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All shamans know and realize, the more guides or “partners” you have in “your council” the easier it becomes to get work done. This is a learning process and one should not expect to see great results by just grabbing a hundred artifacts and connecting to them. The fact is it will work, but only when you are ready to hear the messages. For me, it has been an 18 year process with the last 2 and half years working with artifacts. One of the most powerful methods of acquiring groups is through the Cache blades. These cache collections were used and created by shamanic groups. These shamans understood where energy comes from and how to harness it. This can be seen in their structures and pyramids, which by the way has nothing to do with archeoastrology.  

By connecting to one artifact from a Cache Blade group you have potential to connect to all of them in that group. This is a huge subject that is better left for an article of its own. For now it is enough to say that these blade caches also include votive offerings and shrines, all of which are out of the reach of science and anyone not working in the shamanic fields of understanding.

A second way to gather group energies and more past contacts (and less expensive) is to locate broken artifact collections. E-Bay is a good source for this, at the bottom of the page is a link to these pages. They can usually be purchased for a few dollars and their authenticity is usually guaranteed simply because there is little profit in replicating broken artifacts.

I’m aware of the archaeological field’s ethical stance on purchasing or selling artifacts but there are research benefits that achieve levels of information which would never come to light otherwise. Unfortunately if we wait for archaeology, at its current evolutionary speed, it will become its own study long before many answers are grasped. The “Clovis First” concept is a great example of this. The truth is, in a matter of hours a shaman can find many answers, but they will only count on the levels of satisfaction. For me, this is enough, as statistical information supplies an empty understanding and doesn’t truly feed ones craving for knowledge. I know I will never live long enough to get the answers that I really want without the shamanic method. The entire ancient technological advanced civilizations of history were created with this method, and it will endure all others means in the end.  

As previously stated, there is no sense in repeating what others have taught on shamanism, but there is a need to move into a new and modern level of understanding. This does not replace or contradict the old teachings and the belief systems associated with shamanism. What is needed is a new modern practise and methods that are not wrapped around thousands of years of superstition, fear, and general misconceptions, never mind all the cultural clutter that has accumulated.  

A final note; the artifact method usually requires more than just one artifact. This is because their individual energies need to co-create with your consciousness. So you will get ones that are story tellers (the ones with the information) and others that act as “go betweens” – between your consciousness and the “past one’s consciousness”. These “in between ones” are called the “Communicators and Interpreters” for they are the most important and are a required tool for all of this to work. Communicators also called Teachers and Interpreters are the translators and both are the “path” and the “Bridge”. As you begin working with artifacts you will soon realize that some have the ability to connect to consciousness quite different than your own. These special artifacts (created by the hands of aviator level people) can translate different levels of consciousness into modern thought patterns and understandings.

It is a misconception to think all humans today think in the same matter. It is even more pronounced going back thousands of years from now. This is the main barrier for many intuitive people, as a thought may have many different concepts and meanings behind it. True Communicators and Translators will find you as all teachers become available when the student is ready. There are many pages of understandings and experiences that I would like to relay to you about this subject but I believe separate sections will be necessary.

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