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There are many that would say purchasing artifacts only encourages looting of sites. For others it is deemed disrespectful towards the ones that created them (the ancestors) - nothing could be farther from the truth. Unfortunately sites have and will always be looted just as other things in our society are taken advantage of by those whose greed supersedes their moral obligations. If you are truly in touch with the ancient ones it doesn’t take long to find out their attitude on this subject. On spiritual levels they are well aware of the need to teach the old ways as well as participate in healing this modern culture. I can understand that if you don’t know how to connect to these artifacts you would develop an attitude of distrust and distain for their perceived disturbance. The truth is there is no better source of information other than being in the past itself. All artifacts and ancient sites have latent imprinted energies that are there for those that are interested.

As you can imagine it is not that easy locating artifacts for this shamanic work as most are in museums and private collections, which are limited to only a few privileged researchers. The definition of these researchers would be those that fit into the accepted paradigm of the academic belief system. Personally I have no need to collect for the sake of having a collection (it has a flavour of bragging rights to it). When starting off with this method of research we need the physical artifact as an introduction, a handshake you could say, but after working with them for a period they are known to us on many levels. Remember the connection will never be lost, it is there for life for these connections are not physical in the first place.

From what I have been shown and taught (by the past teachers) the insult to them is the hiding of these precious creations, be it in museum drawers or having them reburied. Connecting to these past people through shamanic work is priceless and necessary for some cultural groups as they hold the energy patterns of the past and the balance of the future.

Ancient sites, stone circles (Medicine Wheels) are also excellent tools for they too are teaching centers for those who want to listen. The original energy and teachings are still there just like the original hard drive information is still there on your old Pentium 1 computer, even if the information has been erased. Both may be dated information but if you know how to access this so called lost information, it is still available. Retrieving the old information from the computer or in this case the ancient site still requires the old operating system to make the translation possible. You cannot learn the ancient ways from modern teachers no matter how bright or educated they are. That includes the teachings of European “exposed” elders, going back 100 years or more. We are all familiar with the history of a couple of hundred years of European influence and interference. To go further with this; the elders of a few hundred years ago would not know the ones from thousands years prior. An example of this can be found in the documented diaries of the first explorer’s inquires into what the stone circles were. The answer they receive from the local populations were “We don’t know they were there before our time”.  

We can use both types of tools (artifacts and sites) to contact the originators or creators personalities or their spiritual essence, for time doesn’t exist on these spiritual levels. For the channeller, physic, or shaman, using the new tools on this website, can produce extremely valuable information for us. An artifact can tell an experienced researcher the spiritual desires in the creator, what time period it is from, the cultural aspects, and the personal hopes and fears of the individual that created it (all depends on your interest). The information I have received from my temporary collection is so vast that I will never get around to publishing most of it. The information also goes into areas that are not currently “politically” accepted (another reason to stay silent). 

I call it my temporary collection for 90% of the artifacts (purchased on E-Bay) will probably be returned to the same source from where they came (without prejudice). My plan is to first offer them to people that find this website. That is if they have the interest in trying to use them. Those that are not purchased on this website will end up back on E-Bay.

When purchasing an artifact I tend to stay with stone. “Stone is the recorder of history”, as the old Native Shamans would say. Quartz is one of the best for recording as this material can be found in almost all stone tools as silica dioxide. Ceramic or pottery might be another avenue for you but it is even more impossible to get true artifacts. The best way would be to purchase from a well known reputable dealer or just obtain broken pieces like potsherds. Again there is little profit in creating broken potsherds and the same rules apply; all you need is one piece. It doesn’t have to be the whole object. Some believe that 90% of the ceramics on E-Bay are recent forgeries from third world countries. It is so bad that the fakes have worked themselves into the professional collections and museums of the world. Forging artifacts started over a hundred years ago, so even if they have an old appearance it doesn’t guarantee antiquity.

I also try to obtain tools rather than personal objects like beads and other adornments. My personal feelings on items (other than tools) are their initial purpose, that being from a different perspective of life and culture in general. In my reasoning, personal adornment is a complement to ones emotional self and/or the establishment of social status. I prefer tools for they are objects that are used to support life rather than dressing it up for the personal expression.

Due to the many reproductions for sale, we need to have some knowledge of these tools. This can take years to learn, for it generally requires experience at seeing and handling them. There are two ways you can circumnavigate the possibility of purchasing fakes. The easiest would be to acquire artifacts that I have up on this website for I guarantee that they are originals. I cannot guarantee that everyone can connect with them the same way I have experienced but what I can say is the results will be varied due to the infinite differences in all of us. This is why I would like to try to give some of them a small introduction without pre-programming the purchaser’s own experiences. The purpose of this website is to teach and not as a profit avenue. I could just as easily put them back on E Bay and sell them. This would mean that they would be placed into the hands of collectors, not my ideal of sharing knowledge.

The second and most valuable way is to use dowsing rods, as this method should be used regardless of where you purchase them. This includes the ones on this site. I will give some basic dowsing instructions at the bottom of this page. Dowsing can bypass our intellect and the visual stimulus that draw an object to us, without realizing the value of it until the work is done. Sometimes the most unappealing broken ones turn out to be the best teachers. I have personally purchased artifacts that produced no teachings for me while intellectually they should have great potential. Only the higher aspects of us really knows the best for our current or future needs.

Remember when choosing an artifact, it may be unrelated to our present life but still have great influence here. We might still be healing our personal past or a past aspect of us that has balancing or shareable energies for us. It may be for our present balance or a preparation for a future cycle we are about to enter. On top of this it could be based on emotional, intellectual, spiritual or physical needs. You see there are too many variables, as our intellect is the poorest “steering wheel” here is for this work.

Start intellectually by determining your budget and then which ones you think you need based on desired interests of cultural age or area of origin. Open up as many Browser tabs (pages) as needed for each artifact of interest. Starting at one page with rods in hand, ask if this artifact would be of great learning or teaching for you. You may also simply ask if you should purchase this one. The rods will tell you or they may be silent (no movement). Go to the next page and repeat until you have gone through the ones you have chosen. If you received nothing from your selection, repeat it a few days later as we will work on many levels and even during our sleep state. If there is nothing on this site try E-Bay.  If you are not certain about the authenticity of the article you can always e-mail me with a direct link to the artifact and I may be able to give some guidance. I can also give you some tricks on how to compete with the professional buyers (a method to saving money). Below are some links to websites that offer advice on avoiding fakes. Remember, use the dowsing rods. They are an excellent guide for what a person really needs.

One final note; if you are having trouble connecting to an artifact there are a couple of reasons to consider.


Reasons for not Connecting

#1 – A person is not ready – this can be similar to visiting an ancient site, it is just a matter of introduction. By this I mean assimilating the artifact vibrational level. This vibrational level could be higher, lower, or just different from yours. The best way is to give it time. This could be a few days to a few months. I have artifacts that I have just connected to after having them for a couple of years and this brings us to the second reason.

#2 – We connect to all vibrations through our conscious interest and desires. If you are not researching the subject matter that assonated with this artifact then the connection will not happen until you are in need of this information.

Some helpful links:






Dowsing – A Method of Guaranteed Purpose

Dowsing is the best way to determine the right artifacts to acquire. As outlined with the basic shamanic work there is no room here for teaching dowsing as there are many sources for this learning. I personally use two 90 degree wires (from coat hangers) with two old ballpoint pen tubes as a holder. Use the factory cut end of the tube as the upward rod shoulder. You can also use a pendulum but I find it too slow as I need confirmation faster flipping through website pages of artifacts. Before starting, state your confirmation on rod movement. This is in the form of indicating what rod actions or directions will indicate what is being communicated. By assigning different movements to mean certain interpretations, clarity can be assured. Determine what directions and movement mean; yes, no, future, past learning, great benefits, and so on.

By stating what movement indicates which answers are being communicated, it eliminates all the confusion between you and the rods. Generally, if rods move inward towards your chest that is a conformation of Yes (pointing to you). If they both move outward in opposite directions they are saying No (not part of you). If one moves outward and the other follows in this direction it is showing the connection the artifact has or is flowing to. Pointing to the left is Past, to the right Future. One of the best ways to determine a copy is to begin the session with the question: Is this one older than 1000 years, or 5000, or 10,000 years and so on. This method will also give you a heads up on the culture with which you are dealing. After the time period has been determined you can start with personal value. Remember, general questions will produce general answers and general results!


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