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In today’s terms it all depends on your cultural background; the definition ranges from a witch doctor to an amazing mystical healer. Some would simply define them as a “primitive thinking individual”. If you lived in a Stone Age culture you would have a different understanding based on your needs and beliefs of the time period. The Western or European mind set has had problems understanding the world of shamanism for the last few hundred years. With the onset of controlled religious fervour demanding more regulation over the masses, shamanism became the enemy as it was the opposite of mind control. It was not a matter of religions seeing shamanism as evil, although this was the label, it was more the idea that a free willed person was a dangerous one. Religions by their very nature require control and this intolerance for free spiritual will was not going to propagate. This duality in ideology led to the demise and eradication of the European shaman, their spiritual sites and practices.     

The sacred sites, one of the sources that linked the shaman community together now became energetic hot spots in which a church could be situated (to the energetic advantage of the church itself). If there was little populace to support a church, then the site was destroyed. Today, the impression of a shaman in western culture depends upon your education, be it academic or otherwise. It ranges from old world understandings to New Age hybrid beliefs, but the one thing that can be said is that shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humanity.


From the first spark of consciousness in this reality to its last goodbye, the only thing that separates the conscious levels are awareness.


Awareness can be likened to a “reality bubble” that surrounds our body in an energetic orb structure. This orb can range in size from a few feet in diameter, with the focus mainly being straight ahead; to a large multi focused “bubble” that has no boundaries. Everyone has their own range of awareness, most of which is dependent on our current spiritual evolutionary level, be it physical or not. Awareness is directly proportional to the vibrational level of an individual, regardless of physical age, education, or intelligence. There are many individuals in children’s bodies that are many times more aware than the senior citizens in their community. Awareness is the vibrational expression in the physical reality and it is the key to everything in all realities. It is also the most important aptitude for shamanic work. Awareness is not an ability that is generally learned in one lifetime, but rather hundreds of lifetimes. Therefore the most dynamic are a product of many lifetimes as a shaman. A good example of this lifetime learning ability (non shamanic) is the famous General George S. Patton who was fully aware of being a soldier in many prior lifetimes. His success on the battlefield can be directly attributed to this past lifetime knowledge. In fact his ability to remember the past lifetimes actually hindered some of his decisions in some modern battles. This classic example is one of the reasons why most have total amnesia when it comes to remembering past lives.

Experience is the generator behind awareness and the catalyst called intelligence can be the driving force that defines what interest is being perceived. The more aware you are the more likely that you will be monitoring everything in your world and/or just outside of it, simultaneously. This level is an expansion beyond the personal “reality bubble”. The key to being a shaman, on any level, is awareness. This awareness operates in the physical and non physical, within certain extents all the time. This is one of the differences between a spiritual focus and the shamanic focus. Most spiritual workers are aware of the nonphysical levels when focused there, but few can focus in present reality and nonphysical reality at the same time. The shamanic ability to do this comes from working in all three reality levels or “Worlds”, with the desire to bring them together into the physical reality. Workings in the lower vibrational realities are as fruitful as higher ones, but it is only when integrated into the physical that benefits are experienced. The shamanic level of awareness is the ability to sense on all levels including what has already happened, where energy is flowing, and into what time frame, past, present, or future it pertains to. 

In my ancestral land of Eurasia they have different categories of shamans. The first level is a Healer Shaman (lower, more physical). The second degree is called the White Shaman and the higher vibrational level is called the Black Shaman. The unrecognized degree that follows the Black Shaman is the IndigoTime Shaman. The color is actually closer to black with the indigo color coming from a vibrational level of supplied energy that supports the form. This indigo category works with and is a connector to the highest and the lowest vibrations at the same time bridging them both together as one source. The mandate for this level is to achieve complete power in balance with “Source Power” or “All That Is” (God), which includes “All That Was” or both opposite flows of creation. This indigo level is the Time Keeper level where the dimensions and the “time” that separates them are brought together to balance creational flow.

There are many different “Time Keepers” and these are not meant to be compared. Hunbatz Men who is a Mayan shaman from the Yucatan is one of the Time Keepers and also one of my teachers from a few years ago. He is referred to as a “Day Keeper” as he is a keeper of the ancient Mayan days and ways, the source of this knowledge. It was his duty from birth as he was singled out of a family of 12 children for this job. Coming from a Catholic family he was not allowed to enter this segment of his culture, the reason being to maintain purity in his Mayan mission.  All shamans are individuals and all recognize strength in numbers regardless of the focus they’re in. Each recognizes the other’s importance in the whole as no shaman is higher in rank than the other. This would be the opposite of what creates a shaman in the first place. The individuality of each shaman is his or her focus and strength in the process as they are all building towards the same balanced reality.   

At the Indigo level, like all other levels, there are different workers and different interests of pursuit. In the group of time works with whom I’m sharing knowledge I‘m called a “Millennium Keeper”. This title is given as a matter of prospective, of this moment in time. I work with the past from this moment thus I’m in this time period and the keeper of this period’s knowledge base. This title means nothing other than I’m a worker from this station of reality and focus. It also refers to the ability to reach back into time, connecting with other like Time Shamans to solve personal and cultural imbalances. Their quest could be different from mine (and most likely is) for my view would be from this cultural aspect and time period. We would all have very different needs and understandings but this is not a handicap for most of the work is on energetic levels (an ability that is conducive to the Translator artifacts).

My first connection (eleven years ago) to Time Keepers of the past came from a sacred site called Bannock Point in the Whiteshell Provincial Park of Manitoba, Canada (see Bannock Point page). This first contact was a male Time Shaman who was searching far into the future to see what was to happen with “his people”. He saw in the distant future their destruction and was going farther to see if anything could be done to rebalance this destruction.

It was at Bannock Point, and in that present moment, in time and space, the time shaman connected with me and to my surprise wanted to work together with me, as he was at a loss to understand our present time period. His quest was profound in size and scope but he was a time worker and as all typical shamans are, full of hope. I have through my work found some of the answers to his question, but will only share these with the present culture if there is interest. I’m not presently from that native community but recall many lives as a shaman in different North American native cultures. That past position allows me to retrieve information, but culturally today, not to teach it without permission from present elders. In my present understanding I find it more expedient and respectful to teach how to find the information rather than contribute to more Caucasian interference.

Foot note: During the first contact with the Bannock Point shaman he introduced himself as “Krishto”. This name was unrecognizable to me until just this year after reading the book “The People” by Donald Ward. In the book he talks about the Cree and their name origin; “The tribal name of the Cree evolved through various incarnations from a term that may have had little relevance for them in the first place. One version is that an Ojibwa word for a group of Indians who lived near James Bay was recorded by the French as Kristineaux. This was later abbreviated to Cree and applied to the whole nation. The anthropologist Diamond Jenness stated simply that Kristineaux was the French form of a name, unknown meaning that a portion of the tribe applied to itself.” I understand now that the Bannock Point shaman was not referencing his quest from a personal level but as a representative of the people Krishto.  

Bannock Point Petroform
One of the Bannock Point Petroforms

This prophesy of a cultural destruction was not uncommon as other shamans from the past have also seen their “nations” demise. A good example of this can be seen in the Anishinabe’s historic migration from the Atlantic Ocean’s shores. Below is a small sample of this story taken from the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature’s publication “Aboriginal Migrations” - by the archaeologist Leo Pettipas.

   “The Anishinabe (Ainshinabeg) originally came from a country far to the west of the Straits of Mackinac (Michigan) where historically they called it home. Their language (Proto-Algonquin) comes from the Columbia Plateau (which was an even bigger migration). Around 800 AD they migrated from their Lake Superior homeland to seek the Land of Abundance to the east. Their journey took them to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean where they remained for several generations. Around 700 years ago (ca 1300 AD) with guidance of vision and dreams, they began a homeward trek, or sequence of treks, refereed to in Ojibwa language as chibimoodaywin.  The reasons for the chibimoodaywin provided an excellent example of the role that dreams and visions occasionally played as “push” factors in migration. According to the ancient teachings, it was prophesied by a mystic that if the people did not move, they would be destroyed.” This was a classic return migration back to Lake Superior and then onward years later to Manitoba, Canada. Their migration to Manitoba around 1600 was yet another attempt to stay ahead of the European invasion.   

This is the same type of vision that shamans have shown throughout history but sometimes the interpretation or legend becomes distorted due to the time factor as seen in the Aztec Quetzalcoatl coming prophecy. Others also saw the “nations” demise coming. By the way, Quetzalcoatl never existed in physical form, as the second part of this one is still coming. You see it’s all in the interpretation!

Information Note:

Recently I was informed of another type of shaman. I have not met this type of shaman as the introduction was information only. I was told that there is a level called the Green Shaman and its primary abilities were proficiency in communicating with the most evolved levels of plant consciousness. This level is an amazing spiritual level as I have had some small introductions to it prior to this. This would be the vibrational plane where ancient shamans would have worked to receive instructions on plant medicine and their vibrational healing abilities. In this introduction I was told that we must see plants for more than we presently perceive them. They said: “What other life form can take pure energy from the sun and convert it into physical form?” After that comment no other statement needed to be given.

The purpose of this writing is to show there is a way to balance out the present with connections to the past. For those that would like to join in this quest of mine, I’m placing on this site some of the tools for this level of work. If you are a practicing shaman then you are well on your way. If you are a novice to this work I would recommend books or workshops by Michael Harner, Hank Wesselman, or Sandra Ingerman as a start. My teachings are in themselves new and involve a defined focus to achieve the direct connections. You also have to be ready to work in both directions, with the lower worlds and with the upper worlds. This means eventually connecting to the most evolved levels you can attain, be it the Angelic in the highest “form” level or the Dorajuadoik in the lowest level (see next page:  Dorajuadoik).

Remember we can only work so far in one direction before we start to see the effects in the physical, so balance is needed and this is accomplished by working in the opposite direction. If or when we feel life is becoming hard, a struggle, this is an indicator that we need to start working in the opposite direction. This work process is an evolution and results in a teeter-totter effect as we connect to ever increasing levels of deeper vibration (be it higher or lower). As we flow deeper into any direction, we reach a point where the physical reality we are experiencing is becoming disturbing or dysfunctional. Stop there and work in the opposite until another unbalanced state is observed. The teeter-totter is the “ladder” or stairway to deeper levels regardless of direction. We also cannot jump through layers or levels without first understanding them and integrating them into our being. For those that have tried, they have found difficulty in relating to the earth reality and its cultural needs. This need to balance the evolution into spiritual realms is important for it not only can affect us but also the ones around us.

The first step into becoming a shaman is the sensing of energy or vibration. All physical and nonphysical levels have a vibrational flavour, no matter how close it is to one another or how similar it looks in form.  

Summing up the above understandings; the four levels of shamans are – Healer Shaman, White Shaman, Black Shaman, and Time Shaman – Time keeper variants; Day Keeper to Millennium Keeper, indigo if a color needs to be defined. Also in this group are the Green Shamans and probably many more Color Rays that I have yet to be introduced to.


Three Worlds – Three Directions to the Multi Dimensions

Despite the differences between shamanic societies and time periods when you eliminate the cultural variables there seems to be a general consensus among shamans  that there are three levels of reality, called worlds (actually each has many levels inside them, including the physical world, but that is for another day). From the basic to the most advanced shamans they see three levels, and as you can imagine it is a generalization to keep things simple. The lower level is the essence source power for the physical which occupies the middle world level (the experience level we call reality) while the upper is the source of modern human consciousness including less dense semi physical levels that are grouped into and include the sky, stars, and our sun.

All three levels are connected by an axis or Axis Mundi usually represented symbolically as the tree with its roots in the lower world for physical support and the branches in the upper world reaching to the ethers. The Tree of Life is known symbolically too many cultures including the Mayan with their Wakah-Chan tree and the Jewish as the Kabala. Different cultures also used different symbols for the tree; ladders, zigzag lines, tent poles, cosmic mountains, bridges, smoke columns, rainbows, rivers, and so on but all are referring to the connective tube of energy at the center of the three levels. The truth is they are all right for there is a central energy axis that is also the core of our universe. Modern science understands it as Universal Anisotropy, which has an angle of 19.5 degrees. This angle is somewhat incorporated into many ancient sites that worked in those energies but due to our present Earth progression it has shifted and has not been recognized yet.  



For this part of the website I will adhere to this three world level concept rather than getting in what has been covered in the “Schematic of God” book and the potential “Schematic of Time” book. The knowledge that is available to describe these three levels is endless.  It is sufficient enough for this article to say that all three levels are divided into many individual levels that are all separated by frequency or vibration.





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