The Stone Council of Time


Ancient knowledge is available for those that have the desire to learn. Time cycles and the creation of physical realities through angular energy awareness and structures have been part of many ancient cultures knowledge, one of the most interesting being the Maya. Many advanced cultures existed in the past along with smaller knowledgeable shamanic groups that were spread around the planet and throughout time. Through Psychometric application, I have been shown how to connect to these learned ones and to join them, in my present reality, to their past reality (my perspective of time). This can be done, as it has been done this way for tens of thousands of years by these groups.

Spanning thousands of years, many elite shamans have created groups that work together in different time continuums. In the past these gatherings were arranged at the sacred sites where the site became the inter-dimensional “boardrooms” for these advanced groups. Involving only the advanced shamans, in their selected common modalities, they became what are called on the “other side” The Councils. These individual councils took place whether they were there in the physical or not. Yearly astronomical cycle dates were used only to herald the gatherings during the year regardless of their geographical position or time period. The site’s alignment assured the appropriate times and Energy Angles were available (similar to telephone circuits) for the council’s sitting. This was all regardless of thousands of miles, years of separation, in an individual presence or in smaller groups. (This site connection is far more complex and informative than there is room for in this article.)

The exception happens when the cyclic intervals of Earth’s Progression create alignments that are askew to the energy flows. In other words, the site’s angular position on Earth would not be in alignment with the greater Energy Angles of the Solar System or the Universe. At this point greater links into time and space would be less efficient and clarity in communication between the council members would be lost.

Council members or councils could also be made up of shamans from one family group or DNA lineage. There were many different types of sites and needs. This includes ancestral lineage links to the past and future (each time period had an advanced shaman to draw on). In some cultures this family link was the most important creational thing in their reality. It was during these intervals of Earth Progression that the sites needed to be updated, or moved to the side a few degrees. Sometimes the angle change was too great and a new pyramid or boulder arrangement needed to be created. Usually canting the existing structure to facilitate the angular flows of energy was all that was needed. This canting can be seen inside Mayan pyramids as every 52 years meant a new pyramid shell, but slightly to one side. The separating cyclic “walls” of alignment are in 5000 year cycles (with 2000 to 2500 year cycles on a different level in between) in which time and space shift. Human DNA is directly affected by this spiritually orchestrated cycle as is everything in this reality, including Earth Shift Cycles.

This is part of some very advanced teachings and is too complicated for these pages as this is but an introduction. All that needs to be said for now is that this knowledge will answer many questions related to DNA, spirituality, evolution, and culture connections. It is the same as out DNA but on a global size in which an energetic grid layer sits over the Earth’s surface and ratchets into many different structural shapes all the way up the vibrational scale into nonphysical states. Time and reality in the physical is related to this, be it our past, present, and future. It is all explainable and in a way that can be understood, but unfortunately this information will have to wait until I find the resources.

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