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There are basically two kinds of imprinted energy left on artifacts and sacred sites. The first is a personal imprint of the creator or creators of the artifact/site. Imprinting can be personal physical experiences, soul level needs, or a combined need of a group; as in the case of the sacred sites or Cache Blade collections. The second imprinted energy can be from the artifact finder or anyone that has owned it after that. That includes the "new owners" of a sacred site. In this group you can receive impressions from everyone who has touched or handled the object or created within the sacred site. This type of imprinting is what often makes reading an artifact/site difficult because the images can be so plentiful and varied that they come out jumbled or skewed into one direction. The third imprinting is the one I’m currently interested in. This imprinting is found in the creative soul energy level, the one that created the human conscious level and the need to express this level in the physical. As you know, life and all objects do not just appear in the physical without the nonphysical orchestrating it.

Attuning to the object/place and the energy associated with it is a lot like rewinding and replaying a tape. Often, the reproduction can be quite accurate and faithful to the events imprinted on the object or spot, but one must remember that they can think very differently than we do today. The receiver can also be tapping into their fears, strengths, and limitations. To make this process even more confusing, the receiver may also be coloring the messages with their own modern belief systems. One must always be aware when contacting sources closer to the physical that you can get really different mental awareness abilities. 

What is the trick to extracting from a site or artifact that you consider important? The first part of the method is to understand the level in which you are searching. This vibrational level will always be specific to the energetic vibrational layer imprinted in the artifact or site. If your meditation is light and just above the physical layer, then this is the level of information you will tap into. If on the other hand you go very deep and present the appropriate desire to understand, this will head you in the right direction.

In the three paragraphs below there are instructions that I have been given on accessing creative levels. This may be a help for some that can interpret the message. This method can also be used for sourcing out new inventions, art, music, and so on. Remember, this information is from a nonphysical level so it might not be understood by all:

``Consciousness is a band of energy that can be found in layers just like the shells mentioned previously. Layering occurs because common vibration finds common attraction; this includes desire, intelligence, and emotional quotients. Layering occurs after any thought has arisen; from there it naturally pools or gravitates to common vibrational arenas within the matrix of universal dimensions. Exchanges of thought by all sentient beings as well as pooling of common thought collect in pockets and it’s in these pockets of energy that one can tap into. These pockets remain in their respected consciousness vibrational levels called shells (see “The Schematic of God” for more).

This banding or shells create matrix patterns of “individual thought patterns” that can and do overlap. This overlapping also creates a matrix pattern that is divided by the specific boundaries of the pattern sector itself or individual likeness. In other words the individual realties are only capable of intersecting or tapping into that which is of common vibration or similar that allows them to reach into slightly different vibrational fields. Because of this reaching ability you can, in your reality, extend out into the higher or lower bands by raising or lowering your vibration to the level of choice. Tapping into music, art, scientific inventions are all achieved in this manner, whether one is conscious of it or not.

Start by finding the common desire and intent in your emotional field. Follow it up or down after connection is secured, once a vibrational shift has been felt – Let Go! Absorb this background energy letting go of all thoughts, questions, and interest in where or what is coming through. This process will lead you to the information you seek. You can ask for help in the learning stages for there are many that would love to assist. Everyone in all levels understands evolution of spirit! ``

For artifact connection, hold the artifact in one hand and a “Tool” in the other (typically left is receiving and right is transmitting). Tools are bridges that help us connect to different levels (more is explained in the “Tools Page”). Ask a question of the artifact or remain in listening mode for the messages. This silence part is not as silent as you realize for your needs and questions are always there. By remaining silent rather than asking “intelligent” questions you will probably receive far more than you would ever anticipate.  Everyone and everything has a different energy because everything has a different evolutionary level and a complimentary vibration that makes them unique.

In my journeys, I have found that music creates a clearer thought or a focused state. This might not work for everyone but for me, music is best chosen in another language or no lyrics at all. Words that I can understand distract me and create a tangent towards the thought of the song’s subject. I also put as many varied types of music in the CD player as possible for I rarely know what type of music will work the best for the night’s journey. Balanced music is a connective creation from the nonphysical (regardless of whether the artist is aware of this or not). This vibration or sound will key one into the different levels for it all originates from the universe. It will take you away and with the combination of the artifact’s energy, the direction or energy angle will be spontaneously found. This is all an automatic process, you will find the level of answers required, and a year later you will probably find another level of the same answers. This is the evolution of consciousness and the growth that all sentient beings strive for.

The artifacts are the tuning capacitor (the dial) that is similar in a radio, the music becomes the antenna, and the desire is the power behind it all. (There is more information on this subject on the Tools Page).   




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