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Soul Group

Soul Groups

Excerpts from a channelling session:

June 8/03

The channelling started with a past life bleed-through. How do past and future affect each other? I was shown that the Soul "fragments" that are projected out from the Group are not really fragments but are complete unto themselves. They are smaller replications of the main soul "signature". I was shown and (will get into it later) that the Soul Group is a composite of orb structures that are interconnected. The system and structure builds onto itself in a never-ending way. I saw the individual creations (physical beings) connected in a triangular fashion. The people were energetically spherical objects at the apex of these triangle structures and connected

Each of these soul aspects or physicals had the initial soul signature energy that gave them a common link and a common goal-lesson focus. Each had "tag on" energy parts or tools from various sources from inside the main group or outside of the group. These tag on energies are what made them (and us) individuals and unique from each other. As the individual grew out of lessons and teachings these "tag parts" or tools become redundant and are then purged. The parts were not wasted but are adapted by others in the Soul Group or in the individual "fragment families". Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be converted. As one individual completes their lesson and casts off their old parts another adapts it as new to them. These new parts are the new lessons and learning for this individual in the moment. The cycle continues in an almost never-ending adapting and casting off of energy parts. This is where the bleed through come into play. As you adapt new parts others have in turn cast them off to you. There are energetic flavours that are associated from the last owner. This can be or not adapted by the new receiving member. This is always a choice and is up to us as individuals to decide on our own. We can if we believe in the past (there is no time or space) adapt some of the tag energies of the last owner as references to past through placement value only. We might also refuse the tag energy and only adapt the purest part of the "tool". The best part of this is that because the last owner has finished this lesson there is also a "tag-on" answer or solution to the lesson. For every issue in our life we do have the answer. They said that you couldn't have an issue without having the answer in you. You cannot formulate issues unless you can create the part that competes the issue. A circle is only a circle because it meets at the other end.

This is also how energetic issues are passed through genetically. Soul fragments do sometimes formulate physical families that carry, adapt, and cast off parts to each other. This is ingrained into the physical gene and can create stronger workloads for certain families and individuals in them. The future can also bleed through into the past but the past cannot bleed through to the future unless the future contacts the past first. This is because the future in "past tense" (linear three dimensional time) has not yet constructed a path to the past. This path is constructed (consciously-energetically) upon conception of future events. It is at this time that the "future" event grounds itself into a construct of identity, which translates to identifying to past events for recognition of self.

With all this is happening at once the structure and connecting energetic aspects are what makes it all work and identification of sequence becomes evident to all concerned. The past now through contact from the future has a course to follow. Identity through structure is maintained as a seamless adventure. The web grows as others come into play. The game becomes an intricate web of exchanging lessons, knowledge, and experiences.

Soul Group

Soul Group harmonic structure has the same structure as localized centers of expanded beings within even larger styled structures. All centers of consciousness have a unified structure that is inherent to the vibrational signature of the entity. By its very existence each entity must conform to structure that allows form to be created. Without form there is no creation only energy. The amount of energy, and the way in which it is gathered will determine the form. The flavour of the energy will determine the vibrational aspect of the entity.

This is the foundation of creation in singular form. Within the matrix of "All That Is" harmonic lines weave and cross in the ever-expanding state of perfection of "All That Is". It is at the crossing of two or more of these lines that creation takes place. Each "line" depending on proximity to source and direction or "distance" from source will determine its flavour, it's vibrational signature, and it's slant. At these nodes of creation consciousness is born through refection of difference between the two or more energy signatures. Reflection is comparison and recognition of difference. It is through recognition of difference that one becomes one and others can be compared to as equally different. Difference is the definition of alive. It is the difference between physically alive and non-physically alive. Alive is consciousness regardless if it has physical form or not.

As consciousness recognizes itself it also becomes aware of other conscious entities. This creates growth through energy exchanges and refection. The seed entity uses the other seed consciousness to expand its own awareness. It does this through an equal energy exchange. They do not absorb each other. Growth continues in this fashion until an area of recognition exists. This area, because of it proximity to source, has its own signature, and its own shared criteria. This is the birth of a Soul Group local. It is still not a Soul Group at this time.

Through "All That Exists" many locals are built small and large, singular to millions of parts. These pockets of distinct locals or communities continue to exchange energy and experiences. There comes a point in which the saturation levels of growth allows the local to shift into a new level. This happens through harmonic law. The quality and power level of resonate frequency brings the local to a vibratory state that cannot maintain its structure and it collapses into itself. This is the birth of a new level. There are fragments that continue to keep the original vibration because their proximity was at the edge of the local, and the level of vibration was not as strong there to reach a state of ascension.

So it is at this point that we have a true (very simple) Soul Group. This is the basic structure to a Soul Group, one "structure" within another. The process continues and in time you have many, many dimensional vibratory levels all within the same local. Because the original seed aspects were arranged on the original web, the structure is maintained throughout the different levels. Remember there are different levels of webs. In other word you have seed consciousness (orb) within another (orb), within another (orb), and so on. They all occupy the same "space-local" but are separated by vibration or frequency. The separation is maintained through the original structure of the web.

In the diagram above, the original grid aspect creates the joining of two energies to create a singular simplistic conscious entity. This grows out in spiral-orb fashion to touch others and co creates with them. As the creations become more complex different dynamics come into play. These dynamics are what is experienced as "other selves". "Other selves" are a blending of different energies to create similar expressions, but in different flavors of the "same". Thus these different flavors have a contact and a source energy in common. They can and do intermix energies and experiences although they are not always conscious of it. They can remain conscious, and some do, or can remain singular in focus, and just be. The process goes on regardless. There is also an aspect of the source energy that is in constant recognition and awareness. This source energy is what propels the whole operation into being and is the source of its energy. Refection comes into play through contact and exchanges with others of the same expression or other sources of consciousness.

It is at the different levels of vibration where similarity in frequency all takes place. Two different frequencies could not co create simply because they do not exist in the same environment or dimensional state. There is still bleed through but not direct access. As the orb energies mix with each other, there are different degrees of the same common frequency. These are were other selves of the same creation exist. As you walk through life and follow your road, there are different forks in the road. It is at these forks that one conscious level continues and another stays behind to continue the original road. One becomes two and yet they are the same creation but separated by vibration or "road". One may die and or be recalled to the source energy while the other goes on. With the many roads that are forked in a given life time there could be many different lives all living parallel existences. The bleed-through continues, and as some individuals die off, the appropriate selves reabsorb parts of their energy that is needed or conducive to them. In "time" the "expression" has run its course and all are reabsorbed but not lost. Both aspects are experienced at one time. If love and experiencing love is the goal then there will be parts of that same creation that will be experiencing the total lack of love as well. No "time" or energy is wasted when spirit explores the expression. It is at the point of re-absorption that all is known and experienced through comparison.

You as a consciousness have the free will of what you need to feel and experience. This can change totally in the next lifetime or not. The essence of sprit must understand and can only do this through comparison via difference. There is no bad, ugly, demonic, or negative experience because it is spirit looking at itself. It is spirit recognizing duality and different charges of the same expression. Pain and love are the same expression for without pain you would not fully understand love. Pain brings your awareness to a higher level to be examined. Through pain you always see clearer through the virtue and expression of that which does not need to be repeated again. Nothing is repeated, it only changes through virtue of perception. Perception is the only thing that stands between seeing it "all" at once. Without perception you would see all. It is the only filter in you environment or dimension. Perception divides the "selves" from one another. If your perception is hurt, fear, insecurities, etc. you will be the one that continues the original path. If on the other hand you perceive the infamous "full glass of wine", you go through the fork and main retain that perception.

Different orbs of different vibrations exchange allowing different mixtures to exist. As these creations become complete in understanding they also become a balanced state. It is in this balanced higher vibratory state that one ascends into a new or deeper orb level. The gate only is available through balanced states and cannot be achieved any other way. Since the highest vibration is in the center of the orb structure the implosion or gate will be there. Going into will get you out! Without space or time this allows an infinite amount of inner orbs or dimensions and levels.

In the diagram above, Source Energy expands into larger but lower frequency orbs. Co-creating and sharing with other Source Energies are seen in the diagram below. The octahedron is the gate and the orbs are created along the edges of the energy crossings that define the edge of the gate or octahedron structure. In the picture " Soul Group" at top of article, you can see the larger collective of orbs creating a Soul Group. The lines are just energy connections and part of the God Force structure (grid).


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