Researching Ancient Sacred Sites

Researching Ancient Sacred Sites

My research into the sacred sites has been a weekly training that has spanned over a decade now. All of this training has been from the same nonphysical teachers that the past shamans worked with. From all these hundreds of journeys and remote viewing sessions I have accumulated over 10,000 pages of notes. This would add up to over 800 pages in a word text format. If I tried to publish this, regardless of format, it would be much more than my resources could handle. I would love to pass these teachings on but the best I can accomplish at this time is to make a start and see how far my time will allow.    

A few years ago I asked my sources about releasing some of the information but was told that “A complete understanding must be given or no information should be released at all”. For years now I have sat on this statement as more information continued to flow in. Recently I try a new angle to my prior question; “Do I have permission to give a “Readers Digest” version instead”? This was acceptable; as long as I covered the primary structures and ended with practical application.



This web page is dedicated to researchers of the Sacred Site field



Would a person go to a medical doctor to understand what is wrong with their automobile?

Would they go to a mechanic to find out what ails them?.........the answer is obvious!

So why is it considered acceptable to have shamanic knowledge interpreted by non-shamanic individuals?

It is an enigma that all shamans are faced with. How do you explain to non-shamanic people knowledge that's source is from outside this reality? All shamanic teachings are from nonphysical realities, which typically consists of experiences and massive downloads that are far beyond anything possible in the physical. It is from these multidimensional experiences that translating it falls onto the shaman's lap. This is not something that can ever be done with intellect alone, as intellect is based on what is known. So typically shamans end up keeping the teaching to themselves, as it is  easier to deal with then trying to translate it to others. In the past, ancient shamans did not have as great a conscious barrier with others of non-shamanic practice. In today’s modern cultural mosaic there are more belief systems then there are people, which produce even more barriers for translation. This cultural gap started a little over 3500 years ago as religions and political distractions took over free thought. This gap persists even today, as most sacred site's translations come from intellectual logic and not from their sources.

The bottom line is; without actual shamanic experiences there is no one, regardless of their academic achievements or educational level that can relate too or interpret the sacred sites of the world.

There is no judgment with this statement, only a request to non-shamanic researchers to take up the practice so they can relate to the experiences and knowledge. It is through these experiences that one can truly be acquainted with the purposes and reasons for sacred site designs.  

The majority of sacred sites around the world which include Stonehenge, Giza Pyramids, Tiahuanaco, Teotihuacan, Coba, Tie Creek, Newark Earth Works, New grange, Nazca Lines, and so on are all a result of shamanic indoctrinations from evolved nonphysical forms of learning.

Although elements at any site can have some astronomical alignments they were never part of the original blueprint. Complicating things even more are later cultures outside the shamanic orders adopting and recreating the sites for their purposes, which over time became more theological and iconic in design than the original teachings.  Almost all the sacred sites in the world are creations from shamanic levels. This is regardless of whether or not the original shamanic principals are recognized, today or from proceeding cultures that “inherited” the sites.

The purpose of this introduction is to outline what is missing from most archaeological and New Age research of ancient sacred sites. Most of us, including researchers, only get to visit some ancient sites once in a lifetime. With this realization it becomes important to record the proper information when we are there. With these observations a real chance of unlocking the site’s purpose is possible. Although the design principles were always adhered to, there still was a great diversity of purposes, be it along spiritual or physical desires. With all this diversity some parts of the Universal Schematic were left out, while others added more elements to enhance specific aspects.


In the pages below I will outline methods that are needed to achieve the site’s understandings. Through recording the proper information from a site one can decipher what the originators were accomplishing with the design. With this information and the related teachings I will be showing, any shaman or researcher will be able to access the site's purpose and powers. At this time it is important that one doesn’t waste time looking for astronomical alignments and things that were of little importance to the original designers.

The Archaeoastronomy field will continue for another fifty years, knowing full well that the godfather of the field, Gerald Hawkins’ 1965 research on Stonehenge was proven wrong from the start. I cannot change people’s perspectives and it is not about proving right from wrong. It is about finding the truth, which can only be gleaned from the original designers themselves. 



The diagram to the left says a lot but tells nothing, much more is needed.

Putting the celestial alignments into perspective:


Recoding the alignments at a site is very important as it is within the angles and their positions were the information is stored. The angles are important to record because they align to The Universal Structure and a structure that Earth is part of. All celestial objects are part of the Universal Structure and are not random exploded remnants floating in space. Yes, the universe started in an “explosive” way but it was organized and in a pattern that still exist today (as it continues to expanded or “explode”). All celestial objects in this physical universe are connected through a common structure. This structural design not only shows their position but also their movement within this structure. This structure is not currently known to science but it will be in the future when celestial patterns are recognized. Have you ever wondered why the so called Alien contacts never say where there are from? The answer is simple; there is no reference point to start from, because there is no modern understanding of this structure. 

According to the Yale Bright Star Catalogue a person can see with the “naked eye” 9119 visible stars. These are ones considered to be of a magnitude of 6.5 or brighter. Doing a general calculation; if there are 20,626.5 points of degree in a half sphere (the night sky above) then 20,626.5 points divided by 9,119 visible stars would give you .442 stars in every degree, or one star per two degrees.


Some more information on this topic:

(The ball in the tip of a ballpoint pen viewed from across the length of a football field is about 1 arc second across. The Sun and Moon are both about 0.5 degrees = 30 arc minutes in diameter. The pointer stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper are about 5 degrees apart and the bowl of the Big Dipper is about 30 degrees from the NCP. The arc from the north point on the horizon to the point directly overhead to the south point on the horizon is 180 degrees, so any object directly overhead is 90 degrees above the horizon and any object "half-way up" in the sky is about 45 degrees above the horizon.)

So standing in a two dimensional rock mosaic and trying to align elements of this mosaic to a three dimensional stars pattern above is tricky to say the least! One might even need some exceptionally pointed boulders. So with this amount of leniency it shouldn’t be too hard to align with something, as seen in the diagram below.


archeoastronomy truth

Did you know, in shamanic knowledge, there is no difference between the above two dimensional  stone Petroform and the Stone Spheres of Costa Rica? They are capable of performing the same job ....if one understands what that job is! 

Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

The intellect will always be able to pick out alignments from a two dimensional plane into a three dimensional sphere, even if it desperately means aligning to anything within visual range. With this logic we can divide 9,119 stars by 360 degrees = 25.33 stars to choose from (Never mind the sun and moon that arc across the sky at different positions throughout the year!) You can see how ridiculous it all is and yet many features at ancient’s sites cannot be aligned to anything, not even a mountain, rock, or a season.


Bannock Point

Using a string and compass at a site.

Some basic truths:

  1.  - Sacred sites were built by shamans.

  2.  - Shamans work with energy, with little interest in "landmarks" other than for getting bearings for relative positions.

  3.  - Shamans recognize connections, be it energetic or knowledge source.

  4.  - Shamans quickly learn what isn't working and abandon it.


If any one of these qualities are missing from a site's description and purpose than what is left over is a bias belief system. Belief systems can fall under the titles of science, religion, politics, and personal motives. To complicate things more, most sacred sites around the world have been modified by preceding cultures. 

In the diagram below I show an ancient shamanic Petroform or boulder mosaic from Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park. Archaeologist working with the Whiteshell Petroforms noticed decades ago that most of them align to 51 degrees (as seen in the examples below). This angle is repeated at many sites around the world as angles also fall within a range of associate degrees. The most common ranges are: 51 – 54 degrees, 120 – 135 degrees, and 12 – 15 energy. These angles are common regardless of position around the planet. Their individual purposes are unique to the angles but they can range in slight differences (within the range) due to time and Earth's position in the Universal Structure. There are also very specific individual angles that fall outside of the common ranges. I will deal with these angles at another time for they represent more complex concepts. 

Bighorn Medicine WheelMajorville Medicine Wheel

Basket Falls/Rainbow Falls, Whiteshell, Manitoba                                                         Tie Creek area site


One of the best researchers that has come along in this field was the late Ian Honeywood from Britain. He understood that the sites were collectors of energy. What he did not understand is how they worked and to what benefit it would be to the people of the time. Below are some of his Dowsing diagrams showing the energy patterns that he detected. There are many more energy patterns in each site but they are or will be on different levels and would need different Dowsing parameters. His good work shows the proper recording of north and any other angle seen as a significant rock position. He also shows the energy lines that he has detected and their angles of projection into the landscape. This is so important for there are larger patterns and connections with other sites and to specific grids. Aligning to other sites to create connections of magnified energies is a very important quality in a site. 


King Arthur's Down Circle

The Hurlers and Tregaseal Stone Circles



One of the most important parts in researching a site is in dowsing. Dowsing will not only show you the energy connections but also the conscious focus of the ones that worked at the site. Conscious energy is always “frozen” into the environmental. Within this conscious focus other stone alignments can be found and will come into focus (with the Dowsing rods). I have tried many times to see alignments at sites only to later use Dowsing rods to point them out for me. Once they are pointed out to a researcher the alignment becomes very obvious.

There are many layers in a sacred site with observation of physical ground alignments being the most obvious. To go further into the energetic or harmonic structure one needs Dowsing rods. Accessing these other levels is a process of connecting to consciousness itself.

All that exists in the physical is a creation of consciousness, on one level or another. This includes the planet, animals, plants, and humans past or present.  All consciousness in the third dimension will have an associated grid in banded layers or it would not be possible for it to create in the physical reality. This layered band of energy is called “The Conscious Spectrum”©. The sites also belong to this grid system that will be specific to their banded layers or levels of conscious construction. It is within this geometric grid system that you will find levels of human conscious energy. This energy connects to the nonphysical as this harmonic energy is actually just one part of the Universal Structure. Yes, grids that are closer to the physical vibration will have detectable physical effects like electromagnetics and scalar energy. This doesn’t mean that this energy is the motivator or creator of the grid any more than the heat left in your bed after you get up.


A Russian Stone Wheel

In the diagram below one can see the same angular lines that are found in North America. Although each site can vary due to their focus, this below also outlines the edges of in spiralling energy.  15 degrees for higher vibrational connections (past and future), 90 is always the event horizon as 0 - 180 is the axis, 130 towards the elemental levels (past and future), 160 towards the Dorajuadoik levels, and 51 for personal physical creational level (past and future).  

Russian Medicine Wheel

Below are two sites that are probably separated by thousands of years from the original ancient mosaic builders and yet the basic "initiative knowledge" is there. There is a possibility that the shamans who created these two sites never inherited all of the teachings from the more ancient local Majorville site, but yet the intuitiveness can be seen in their stone alignments. In the photo to the left one can still see the original (first step) Orientation Stones of 0 and 180 degrees (north and south, marked as “A”). Once this axis or the event horizon at 90 degrees is established the design can follow, as per the interest and desires of the shaman’s needs.

In the designing of a site the first thing that needs to be established is at least one of the cardinal directions. This is where the celestial alignments came into play. In ancient times, with no known land marks or compasses shamans had to orient themselves to established positions of celestial objects. With the discovery of a high energy location, using these cardinal directions in this vortex’s energy gave them the foundational alignment for the site. These high energy vortex locations were located during their physical travels or through Out of Body journeys. What most researchers fail to understand is that through OBEs, a shaman can find new land to migrate to, game to hunt, resources to procure, enemies to avoid, and spiritual focused areas. There is nothing the human consciousness cannot do in this reality on its own!   

In doing this research, relying on the internet and books is not that reliable, as I found out in the site shown below (to the left). During my research of this site I found four different diagrams showing north (or 0 and the 180 axis to the south) being placed in different directions. This is why it is so important to do the work yourself as that is the only way to be sure of the site's orientation. In the photo to the left I used the visible white colored archaeological arrow laying on the ground (mark as “B”). 

Cabi Lake EffigyConsort, Alberta Effigy

Cabri Lake, Saskatchewan    -                             Consort, Alberta  

Strictly on structural levels alone, one can see in the pictures below why there is a need to actually visit the sites. The diagram to the left is the published archeological diagram for Feature #1 at Tie Creek. In the aerial photo and other photos in this website you can clearly see most of the boulders were not incorporated in the diagram, probably because there was no perceived pattern or association.

Tie Creek feature 1Tie Creek from the air

When at the sites also note the surface grade of the ground. At Tie Creek the granite surface is not level as it undulates down from the highest crest. On this surface the high areas will drain to the lower areas and these lower areas retain moisture longer, which supports lichen growth (seen in darker areas of photo). These very shallow basins are also the directions in which the stones will migrate to over thousands of years, as seen in one of the three 15 degree lines. As said above; present day positions are not necessarily the original design.


While at the sites take many pictures, even if you have that view already. Spacing out the time between pictures can be productive in catching a spiritual contact or energy, as seen in the pictures below.

Ancient sacred site alignments

Energy caught on digital camera - looking down the 120 degree line at Tie Creek, Manitoba.

Picture above was taken on the same energy (120 degree of Tie Creek) line a few years later.


When at the sites, record placement of any unusual occurrences like deformed plant life, overabundance of plants, or lack of plant life itself. These are all results of energy that is too high, too low, or over abundant. Plant patterns also include spacing of branches and clustering of growth as they show a lot about the movement of energy at a site. Below are some examples of this.


Twisted Energy Trees

Bannock Point tree on left and Tie Creek on the right

The Crooked Bush    


"The Crooked Bush" vortex- Saskatchewan, Canada on left and Western Poland on right.

Bannock Point Site 

Bannock Point tree location within modern Petroforms spiral. Grid line connects to Tie Creek to the north.


Arbutus tree from East Sooke, B.C.

For more on a Vortex

GPS Recording

Tie Creek GPS Points

GPS coordinates are a great idea.


Also take note of your emotions or any thoughts that come across your mind that seem out of place for the moment. Many of the structural angles are drawing in energies for healing, grounding, emotional balancing, and so on. Along with this take note of areas that you are drawn too, for they may hold answers for you. While feeling the site's energy also note the silence, be it energetic or audio.


Bannock Point

The picture above is an example of an area that I was always drawn to when at Bannock Point (Manitoba Whiteshell). I later learnt that this spot is one of the vortex areas used by the originators. The original Petroforms here have been lost or removed and replaced by what appears to be more modern ones, as if to say, from the subconsciousness’s of these people “I remember this spot”.

More on vortex energy (from my old website)



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Modern minds try to understand what ancient shamanic minds have created. It is not what it always appears to be. Here are some actual glyphs created by a shaman from the 1800s.

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