Tie Creek - Three Communicators
Tie Creek Site, Manitoba, Canada - Three Communicators - Sept. 1999

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Combinations: After getting acquainted with any or all the above start using them in combinations. Don’t do this intellectually but allow intuition or guidance to show you the right combinations for the journey or vision quest. Using combinations will create different vibratory levels as they combine their energies with yours.  

Cache Vortexes:  An excellent method of increasing your abilities and strengths is to place your artifacts and tools together into piles of similar abilities. This can only be accomplished through guidance. These artifact piles are called Cache Vortexes and range from Earth energy to the highest and lowest vibrations. Some of the Cache pile vortex energy can be titled under their abilities such as; Personal Vortex, Spiritual Vortex, Technology Vortex, High Vibration Vortex, Low Vibrational Vortex, and so on. Our guides will tell us what required needs we have by the type of vibrational ability being collected into piles.

The described method is to place them in their specific piles in front of your body during a work session. Try this by placing them on the table in front of you prior to your next journey or energy work session. Ask your question; you will be guided to hold one or more hands over the vortex piles that are related to the question. The information will come or you will be taken to the specific source of it. Once the vortex pile energies have integrated, the vortex’s power can be maintained by only having one or two artifacts left in place, this can be likened to the seed retaining the tree. This also frees up the other involved artifacts for more work outside of these main vortexes. As time goes on you will discover many more vortex energies and purposes. Having these artifacts from the original vortexes will bring into these newly created ones their original vortex energy.

One of the easiest vortexes to create is the Earth Vortex for little guidance is needed. All that is required here is a collection of stones from sacred sites. You should never take a stone from the site itself for all that is required is one from just outside of the site. The stone will still retain the vibration of the sacred site’s vortex as vortex energy is in an ever increasing spiral inward and outward from its center.  So using a stone from outside of the site is retaining site energy without destroying the site itself.  

The practice of adding stones to create more powerful vortex connections can be observed in many ancient Medicine Wheels across North America. Stones were brought form other sacred areas over the years and added to the center of the Medicine Wheel. This created a very powerful vortex as it represented many sites within the shaman’s reach. With this established a shaman only needed to be at one of the sites to connect energetically with all of them. Sacred sites were created by shaman and it would be foolish to think one could understand their purpose outside of this shamanic practice. 

Lake of the Woods Vortex
Earth vortex energy can even effect the shape of the surface as seen in a 25 mile Lake of the Woods Vortex. The edge of the opposite flow vortex is to the right of it.



Communicators and Translators: The artifacts have another property that is probably the most important aspect of all. Some artifacts will have abilities that shine in certain directions. This more than likely originates from the one that created it or from their essence, the spiritual level. You will notice or be told that one or more will have the ability to connect easier to different realities than the others, as some are better at translating the connection into modern consciousness. These types of tools are called Communicators and Translators, with each one having strengths in certain fields. A Translator could be called a Teacher while a Communicator can be a Guide into realities you would not normally be able to reach. Translators are ones that speak all languages, this includes non-sentient language like stone, organic material, water, or anything else in this reality. They speak all languages of spirit and thus are the ones that can bridge. They find you – if you are looking! My most powerful one, a Pinto Basin point, came to me in a very vivid dream. After that the search was on until I found it on E-Bay. It was easy to recognize for it was identical in every way except in my dream it was proportionally much larger than my “dream body” (three feet tall - see illustration below of my dream vision). The more you work with artifacts you will notice that the bulk of them don’t have any special designation. These are referred to as Story Tellers and they can be just as valuable, for we are all want to hear their story!

 Pinto Basin Dream Vision
Pinto Basin point dream vision



Fourth Level

Shrines: This level is very complicated to explain without prior understanding of the energy angles and universal energy connections. Shrines and their designs use the same connective energy angles that all ancient sites used. This includes the Mayan, Egyptian, Hopewell structures, pyramids, buildings, stonehenges, and even the Nazca Lines. These buildings and pyramids have very little to do with astronomical alignments. Unfortunately the explanation for these sites and their angular placements would take an entire book to explain so for now I can only mention the importance of this level. One further note; as far as Archaeoastronomy goes, there will never be any true answers found in this direction. This is unfortunate considering the amount of effort that has been put into this illusory field.

Below is a picture of some of my working shrines. These shrines are not designed by me or by my intellect. During your session (with a table in front of you) allow the guides to position the artifacts and other objects. They know the proper angles even if we don’t. This method has been in practice since the first shaman, as a power source. The design can last for days or months. It all depends on what we are working on and the speed of integration. Again, they will guide you when it is time to dismantle the shrine and create another one.   

Two of my past working Shrines

90% of the information on this website was obtained with a combination of shrine and mudra. The method performs like a focused “steering wheel” for OBE’s and Remote Viewing.

Please check out Page 17 : how to work with your shrine - see link below:


Shrines, Caches, and Medicine Bags – Powerful Tools


Also see: The Schematic of Time and Ancient Sites




Fifth Level

The Jinn (Djinn):

There are 360 of them (degrees in the orb) and in three varying levels.  The ultimate source of power in the physical reality. Unfortunately it is beyond the scope of this website…...but contact with them is achievable.






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