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The Council of Stone is a group of shamans that existed in the physical (all in their individual times) but reside in council as a group, in the nonphysical reality. This reality is just above or below the physical “horizon”, some refer to this as the astral level. This council works through the sacred site system throughout North America (They are also capable of reaching sites outside of the continent). All sacred sites are “switchboards” connecting to other sites and the shamans from those areas, the “ancient internet” if you will. They are not an organized group nor do they function under an archetypical hierarchy. They are organized as all of us are (physical or not) into layers of consciousness. Connecting or joining is just a matter of having like vibration and desires. You may ask; how this is possible?

It is possible because we all come from the same Soul Groups (five main ones for this Earth time period of reality). Connecting to each other in the nonphysical is the easiest part, knowing how to from the physical level is the lesson that needs to be learnt. One further note; the councils do not all work on the same projects, levels, or purposes. Their individual interests and desires separate them as magnets separate or draw together like kinds within their wave field strengths. 

More advanced information on time, space, DNA, atomic structure, and so on will be revealed in the book “The Schematic of Time” (if I ever find the time/resources to accomplish this). I have also been instructed not to share any of the advanced material until a complete understanding can be presented first. The reason behind this is so that it doesn’t allow misinterpretation of partial teachings to fall into the hands of certain groups that like to support their own pet theories. New technologies are possible with this information but if the background understanding is not understood improper usage can follow, as has been witnessed in our modern history.


Introduction - The Journey Home



- Connecting to Sacred Sites and Artifacts – (pg. 4)

- My Introduction to the Sacred Sites – (pg. 5)

- Cache Blades – (pg. 6)

- Collecting Your Own Contacts – (pg. 7)

- Psychometric Work – (pg. 8)

- What is a Shaman? (in our culture) – (pg. 9)

- Guides and Contacts (Angels to Dorajuadoik) – (pg. 10)

- Tools of the Trade (Shamanic Tools) – (pg. 11 and 11b)

- Purchasing Tools (contacts) and Dowsing – (pg. 12)

- Families, Blood Lines and Cultures – (pg. 13)

-Petroglyphs (their actual meanings) – (pg. 14 and 14b)

- Solutreans (pg. 15)

-Consciousness Has Structure – (pg. 16)

- Shamanic Shrines - (pg. 17)


Second Level Benefits and Messages for Practicing Shamans

There is another level of benefit to working with these past artifacts. This is in the realm of personal development and balance. More will be shown and explained at a later date as I personally see this as much more important than the information aspect.


Below are some of my direct teachings from the “other side of reality”. They are directed to me and the practicing shaman only. (If you have difficulty understanding the complexity or wording of this material, ask in your next journey for clarification).

Time is a Product of Consciousness

"Time is a product of consciousness. There is no exception as this construct of time and space we call reality is organized consciousness. Consciousness goes through cycles of self and thus evolves and learns about itself. It is because of this cyclic nature of consciousness that time itself cycles. Time is consciousness in motion!

As you understand, consciousness also has vibrational levels or octaves of existence in which boundaries or limits are placed on oneself so that growth can be observed and recorded to achieve recognition of self. This cyclic movement reaches peaks or completions in desire, which ends the teaching through balance and allows the new cycle or vibrational shift to take place. Time is thus a cyclic movement of different levels of consciousness in the process of moving from one level to another. Time thus is the observation of growth.

To access a time period from your past all you need is an artifact from this level of conscious construct. The artifact is a product of many levels of “common ground” consciousness that created it (stone, human, and so on). This common ground in Earth reality is called a time period in our understanding. Time periods are thus periods or cycles in which many have combined in a balancing co-creation to form the stone, metal, shape, desired tool, and so on for the artifact’s existence to have any permanence.

Attuning to an artifacts vibrational and creational moment (the beginning of its physical existence) is tapping into the moment of that cycle of time (and conscious desire) that took place. All this has limits, as bridges in time or cycles need to be in alignment if you are to venture out of your present vibrational level. What this actually means is that you need to bond with new levels of consciousness, and they may not necessarily be familiar to you. This can be done outside of the present physical mind level, but cycles need to be observed or steps taken to get there. In other words there are barriers or levels of consciousness that need to be bridged. More discipline and focus in letting go is one of the prime ingredients for this work. The artifact is another and the acceptance of a different mode of thinking or perceiving is the third. To go back 30,000 years, you would do well to use later artifacts as bridges between and to the periods. Not much thought should be put into this as it is automatic, if you are aligned and open.

Artifacts are not just here to teach of past cultures or who these people were; they are here also to teach the possibilities of a whole realm of human conscious ability. The ultimate understanding of a master mystic is the realization that one is studying human consciousness on all levels, angles, and flavours. This level of mysticism understands that there are no secrets or unknowns in the human form. All is accessible once the bridges are made and the levels understood. This is the new cycle of development as it brings completion to the Earth bound human creative experience. This has been the ultimate goal of humanity from its conceptions. The difference today as compared to yesterday can be witnessed in the new levels of awareness!

To go into the future one also needs an artifact, but this has not been created in the present time cycle so there is a need to connect to artifacts of consciousness. With the past and present understandings of how human consciousness creates and understands its creations, one can access the future, as this too is in a cyclic form that one has yet to recognize in the present. Recognizing the future or the past in the “now” is the same with the only difference being the boundaries of cyclic understandings that one places upon oneself. Understanding that no boundaries exist is an exercise in recognition of other forms of human consciousness. This is being provided by ones current physical artifacts as they assist a shaman to go beyond their current “present”. Going into the future can be done by bridging the boundaries of cyclic creation. Thus, as with the past, you will need to bridge time cycles and this can be accomplished through the Soul Group level, ones higher vibratory states. This is not always achievable unless there is a vibratory pedigree in the first place. There are many that cannot do this due to their underdeveloped connection to Soul Level.

A final reminder is that some in the past have been able to connect to this future cyclic source and they are now known as our great scientific minds, artists and composers (Tesla, Michelangelo, Leonardo De Vinci, and Mozart to name a few)."

Note: Time also has structure and this has not been addressed in the above teaching.

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Connecting to Scared Sites and Artifacts

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