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My personal introduction to these methods started over nine years ago at two sacred sites in Manitoba, Canada called; Bannock Point and Tie Creek. The artifact method was introduced to me only two and a half years ago but most of my prior training was already in place for this new level. Without having this prior training the most important part of this work is just the desire to know and the need to understand. In my case it was the need to know more of our prehistoric North American cultures, but this has branched out to a global interest now. 

The artifact teaching level started with a visit to a local museum that housed many original West Coast totem poles. I was drawn there with a nagging feeling to spend some time with them, and this I did. That night I did a Remote Viewing/OBE session and found my living room full of people from the past (the ones associated with that day’s totem poles). It was from their presence and obvious support that the spiritual energies of the last hundred and fifty years presented to me the bridge I needed to access even further into the past. From that point, (with their assistance) I could go back a few thousand years by just holding an ancient artifact of the time period. After a few sessions, I quickly realized that there was a limit and I found it at 5000 years B.P. (Before Present).

It turns out that time cycles have barriers within specific periods, major ones reoccur at 5000 year increments. These are called “Time Barriers” and again I needed an older bridge if I wanted to go beyond this 5000 year cycle of time. The bridges exist as a result of Earth reality shifts that create different Earth reality shells (see the Schematic of God for introduction to shells). There is no room here for further explanation on the structure of time, for now it just needs to be mentioned that barriers exist and they can be reached.

To reach past major time barriers you need an artifact from the “other side” of the time barrier. In other words, to go past 5,000 years you need an artifact that is at least 5,100 years old. If it is of a good energetic quality, it will take you back up to 10,000 years. Again, to get past this barrier you will need something from at least 10,100 year and older. Every increment of 5,000 years needs to be bridged. There are smaller increments inside each 5,000 years, but they are not as formidable as the larger time cycles. Currently my oldest artifact is 300,000 years or older and from Eastern Europe which brings me into a global search for the past. I’m also attempting to keep it within the current “modern” human families. From what I can pick up, to go into Neanderthal and older Hominid groups would mean bridging DNA genetic conscious barriers (maybe in the future).

I say this with confidence from working experience with different subspecies of humans in prehistoric North America alone. There were five main families of people that migrated to North and South America. They each have their own distinct level of consciousness that needs to be bridged. In other words, it took a few artifacts to accomplish this. All this work needs to be done on ones own as there are no museums that would allow this type of research on their precious collections (typically hidden in basement storages).



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