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A Mayan Stone Circle


Now dissembled and stacked like cordwood these limestone cylinders had a specific purpose that is still to be understood.

Musical stones of Chechen Itza

Musical stones of Chechen Itza

As you enter the Mayan site of Chichen Itza you may spot this stack of stone at the edge of the trees.

This is the archaeologist's answer to something that does not fit into their established beliefs of what ancients were capable of doing. It cannot fall under the category of phallic symbols or some obscure cult or fertility worship so we will just stack them up in the corner. When these limestone bullet shaped artifacts were found, someone was inspired for some reason to strike one of them with a wooden mallet and found out that it produced a note. At the time of their discovery in the Mayan city of Chichen Itza it was around Christmas time. The discovery of notes being produced by striking these stones led to the season by playing Christmas carols on them. They lay there for tourists to play with until some started to use stones or other objects for hammers on the artifacts. This type of damage made the authorities place them behind a fence out of reach of people's destructive nature. The archeologists at this site, not knowing what or how to understand the significance of them stacked them up like cordwood. They are actually known as Lithophones and have been observed in other cultures going as far back 10,000 years. For more on this see article:


One of my best friends is probably the most talented channelers on this planet. Her abilities are second to none and have brought out a lot of incredible knowledge and someday will be put in text for others to read. During some sessions we channeled in a Mayan priest from the past. When I asked what these stone cylinders were for he told me that they were placed in a spiral shape. It was then used with other tools at a designated time in conjunction with other Mayan centers to create a dimensional opening. This was to facilitate communication with dimensional worlds. Those of you that study Sacred Geometry will not be overly surprised with the connection between harmonics and the spiral.

The stones were laid out in the same pattern as the energy spirals seen at ancient sites.




This same Mayan priest that we connected to brought out a lot of information including the unexpected. One night I asked about the Mayan City of Coba and its role in the Mayan Empire. He told me that Coba was the political capital and keeper of the records. This was one of the reasons for the unrest between Coba and Chichen Itza. As we now know Coba lost the struggle. He also said that there is a hidden chamber of records (in a yet to be discovered Mayan site) south of Coba. I know the last thing we need is one more prophesied "Atlantian" type of chamber. First we have Edgar Cayce's prophesied chambers, one at the Egyptian Giza plateau and another in the Yucatan. He refers to these as the Hall of Records. He also makes mention of a chamber in the land of the Anasazi.

Along with this we have J.J. Hurtak in The Keys of Enoch talking about the Palenque - Tikal connection with a site at Cerro Rabon. I am now reporting of another one in the Coba area. If you check out the Google map below you will quickly realize that south of Coba is all jungle, with ancient roads (called Sacbeh) crisscrossing it under the tree tops. If you feel adventurous and want to search for this chamber feel free to contact me and I can supply more information about what to look for. A few years ago I did some jungle exploration around the Coba site. At the time I could not get down to the Yucatan until late in the season and the temperature was over 40 degrees Celsius. I found some very interesting things but with little time and the temperature I had to give up before even starting.

I have also remote viewed the outside appearance of this chamber site and it has a very distinctive feature that is not found in Mayan sites that far north. This will help separate this site from all the thousand pieces of Mayan artifacts spread throughout the jungle. It will be a big tip-off that the right spot has been revealed.

Coba Pyramid

Map of Coba showing the Sacbeh

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