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The Time Shaman

The purpose of this writing:

-To help create a modern shamanic prototype.

-To bring forward new understandings and tools for this field.

-To enhance the already known shamanic understandings.

-To provide researchers with new avenues to explore.

-To rediscover ancient technologies from the originators themselves.

I personally teach no philosophy, religion, or cultural belief system in this website. The purpose for this site is to introduce methods and tools for your own spiritual development regardless of the nature of it. We all have the ability to find our own answers to almost all our questions. These answers can be experienced or accessed through the multi dimensional universe.  The material in this site is not based on my theories or belief systems but it is the teachings of this multi dimensional universe. With all learned abilities the success you have with this material is based on three things. Your current vibrational state, your belief system (we all have one) and the most important thing; the amount of time you spend practicing the outlined methods.

All shamans understand that this is a self responsive universe and we can create anything we desire threw thought. There are two main things that participate in this creative ability.

 #1 The speed of the creation is also relevant our the level of vibration we are working in.

#2 The more service we are to others the more opportunities we receive. 

This might come as a surprise to many but we all have lived many lifetimes prior to this life. If you are a practicing shaman now I can guarantee you that you were one in the past. This also applies to modern cultural titles people assign to themselves. Today you can call yourself by many different names or titles but you are from the past and these titles did not exist then. Today we use cultural titles like priest, minister, rabbi, spiritual teacher, healer, and so on. These are all modern titles for what you were in the past; a shaman! Your interests today are a refection of your past teachings and purpose. You do not need to call yourself a shaman today but if you are reading this material I can assure you that you have a history from that direction.

The Shaman in Me

I’m a shaman, however I do not practise or instruct in what is typically expected of the popularized definition. In my esoteric world I’m referred to as a Millennium Keeper and belong to a very specialized shamanic group that works with time and the restoration of time period balancing (present with the past). I have performed the general duties of a shaman including the healing arts and teaching workshops, but these traditional roles have been substituted by my interest in pure research. This new field of shamanic research was initiated by the new tools and methods that I had acquired over the past few years. Generally, I am interested in finding answers to questions science alone will never be capable of acquiring. Along with the general shamanic practises, I have found a very complementary tool called Remote Viewing (a 14 year practise) which is limitless in its abilities. From the structure of an atom to journeying outside the known universe there is absolutely no limit. The boundaries are found only in one’s desire and within the amount of time spent practicing the skill. Although the years of experience in the healing arts as a Reiki Master and facilitator of Dimensional Healing (a higher vibrational modality than Reiki) I still find more excitement in discovery than in rebalancing energies. In my past workshops I focused on Dowsing and Sacred Site journeying using OBE journeys with either the Munroe Institute Hemi Sync© method or shamanic drumming. Through my work at the ancient sites, I have also been introduced to a valuable tool that uses Psychometrics as a method of focusing or dialing into the past with artifacts from their time space continuum.

For more about me see the book “The Schematic of God.” (This book can be downloaded free from this site).

This website is mainly directed to the practicing and experienced shaman, but that does not mean that novices or non-shamans cannot tap into the knowledge. Because this is directed to the practicing shaman some might find the material skipping ahead too swiftly with very little filling in the gaps. For those that want to fill in some of these informational gaps I will recommend good sources from credible teachers on a Link Page. My decision to keep the information down to new material only is based on my lack of time and abilities in writing and editing. With hundreds of pages now on hand and still so much new information coming in it is hard to keep up. With this in mind there is no room for me to repeat what others have already said.

I have also received hundreds of pages on universal and atomic structure, what time and space are, DNA structure, and ancient understandings. As a test pilot I have decided to place as much material on this site as I have time for, but if there is little interest in the material, I will shut down the site shortly after a few years of running. Ironically, I started out thinking people would be as excited as I was to receive new answers to eternal questions. This excitement soon changed as I discovered that the majority of the general public only wanted “newsstand” sized pieces of information. I also found that too much information is overload for most people. To honour my sources and the complexity of the information I need to draw a line somewhere and this line is interest based. If people are not ready for this information then I will remain silent! 

From what I have seen and read, there is absolutely no current scientific or cultural understanding available to us that will propel us out of this present state of resource wastefulness. From very bad initial research and understandings we have painted ourselves into a scientific and cultural corner with no horizon in sight. We have also found ourselves in a current state of mesmerized technological blindness where gadgets are the answer and pure science is accepted even if it is faulty. In other words, we must start from scratch and abandon all current foundational scientific understandings if we are to develop the new efficient technologies needed to help this world. The knowledge that I have been imparted with is so radically new that I wonder if it will be integrated into this generation. Perhaps it will be one or more into the future. With this in mind my intention is to plant “seeds” and show the tools for opening consciousness to new levels so others can continue this research and eventually create a new and balanced future for humanity.  


A message to archaeologists: I have had a lifetime interest in ancient history, especially North American prehistory. I have even had my own archeologically grant from the Canadian Federal Government. I didn’t continue with the field simply because there are few opportunities to make a living and raise a family. Decades ago, I came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter what level one achieves in the field there would never be answers to important questions such as who was part of North American’s first migrants. One of the main reasons for this is that most of the oldest sites are under coastal waters. Aside from that there are problems with academic understandings on where to look for these old sites, as they will not fit into conventional profiles. A few years ago I found myself frustrated with the slowness of discovery and the politics that hid information that was needed. My inquiring mind needed to know, but the truth is it will take many generations of field archaeologist to unravel the basics of the earliest time periods. 

The reason for this website is to offer answers to inquiring open minds (An open mind is essential if any discovery is to be made, regardless of the field of research). The answers for me were found in the shamanic studies and practises. Although this website is only an introduction to a small part of my research, it offers a first step to discovery. I’m not asking anyone in the field to change their theories or concepts, all I’m offering is a direction of where to look. You will inevitably have to make the discoveries to scientifically prove the case, as all my years of shamanic research in this topic will never be recognized.

All that is needed is an open mind, keep to yourself where the ideas came from, and a yearning to find these breakthroughs that are so needed!

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