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“The more attached you are the less likely you will see it coming!”


There are many ways to connect to the past. I have found one of the most efficient methods is to sit in silence at a sacred site, in a meditative state. (Performing ceremony at the sites is an insult to the builders, journeying or meditating to learn is honouring these individuals). In this meditative state one can connect to the knowledge embedded in the site simply by immersing oneself into the energy, the longer the better (hours or days worth of exposure).

An alternative method is a meditation or journey at home with an artifact from the past. Both give one the advantage and the opportunity of being in the physical and yet connected to the moment of the artifacts creation. Unfortunately connecting is not as easy as it sounds for we need what are called “Bridges” or connectors that can link our consciousness to the past event. It is well known that the more time one is immersed in the sacred site energy, the easier it becomes to connect with, as this itself is a “Bridge”. The purpose is to attune to the energy, assimilating the vibration and creating a common “vibrational ground” so that an exchange can take place. Once you are resonating to this level of the energy, regardless of “flow direction”, the information will start flowing in.

With a small difference the artifact method requires a different type of bridge than the sites because we are not standing in the middle of the energy, like at a site. Also the artifacts energy is usually much more subtle as it was created by one individual as compared to the many that are involved in large sites. This artifact method needs a stepping stone or resonate tuning bridge that can act as an intermediate with the artifact. This intermediate one is usually a familiar “Bridge or Communicator” object that you have worked with prior. Shamans that use tools will understand this type. With one in each hand and the meditation set with desire, one only has to clear ones mind and allow the information or experience to happen.

Connecting to the past by using “Bridges” (be it energetic or physical) is necessary if true connection is to be made. Time is not what we perceive for it has barriers that are necessary to allow individuality of creation. Time is a very complex design of cycles that are possible to connect with or bridge if one understands what time is and its structure. Without understanding the structure you are guessing at probable outcomes.

There is absolutely nothing in current scientific understandings that comes close to understanding time, and that is why this work is so valuable. One cannot do it alone but many can. It has to be done this way, for this is the way of the mystic, the way of our original human design, a design that is patterned in our DNA.

In very general terms; gaps in time are due to frequency barriers that exist in years, months, days, and even hours of our lives. They go unnoticed by us as we have all produced a perception of a seamless reality (starting from our early childhood training as humans). The greatest energetic part of creation’s physical form will be its original injection into a reality. From there, “time” appears to erode this creational form away, as it is a composition of the elements and other biological processes that have been orchestrated by consciousness.  After the main injection or impetus of energy, the form only needs a small amount of energy for maintenance and support in the physical. The reason for this is that there are billions of smaller consciousnesses that were solicited in the co-creation of this physical form.

Why time is an evolving change:   

The seamlessness of time is a product of continuous energy supply from many levels of our being, mainly nonphysical, but because the original impetus to create has been fulfilled (at the end of the cycle), the requirements will now change. The form finds itself in a state of repetition (the same as time cycles, due to the Universal Structure’s flow). But this is not a supportive role for spiritual evolution, for it is the evolution of consciousness that is the only reason for existence. (Remember, consciousness is not in the brain as it is nonphysical or what we call spirit)

The original form continues to cycle, in its original cycle of existence but as said, consciousness evolves and the original form’s design gets left behind. Conscious energy, (our awareness of it is not necessary) upon recharging the physical creation in the new cycle will produce a slightly different physical form or body image. The result is a body that has a very small difference than that of the original. This is a result of a shift in consciousness upon entering a new cycle. The slight change in desired needs, in the new cycle will create a slight change in the physical form and its expressions. This happens all the time in our lives from the smallest to the largest cycles, until we fulfill our desired expression here. This can be observed as the change, we understand, as the aging process.

New cycles in the Earth and Universal structure will be under influences of new energies and flows from ever higher levels of consciousness. Physical Reality thus changes and evolves as does the consciousness that created it. Bridging the past is not a matter of remembering. It is a process of following the conscious energy back into the original desire for its creation, and into that particular cycle/time, assimilating to the frequency of the period or type of consciousness cycle that was part of the artifact’s creation. This is the doorway into the artifact’s world.

There are many types of consciousness and that includes humans present or past. Each type of consciousness will follow the design of its Soul Group configuration. For more on Soul Groups see “The Schematic of God” book. In amongst this are veils or frequency bands that hold resident frequencies together (time being one aspect). You cannot just jump in or force your way in without prior preparation. For instance you cannot travel back five thousand years without first adjusting your modern vibration to earlier time frames and conscious matrixes. Typically our modern consciousness can only connect back to a few generations. To go further back in time you need tools and these are available to us.

Time is a very complex structure that will be explained in ways and levels never before shown or examined. This material is already available but will need to wait for editing. 

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