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Ancient Sites and the UFO Phenomena

Tie Creek, Manitoba, Canada

Tie Creek Site, Manitoba, Canada

An ancient sacred site that is thousands of years old.

Tie Creek UFO

Why Tie Creek?

Through my shamanic journeys researching the Tie Creek Site I have been told that this site is one of the most powerful places on the planet. The power lies in its multidimensional abilities and the properties that allow connections to all these levels. Along with this statement was the comment; if proof is needed the answer lies in the fact that it stands in the heart of North America and no one is aware of its existence. This can be shown in the fact that more than 99 percent of the resident population of Manitoba (1.2 million) have never heard of it, and its in their “back yard”. In other words the vibration level of the site is so uncommon that it is just outside of most people’s awareness level.


Just think about this for a moment. If the vibration of a sacred site is of common frequency to the general public it is well recognized and known, as can be seen in many sites around the world. Tie Creek was discovered in 1935 and is still virtually unknown today. There are other reasons for this including archaeologists that want it kept quiet and a nonphysical guardian with little patience for disturbances. 


Similar to most of the ancient “geometric” sites around the world they were not built for astronomical alignments but were built for the purpose of energetic alignments. The placements of the sites were not chosen, but were shown to shamans that were interested in that earth location's strength and abilities. None of these sites were created with intellectual astronomical needs. They were created to operate as tools for shamanic purposes and avenues. There is no value from the site for any that are not working with these energies. Yes, there were different cultures that came upon the sites years later and used them for their own political or religious advantages. That does not mean the site was designed for that cult, but only modified by them. 


The most powerful sites are ones that have been recognized for their abilities as each site has its own “forte”. These spots or points of reference are situated all around the planet and are energetic flows or currents of energy that support the physical reality we call Earth. At these locations (some call them vortex portals) many different vibrational levels and abilities can be accessed, and with very little effort. To trained shamans this is a huge advantage over and above their own abilities, as it allows an enhanced personal ability to connect to levels never achieved before. Each site will have its own specific energetic profile that can be recognized and utilized. This efficiency can be in the direction for healing, social bonding, research, contact with other forms of consciousness, and so on. This is where the UFO contact comes into play.  


The Power Sites are an attractant for humans and all kinds of physical and nonphysical entities. This includes what we have in this modern culture deemed as aliens. In truth there is no such thing as an alien if you look from the bigger picture, this includes our own spiritual origins.


Our souls have had many lives as Earth bound humans and many lives in other realities as different life forms that we would call alien, from our current position. As such, the UFO appearing on the same opening moments of my first visit to Tie Creek was no accidental occurrence.


UFOs and other strange phenomena are a offshoot product of these energetic spots or areas, even if the area is not recognized with any human markers. Although these areas could be mapped out, it would require a four dimensional map. The reason for this is the map would have to correspond to different human perceptional levels and the levels of the nonphysical entities involved. It is not that the spots generate these strange occurrences but it is that they allow the many different realities to cross paths, within our Perceptional Reality. These spots have historically been recognized, as seen in Europe, with ancient stone works being dismantled and replaced with Christian churches. It has always been in people’s nature to gravitate towards these areas and recognize their power on one level or another. Upon reaching one of these spots the interpretation can be felt in their silence, energy, or time altering ability. It would serve science well if they could understand this and try some of their more exotic experiments in a congruent place.


Through my shamanic journeys at Tie Creek and the teachings from these journeys I was told that this spot and the “extra curricular activity” that took place there was noted by the ancient natives some 8,000 years ago. It was from this time period that the local shamans started their lessons. Through observation and teachings they were shown how to use physical structure (rocks in this case) to align with the nonphysical universal structure to facilitate more efficient connection with other realities.        


In the picture series above you can see the entrance angle of the UFO, in relevance to the ancient rock structure. This angle is still marked off by three stones that were placed on the ground many years ago. The ancient ones were very aware of this phenomenon and its entrance porthole into this reality. The whole Tie Creek structure has many different purposes and was constructed over many thousands of years by different subcultures. The shape of the UFO (spherical) is a closer representation of its true shape as the disc shaped UFOs are “perceptional flattened” spheres. This can be demonstrated by UFO observations in historical terms, as seen as sailing ships in the sky and wheels of fire. Each generation will perceive differently, depending on their belief systems and personal experience. Also you can see in the three pictures that this object is entering into a more physical state with the last pictures being a grey colour and the first a more nonphysical energy colour.






Beneath Tie Creek (in granite bedrock) is a chamber that I have remote viewed. As part of this chamber there is also an ancient first generation of transport device used by the occupants of the UFO. Its operation is similar to the Sonoluminescenc known in science today. This first generation transporter uses harmonics and the quartz crystal matrix of the granite bedrock to create the desired outcome. Apparently they still use the site as a “teaching museum” of sorts to show the evolution of their equipment. I was also shown the second generation and the third, but the last was a little beyond my capacity to understand. 

Tie Creek UFO

Tie Creek UFO close up

Tie Creek, Manitoba UFO

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