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Bloodlines and Cultures

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The truth is that all human species and subspecies are designed in the spiritual levels first. As a group they incarnate into this reality and in many seemingly different cultures, but they still can be from the same “Family Species.

There needs to be a redefined understanding of species (the source) before any connection can be made from one culture to another. Chemical analysis of the physical DNA is a start but chemistry maps cannot define the source of design.  

(Although 2 physical DNA helixes of the 12 can show some differences between human groups, it is conscious levels of awareness that determines the family’s line and its level of creativity – Soul Group origin.)


An Introduction to the Families

The debate of where the first Americans came from will never end simply because most of the relevant evidence is under West Coast water in scattered small numbered sites. This hot debate amongst scientists will endure into the next century as questions to how, where, when, and in how many migrations it took will never be found in physical evidence. The work I have done has shed a lot of information on this topic. I will present some of what has been shown and taught by the ones that lived in these past times.

First of all, many of the models of the land masses and glaciations are not accurate. There are many reasons for this but rather than getting into it, I have chosen some “closer to the true” arguments that some researchers have made. This is simply to establish the uncertainty of the experts and that there is room for improvement. The truth is that humanity has been on this side of the Atlantic for over 200,000 years but that is another topic. (A topic that came be witnessed in the Valsequillo site -


Teachings are in agreement with these researchers: extra non shamanic reading

“Goebel (1999:224) presents a hypotheses for the peopling of Beringia ( the Bearing Strait bridge) and the Americas in two separate times, one via the mammoth steppe before the last glacial maximum 25,000 to 20,000 years ago, and the other during the last glacial maximum 14,000 to 12,000 years ago. Evidence in Siberia also supports the view that around 25,000 years ago humans equipped with blade and biface technology moved onto the mammoth steppe in Siberia, an environment that extended to far eastern Beringia (Goebel 1999:224).”

“Derevianko (1978:70) states that the most favorable time for the penetration of man into America via Beringia was between 28,000 and 20,000 years ago. Derevianko (1978:70) also proposes several distinct migrations into America from Asia while acknowledging the probability that sites on the two continents are not likely to have full coincidence in forms and techniques of tool making.”  

  - Yes different environments (climate and food sources) will create change in lithic (stone tools) styles. Does this mean the culture or the group of people are not the same ones anymore? Of course not but current sciences would have us believes this based solely on what ancient remains are left.

Rogers et al. (1992:281) writes "no plausible reason has ever been provided why these early populations would not have extended their range into the New World at least tens of thousands of years ago."

Added to the above comments are:

Extinct Eskimo settlements in far north Greenland evidence human ability, both biologically and in terms of cultural adaptation, to settle near the pole (and the risk of extinction in that environment) (Laughlin and Harper 1988:18). Human migration to North America was environmentally possible any time in the last 60,000 years, well within all current hypothetical timeframes (Fladmark 1983:41). However, environmental conditions have fluctuated dramatically during that timeframe. Paleoenvironment evidence indicates when the Bering land bridge existed and when glaciation was an obstacle.

Beringia was most extensive around 19,000 years ago (Laughlin and Harper 1988:24, Hoffecker, et al., 1993:46). The sea level, at that time, was 121 m (397 ft.) below the present day level (Hoffecker et al. 1993:46). The land bridge was open for all but a few thousand years between 30,000-25,000 and 10,000 years ago (Jennings 1978:3, Meltzer 1993:161). Coral reef analysis indicates that the sea level was 70 m lower 12,000 years ago (Hoffecker et al. 1993:46). Contemporary sea levels were established 6,000-5,000 years ago, the current general coastal form was established by 10,000 years ago, and the Bering land bridge was inundated after 14,000 years ago (Laughlin and Harper 1988:25), and possibly not until after 10,000 B.P. (Hoffecker et al. 1993:46). According to West (1996:551), the Bering land bridge was intact for over a millennia after the earliest dated sites in Alaska. Glacial maximums occurred around 14,000, 30,000, 42,000, and 55,000 years ago, with a land bridge available for periods of from about 5,000 to 10,000 years during each maximum (Hoffecker, et al., 1993:46, Jennings 1978:5, Meltzer 1995:37). There is little dispute about these ideas.

Debate continues about the extent of glaciation on the Pacific coast, the existence and utility of a corridor between the Cordilleran and Laurentine glaciers, and the degree to which glaciation posed an obstacle to migration. The Pacific coast may have been passable before and after glacial maximums. Fladmark (1983:38) suggests that the Mid-Wisconsinian nonglacial interval from 60,000 to 25,000 B.P. was a period when glaciation did not represent a significant barrier, and that the southern Cordilleran glaciers did not cover their final 100-200 km until between 17,000 and 14,500 B.P. Fladmark (1983:38) also posits that a chain of coastal islands, headlands, and uplands remained glacier-free, and that possible glacial barriers occurred only on the Alaska Peninsula. Fladmark (1983:41) concludes that the post-14,000 B.P. period, with climate milder than in the previous 40,000 years.

The latest results have proved that there was No Ice Free Corridor for migrations into North America from Siberia to Alaska in the last 25,000 years. See:  for more information on the Ice Free Corridor.

As you can see science has its hands full and the truth is they will never be able to produce the complete picture. Along with the scientific information you have other varied interest groups, all their own agendas that range from pseudoscientific, native legends, and New Age fields. I will not entertain any of these fields simply because I need to remain pure to what I have been taught. I found out many years ago that if you try to correlate your research with others it ends up being a watered down version of what the true teachings could have been. Bottom line is; I just want to know what and how it all happened and there are no solutions on the horizon so I had to develop my own method of exploring the past. The only way that this can be accomplished is to go back or to make contact with the past. Everything I have been shown and taught is from the “horse’s mouth” and has not been embellished in anyway or for anyone’s sake. The information on this website has no political, religious, scientific, or self-serving intents; it is as I have been shown. I also don’t care or have any interest in the argument of what color skin these people of the past had. This topic is for the simple minded ones that cannot see past their present fragile existence. If these people and science in general only knew, the topic would cease to exist. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about we only have to look at ancestral worship. It is an enigma for modern science to full grasp why someone put so much importance in honouring their ancestors. Well frankly it is because these ancestors are us. Every past life you lives on Earth plane is in you DNA and will always be there even into your next lifetime. Ancient people are far more connected to this understanding and honouring these past ancestors is honouring yourself. All the lesions learnt in a lifetime are still in you and can be accessed. We are a compilations of our lesions. Asking for help form our ancestors is asking ourselves permission to remember these lesions and the past knowledge.  Past knowledge was lost due to a disconnect in this spiritual awareness. When humans place intelligence above spiritual awareness they disconnect from the main “hard drive” of our server. In other words by connecting to the small floppy drive we call this life we are operating in this limited resource.  

You never have to learn anything spiritually since it is accumulative. In other words it stays with you lifetime after lifetime.  All you have to do is accesses or open up you internal hard drive  with intent and you can access all the ancient wisdom that you have accumulated. The Earth grids is part of this structure and it is also the wiring to your and humanities hard drive. Connecting to the wiring or grid is plugging into all that is and will be known.


We Are Many Families


One of the most interesting topics to which I have been introduced is the difference in human design. Our present societies don’t want to deal with the topic nor is it presently acceptable but there are differences in the human race that can be called separate “subspecies”.  NO species or subspecies is better or more desirable than the other. This analogy could be applied with judging the difference between the cat family members. The lion, jaguar, lynx, and so on are all members of the cat family but are in themselves different aspects of the family and of equal value and strengths with their own uniqueness. I would prefer to omit this part of the teachings but for advanced shamans there needs to be an introduction to the topic of families so they may understand the dynamics of physical relationships and spirituality. When doing this work you come across certain statements that are made to you. Without understanding what the reference is, the confusion can lead the shaman to interpret information through their own personal belief systems. Interpreting through ones beliefs will enviably end up in half truths and more confusion. Many, if not most past mystics have shown their cultural filter systems at work in their teachings, which in my mind renders their information useless. Understanding the language is the only way to see the larger pictures and the complete understandings.

Shamanic work can lead to many varied roads, and one of the roads concerns humanities’ connection to one another and the fact that we all have our turn at being born into all the different human families. This means being born in one race is not the end for we must also experience the other “main races” to have a complete understanding of the human experience. The reason is simple, on a spiritual level we need to create balance within any given expression. From the completion of an expression (in this case human) we are drawn to continue on with our evolution, which includes evolving out of the human experience all together. When we finally see the larger picture we also understand there is no need for racism and prejudice as the very ones we ridicule will probably be us very soon. It can get very complex for there are many people today that are part of a race but are not from the races “spiritual root origin”. This is a massive subject and somewhat out of context with this website’s function. There are also times when some things are better left out of the public’s knowledge, at least until the general understanding has evolved enough to be accepted without delineating better or worse values in order to make sense of it all.  

On the other side of physical these teachers prefer to call the different human groups or subspecies as families. In fact the word species should be mothballed as it served an old hate paradigm and will have little value in the future along with the prejudices of the last few centuries.  

The research from Valsequillo, Mexico archaeological site has shown how spread the human race was in extreme antiquity. (Science has not fully acknowledged this.) Before the last ice age the North American continent was populated by what the other side calls an “Original Family” (Africa and Europe had their own Originals – Acheulean time period). This family had colonized the central Mexican area for a hundred thousand plus years. This was prior to any migration of newer families from Asia and Europe. As time went on this Original family broke up into many subgroups that migrated south into South America and north into what is now the US and Canada. These migrations extended as far north as the Great Lakes (the lakes didn’t exist at that pre glacial time) and along the Eastern Seaboard.  Although they were well established they were not of great numbers and with the last glacial period and following Great Lakes their presence has been erased. A possible exception is the Sheguiandah Site near Lake Huron.

If archaeology is to find these groups they first have to wrestle with the idea of looking for them in the first place. This might seem like a ridiculous statement but all you need to do is read the ongoing arguments about “Clovis First”. There are the brilliant archaeologists like Dennis Stanford and Bruce Bradley, but on the other side of the argument you will find the ones that do not want to know the truth. These Original’s offspring did eventually come in contact with the new groups migrating into North America which in turn gave rise to more cultural diversity. In other words this contact led to a mixing of the families and eventually the complexity of today’s pre-European North American populations.

When talking about a thousand years we have a tendency to skip through it in conversation as if it was yesterday and completely understood. The truth is, it is hard for anyone to imagine a few hundred years ago, so when given a sum of ten thousand years or more, it is not consciously possible to fathom this on any level other than the comment itself. Interestingly there are legends in some native cultures that refer to their past origins in North America as being the original race. This could be more truth than is presently accepted as we have not yet defined “original”.  

My teachings agree with archaeology when it mentions there were coastal people (boat people) and land people (foot migrations). Of the four big migrating groups there were two “land people”, groups that came overland into the new world but later than the boat people. The boat people came in two big waves separated by a couple thousand years. These two distinct groups were from a single family that originated in the Caucasus Mountain and Caspian Sea area. They were originally from a family known today as the Solutreans, but what is not known is that they existed long before the recognized Solutrean culture.  They broke up from a single family thousands of years prior with a group migrating to the land known today as France and Spain (our recognized Solutrean group). The main or original home group stayed behind only to migrate separately on its own a few thousand years later. This original Solutrean group ended up on the west coast of North America. The separation of the two groups led to differences and animosity between them as they both eventually ended up in North America. In other words, they were ancient enemies, a state that still has an unrecognized hold on some of the native people of today. There is much more to this story but for now it is enough to show how far back issues can go and why connecting to the past must be done. This enemy base was created in Eastern Europe and in very distant past, 19,000 years ago and more. This emotion still lingers in time (locked in emotional DNA code levels) and there are even those in the past that I have connected to that will not help for these reasons. The Kennewick Man was from the second Solutrean group and many thousands years later.  One can almost liken it to a family fight of sorts, for these fights seem to hold more emotionally charged energy than any other!

Including the Originals, five main families eventually settled in North America with a few short lived outside groups intermixed with them. There were two groups that came out of Siberia as well as two along the coast. Below are maps and a chart that show the basics. In the chart you will see arrows pointing up, down, or sideways. These are indications of cross breeding between groups. The groups or families are from actual Soul Groups that have agreed to incarnate in the physical. As time progresses and Earth vibration shifts take place, many different Soul Groups become involved in the families. That is until the family finds itself in a balanced state of completion with the original design or desire. It is at this point of balance that the family is complete, with their purpose being fulfilled, the family “dies” off. In other words the family doesn’t make the next vibrational shift and the members (on soul levels) have moved on to other forms or families in the next shift. This is all very complicated and would take many pages to explain, so it is better left for a book.  

I have looked into the different families from the first modern humans and have found that it is easier to identify the differences between them as compared to say just the last 5000 years. As the families mixed creating larger populations they also become very mixed and diversified in spiritual origins and levels. This diversity becomes so complex that I have been told it is of no value in recording the movement of it.

The lasted scientific discoveries about prehistoric origins - pdf


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