Mesolithic figure from the former Yugoslavia 20,000 – 9,000 BP Real Time Date – 15,600. BP. This one taught me an incredible amount regarding the Jinn. The Jinn have been with humanity from the beginning. They are a very powerful source to acknowledge but in our modern world this subject is in its infancy.    












Pinto Basin point









This Pinto Basin point came to me in a dream were I was standing in complete blackness with this point hovering in front of me. I found the exact point that week on E- Bay. It has become my main connection to the North American past.







Angostura Point






This Angostura point introduced the knowledge that females in the Paleo times were also involved in some hunting and tool manufacturing.











This Cache Blade is the Translator between me and all the others. The turned down mouth of this beautiful individual is very common among the ancient shamans. I found direct connection to them also had this effect on me at the time.


Cache Blade








Motley point





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Inside every artifact is a consciousness that can speak to those that want to listen.

Below are some of the members of the Council of Stone. This council grew over a two year period to number in the hundreds. Each has its own strengths and its own understandings. Each member is a crucial part of the whole and all are equal in stature and rank in this council of time. The ones shown below are a small sample of artifact diversity. They also give an indication of the varieties of knowledge and powers that can be gleamed using this method.       (Picture above is a green obsidian point from Venezuela)

This Motley point was my introduction into the five main "families" that migrated to North America. the five "families"  (race types) as they call them are spiritual DNA families and their decedents can be followed across the continent. more will be said on this topic.  The picture inside the point is of Poverty Point and its significance in the story is great for one of the Eastern families.






Mayan point








This Mayan point was the introduction to new technologies that can be adapted to this modern culture.






Mesolithic Jinn
Redstone point
Kennewick point
This Redstone point is the oldest Eastern family I have contact with. Its true date (not scientific) is 13,300 years B.P. They were a mix of the North American Originals and the Solutrean 2 people.
This Kennewick point is my second oldest Western family member at 13,400 years B.P. There were two main western families that did not get along with each other, with origins back to pre migration times. The other family was from the Dyuktai/Cascade family.
Silver Lake point
This Jasper Silver Lake point is my oldest western point and my spiritual genetic beginning on this continent. It dates in true time at 20,000 years B.P.


































Oxbow Point



This Oxbow projectile point has the ability to co-create with others in the process of death. Because of its physical experience it is a great protector type.





Northern Side Notched - base - A very powerful healer.












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