feel this. They have to be open as you would not get the energy currents you need other wise. No such thing as a closed chakra!



Cache Blades and Discoidals:  The ancient shamans used stone in sculptured designed forms to enhance their visions (similar to the crystal effect). This include wrapping a Discoidal within ones hair to keep it attached to the 7th chakra. The Discoidals were designed in different shapes for different levels of shamans (see pictures below). This knowledge was not for the general populace as it was guarded among the best shamans, like most of their other understandings. There were many secret societies in North American cultures that will never come to light. A good example of this was witnessed by an early eastern European explorer. While visiting an Eastern native village he witnessed how the general members of the tribe coped with an unfamiliar shamanic tool (in this case a Discoidal). These inexperienced natives were using the Discoidals as targets or gaming piece to shoot arrows at.

Within the same theme as the Discoidal is another use for Cache Blades. They can also be used to enhance vision of the eyes and vision chakras (similar to crystals). By holding a Cache Blade between the fingers of both hands in front of an “eye”, whether it is the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, or 7th chakra one can see into other ancient specific realities with much more clarity. The Eye of Horus is the same representation of this mudra. (see Page 17 for more information)

Discoidal hair

Ancient Mudras
See page 17 for understandings of the above mudras.

Also see Olmec mirrors

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