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From Orbs to the Sphenoid



The information in this article is a compilation of material that I have received from my visits to the ancient sites, channeling, my own experiences, and other known material that is widely distributed. I have also received a great amount of help form Joanne Francoeur of B.C. She is a very talented channeller, psycho pomp, spiritual worker, as well as visually capable of seeing the etheric, and like me is experiencing this new phenomena. These pages are for the people out there that are experiencing something unusual happening in their bodies. I was told many years ago that the more I share with people the more I will receive. This is my part of this spiritual agreement. I view this information as a gift that must be pass on to those ready for the teachings. I would also like to give special thanks to Anne Morell for her help in putting it all together.

Understand that the teachings below are what I have been taught. They are not for everyone nor are they intended to be the absolute truth, so extract from them what resonates for you and with your own truths. The material is not complete and more information is constantly coming in. The material is being presented to open up possible new levels of unconditional love for all. It is a difficult subject to write about. Some of the information may conflict with your beliefs. It is not the intent to destroy beliefs but to offer new understandings. For those that have read any of the material on this site, I do not put any value into beliefs that have to fit into a box.

Part 1

From Orbs to the Sphenoid

The orb in its entire geometric splendor is the basis of all that exists as far as life is concerned in this three dimensional world. The counterpart shape is the cube of non-living forms of consciousness. Together they create the structural foundation of the physical world that we know. They are a combination that binds or glues the physical/spiritual structure of God or All That Is with the ethereal spiritual aspect of All That Is. This combination allows spiritual forces that cannot vibrate at lower frequencies to experience the physical world. Symbiotically, the lower aspects of all that exist also benefit because these aspects can physically experience the higher vibratory states.

At the higher and lower spiritual levels there exists an infinite number of spiritual frequencies or vibratory states. These frequencies all have different needs and requirements of expression on their evolutionary journey back to Source Power.

There is no hierarchy other than the one established through imbalance. There is no such thing as one vibration or one frequency being better or more important that the other. On the highest levels, "ALL" is understood and accepted as equal. All creative powers are understood and exercised.

So you see there is nothing that can cause a separate choice of expression. On all levels, it is the choice of expression that individualizes one aspect from the other. These different aspects of consciousness will group into common themes and desires so that a cooperative creation can be enhanced. This amalgamation happens on all levels and dimensions. It is known as "resonate vibration" (like vibration attracts like vibration).

On the physical end of the spectrum, family, friends and co-workers see us in our world. We can only attract to us what we are. It is impossible to attract that which is not of our frequency. We may interact loosely with unlike frequencies on the street or talk to these unlike frequencies briefly, but that is it. These little excursions away from or on the edges of our vibration are just moments of adjustment and sampling, a way of comparing so that we may understand where our boundaries exist. As you ascend higher vibration levels, you enter different vibratory states that are separated by Universal Laws of Structure similar to musical notes and octaves when one note ends at a definite edge where the other note is recognized. The dimensions are not that much more complicated by basic definition.

In all dimensions, consciousness exists and has entropy; a desire to attract another. This can be without awareness because of the Universal Law based on "resonate tuning". If you have a pail of stones and gravel that is subjected to a vibration, the aggregate will separate into layers of like size particles. The stones will be on the top, while the sand will migrate to the bottom. It is as simple as this because of the basic Universal Law of Structure. Remember, to go finer is to go deeper inside.

Soul groupings continue to evolve due to new spiritual energies being created. Within a Soul Group, the desire to create and experience is based on that which interests them in their growth. Other Soul Groups are chosen for different specific reasons to create and co-create with physical life forms here on Earth. This is the duality aspect of human kind. We are physical, but on spiritual levels, we are a complex composition of spiritual energies from two different aspects of Source Power. The physical body has a soul aspect that creates the physical human form. We humans are a combination of two basic souls or two "God Aspects". One is more elemental in nature and survival and reproduction are its mandates. The second soul aspect is what is referred to as "ensoulment" - the consciousness or personality that we call "I". The physically orientated elemental aspect belongs to the lower frequencies associated with the third dimension. If so desired, our bodies do not need the higher soul to survive and can under certain conditions continue to live without a higher conscious soul in control.

The physical/soul level attachment to the earth is the common source of creation. All the physical elements that go into creating a physical human body are derived from the earth's "cells" (minerals and elements). The Earth itself is a separate entity and has many layers of spiritual essences or conscious awareness layers. These different spiritual layers of consciousness expand almost all the spiritual dimensions from the first to the ninth dimension. The Earth originates from a Soul Group much higher in evolutionary terms than our present conscious source of Soul Groups; a higher vibratory state than our own Soul Source accounting for a lack of communication with the Earth's highest Soul Source.

The physical body has similar spiritual aspects and frequencies to all other life forms here on Earth. On some levels you could say animals are of a closer vibration to us than plants, and in the animal world, certain mammal species are closer yet. All that exists has consciousness, from the smallest basic atom to the most complex life form. Please see The Dorajuadoik for an insight into the lower consciousness. There is a direct relationship between genetic preference and what spiritual energies prefer to use as vehicles of expression. Complexity of spiritual energy is directly patterned here into what serves its purpose. This is how creation takes place. At the time of conception in humans, a second aspect comes into place.

The aspect referred to as "ensouling" is two different spiritual aspects combining in a symbiotic way to create a new life form. The physical/elemental "body soul" would only act and understand in the same way as any animal would. But with the addition of the higher vibratory soul, the human consciousness becomes a special animal. This animal is no longer considered to be part of the animal kingdom. In fact, without the second soul, the human animal would not dominate the planet. It would have a very hard time surviving here at all. Without the second spiritual aspect, this form would be relegated back to its original environment that allowed it to exist (i.e. pre-caveman). Ensouling allows this physical form to go beyond the boundaries of experience and reach out more creatively. In any symbiotic cooperation, both life forms benefit and thrive better than one.
The physical form is composed of cells of the host planet that vibrate to the flavours of spiritual expression of the planet's Soul Group. In other words, life on other planets would have different spiritual expression because of planetary source alone. In this dimensional expression, and this planet, the dominant vibratory state is silica. Silica is the most dominant element of this planet. Other elements combine with the silica to form minerals. This will be referred to as the "Silica Life Form Consciousness".

In fact, deep in our oceans there are life forms that are made up of only silicon. You do not need carbon to create life here. If you look at a Periodic Table of Elements, you will see these two elements are almost identical in vibration but simply one note "octave" off. The "Silica Life Form" aspect is the spiritual expression of Soul Groups that work together for a common understanding. In its expression, to know itself a split or division has to take place. These two God directional flows must reconnect so that a reference can be made and understood. This allows creation to compare and recognize through comparison of difference in being. The "silica" angle or physical part of Source Power is just one small expression that we see here as the planet Earth and it associated life forms.

The elementals - animals, plants, etc.- are all derived from this "silica" or physical expression of Source Power. In this directional "wing" of Source Power there are also different vibratory levels. At the very basic level they start as elements and minerals. Yes, rocks to have a spiritual element or basic consciousness. The problem is that this vibration aspect is too different from ours to be recognized. Some ancient groups of people can recognize this, but this will be explained further.

Barrier Canyon Pictographs   

This one-dimensional world of Source Power is the foundation of life and there is a definite, but not recognized connection to us. From this basic three-dimensional atomic vibration, the progression continues to increase in frequency until a certain point. It is at this point that the vibration is not recognized as belonging to the "Silica Force". It is here that this "silica" vibration in this dimension starts to resonate to the basic level of the other directional flow of Source Power. This other directional force was a spectrum of vibration that is lower in frequency enough to interact and combine with the "Silica Life Force". The melding of source powers continues into life forms that have a higher vibration. An analogy of this would be the rainbow, with two colours starting at opposite ends but a combination in the middle.

This other directional flow of Source Power is what I refer to as the "Carbon Life Form". The "carbon" and "silica" labels are just names used for reference because they are spiritual expressions before they become physical. Bacteria, viruses, lichens, mosses and up into the plant world form the first part of the chain that starts bridging the gap between the two sources in this reality. For example, lichens absorb "silica" spiritual aspects as they break and dissolve the rock that they grow on. There is a transfer of consciousness from "silica" to "carbon" at this point. These lichens in turn are consumed by other life forms that take this elemental "Silica Life Form" into their world to be expressed. This chain of events continues all the way to whales and humans, the highest "carbon" expressions that occupy this world. It is not just energy transference, but also the minerals that we absorb to form our bodies. Water seems to be the only exception the mineral world. It appears that it alone acts as a catalyst between the two forms.

Bannock Point petroform

Bannock Point Petroform cover with lichen  

Understand that vibration is simply expressed as a scale of faster to slower frequencies. Like the "carbon/silica" label, vibration is just a way of understanding and a reference to different directions of Source Power. There is no difference as far as what is better or more desirable; they are just as they are. As with the "Carbon Life Forms", there exists in the opposite direction a vibratory scale that increases into the "silica" expression. As you pull away from this reality and farther into the "silica" vibration, there is an increase in strength of this form of consciousness. This directional flow into the "silica" continues past the physical world and now enters the world of higher aspects of Source Power on this side of the "coin".


These aspects are known as elementals - power animals, diva, etc. They are at a higher vibratory state of "Silica Source Power". Within these spiritual worlds, there are different vibratory levels that allow a shift to occur as they vibrate at the opposite side of the frequency scale back to Source Power. Do not every think that the spiritual aspect of the elemental world is not evolved. This aspect of Source Power has the same power, awareness and creative abilities as the "higher" states of spirituality. In fact, from what I hear this side of the "coin" is evolving faster than human creation. Because of this evolution, there is more involvement in our world by elementals as they are here to prod us along.

To visit these worlds of advanced beings is what the shamanic teachings are all about. This is where the three shamanic worlds come into play - the Lower, Middle and Upper worlds. Traditional shamans or ancestors of our species used mainly the Lower World to access understandings because of species at the time had a higher "Silica Force" than we do today. These ancient people are not the same spiritual people that we are today. Because of the closer slant towards the "Silica Force", they were much more grounded to the planet and to the animal world. This was necessary because they needed to survive in cooperation with the earth's physical energy.

There are still people on the planet today that have this higher percentage of "silica energy" and they are quite recognizable. They are sometimes judged by their appearance as slow or non-teachable. This is because they have a higher percentage of opposite spiritual source than ours. They are just as beautiful in their world spiritually and physically as we are in ours. You can see a disconnection that takes place and the overlapping confusion of their interests and needs. They are today providing the same service for humanity as the lichens are doing in the plant world. They are bridging the gap between the two God Force aspects that we need before we can go on. They are here to teach us more than we can at this time teach them.

Kundalini energy

The shift was gradual, but by the turn of the century spiritual energies were in motion and the "Carbon Force" started transferring old cultures in the new direction. From what I have been told, the indigenous people back then were a different "spiritual species" than now. Compared to the old cultures, North American or European, there is a big difference in the makeup of those people and the genetically identical people today.

The mystery is that these people from the past were creating stone circles and pyramids for exceptional spiritual work and this work cannot be replicated today. The reason is that the design was intended for a spiritually different people. They had requirements that needed to be addressed and different than the ones we need at this time. They are not today's species, although they are identical in physical make up.

The Maya that built the pyramids are not the same Maya that live today. Neither are the Egyptians or most of advanced cultures of the past. The reason being that the percentage of spiritual essence has shifted. The past was a growing process that led us to this point in our evolution. There is no room or requirement for any of the past to be repeated. Yes, there are teachings and things to learn, but only what suits today's process. Connecting to the earth and nature spiritually has to be integrated into the human form as much as the other side for there has to be a balance. Practicing heavily in one direction without the other to balance the energy will result in a limited growth.

The spiritual swing can be likened to the pendulum. As it swings to one side it reverses its direction only the repeat the same amount of arc on the other side. But soon or later the pendulum has to come to rest, and the energy that created this movement comes into a balanced state. It is at this balanced state that true connection back to Source can be accomplished. This is because Source Power is in a balanced state. It is only at this balanced state that you can vibrate and connect equally at the same time to both directions of Source Power. See article Why did the Olmec Civilization Disappear.

Being an ardent "New Ager" is not the answer no more is just living the Shamanic way or really "physically grounded". It is good to know both and understand both directions and to be able to connect to both sources. It is through this connection that we can ground our spiritual aspects and needs to this reality. To live here in a balanced state is the key to completion.

How do we create a balance of energies? By listening to the old ways of connecting. I'm not saying to go back to the old ways for this will repeat what has been done. There is very little to learn by repeating the past. But there are valuable understands that can be taken from the past. We cannot be what these past people, because we are not them anymore. Physically and genetically we are the same, but the spiritual aspect has changed and will not repeat itself. We are today more "Carbon Force": but because we are also occupying bodies that were provided by the "Silica Force" then we have an opportunity to complete the exchange between the two "God Forces". We can start to see the magnificence and complexity of "All That Is", that all is expressed and with total acceptance.

Although some of us are not "historically connected" to this planet, we are still all connected through the physical-earth body. As we evolve and look more towards the "Carbon energies", we feel the dissimilarity of the opposite energy. There is a strangeness of the elemental world because of the total difference in spiritual slant. We all understand and can recall meeting someone that is the same vibration as we are. But we also can remember a time when our paths crossed a person of a completely different vibration and how this created feelings of fear, separation, intolerance, prejudice, etc. What would you feel like if you came into a physical crossing of paths with an elemental or "silica" form? The strangeness of the whole experience has been to reject them with fear. The gremlins, devils, Zeta Reticuli, and other "non-understandables" of God Source are rejected and labeled as bad.

This is just a perception of choice. Outside of this reality, there is no such thing as sin or negative aspects. I know there are those of you quoting circumstances, but that is because it is from your perspective. There are now only free choices that have been made on conscious or non-conscious levels. By accepting all, you bring yourself into a natural state of balance. In this state, victim-hood does not exist.

Have you ever wondered why humans today are attracted to some species over others? You could probably say that monkeys and apes look like us, therefore, we are attracted to them. But why is a fish generally not considered exciting yet a whale or dolphin is so attractive? Appearance-wise, whales and dolphins look like fish but are not treated the same. The difference is their spiritual slant. Neither is better than the other; it is just that we can relate to one over the other because we relate better to their spiritual slant or vibration.

If you take a rainbow and just look at the two ends alone, you would say that the two last colors have nothing in common, yet they do. To get to one, you have to progress through all the color to end up with the last color. If you said that the most beautiful color was purple and your whole world and beliefs were centered on shades of purple, then that is all there is. Now one day you across a yellow. Your first reaction is that the yellow is so ugly and foreign. This is because you cannot see that you are connected and that parts of the yellow are in your purple world.

This is the same as an "ugly elemental or demonic looking creature". They come from the "silica-elemental" side of spirit and yet we share a common source. The ancient Shamanic orders and culture of the world understood this but today we only see separation. At the same time in past culture, animals were worshipped because the recognition of a purer spiritual energy source ("silica"). So much so that there was a connection that is unknown by modern minds. In times of need in the past, North American aboriginals could call on that spiritual side for help. Animals like caribou and bison would literally walk up to these people so that they could be slaughtered to provide nourishment. Respect was given to the natural world because they were much more attached to it spiritually.

As for the question, do animals have souls? Yes and no, depending on what and how you define a soul. If your parameters for definition are "Carbon Souling", then you would say no. But if you see a larger picture, then you would have to say yes. This where all the confusion is whether you can incarnate into an animal or can we incarnate from animals. All souls or conscious energies have a common source that their energy is created from. This source is referred to as God or "All That Exists".

The main harmonic structure of the "Silica Life Form" is the cube. The cube is the basis for all crystalline structures. This is the structure of the planet and the mineral world. All that exists on this side has come from a common source vibration. It is a harmonic structure, and in this case, it is cube shape. It is the alignment of harmonic cube structures that create the harmonic grid. The cube structure forms a grid pattern because of it s shape and common vibratory level. Different sized cube vibrations will create different grid sizes. The edges of these cubes are the grid structure and these edges create the "pathway" for source power to travel.


On the other side of this proverbial rainbow is the opposite of straight, the curved line. The cyclic curved line spirals throughout all that exists. This spiral weaves throughout the cube structure of the physical and non-physical universe. The spiral is an incomplete sphere. When a sphere is formed, it is the completion of spiral energy and when done with the energy of the cube you have a physical manifestation.

This union of cube and sphere create everything. When created in the third dimension, the sphere energy of Source Power translates into "Carbon Life Force". Spheres or orbs are the dimensional harmonic structure of this side of spirit. They in themselves are complete environments because of their shape. The sphere is the spiral in completion and in rest or balance within a cube harmonic is now capable of recognizing with this world.

So far as the higher spiritual vibrations are concerned, the sphere shape is the vehicle but interaction must be with the lower vibratory state of spirituality associated with the cube structure. This is why we have egg shaped or spherical shaped ketheric layers surrounding our bodies. This is why the spiritual orbs that people are seeing more of have this signature shape, Yes, we still are physical, and yes, there is an elemental or "silica" state as part of us. The cube shape when expanded in vibration is understood in Sacred Geometry as "Metratron's Cube" or the tetrahedron. This geometric shape surrounds our bodies and is the connecting agent to the grid or cube energy. This is how we connect to this reality. The sphere and cube work in conjunction with one another to create life forms here. If these shapes are placed on a flat two-dimensional plane, it is referred to as squaring the circle. But putting this into a third dimensional shape, it would be called the sphere-cube.

corbon to silica

The degree and intensity of the source direction of the energy determines its spiritual slant. This slant will effectively be what the form will take and in doing so create its environmental slant. As the form continues its growth, the natural shift towards its root energy will ensue. This is evolution through expression of being. To evolve you first have to express the outer edges and develop inward from there. It is through the outer edges that all is formed and started. The complexity happens inward because the vibration increases as you go closer to the core. This continues until it becomes so complex in vibration that it can no longer hold this current form anymore.

This complexity happens in the centre of any harmonic form and it is in this centre the portal or octave is reached. The vibratory state in the centre reaches a level that will not hold its form and it collapses to form a new creation. As you can imagine the core point will appear smaller, but in fact is expanded into another reality or dimension. The point folds inward and then outward into another vibration or dimension of reality. The cube-sphere structure is still maintained because it is the basic building block of the universe. Because of this the basic edge of the cube-sphere structure is still maintained and in this new dimension there is growth inward again until the process is achieved over again.

As orb spiritual energies from higher vibrations come down into an environment they too will appear as restructuring. But because of their source, they can only appear as orb shapes. Their original vibrational structure may not be able to hold the pattern here because they are not part of this reality. They may be confined to the cube size of grids that interact with us. I agree with some people and say that the majority of photographs of orbs are dust, but there are images of real orbs that are being taken being seen by people.

 I agree with Sacred Geometry and find no fault with its teachings except with the direction of those teachings. The part that I disagree with is that working with the silica shapes (tetrahedrons) will connect you to higher spiritual vibrations. But this is the opposite direction that is needed at this time. What you will do is connect to higher "Silica" spirituality. There is nothing wrong with that, but we have done this in the past and now it is time for the another direction. We as a species have to maintain this "cube-silica" connection but we have accomplished all that is needed on this "Silica" level. It is now time in our growth to connect to higher vibratory states and that is not accomplished through the tetrahedron as some of you by now have figured out. This possibly one of the reason that the orbs are being presented her and now and with them the message or reminder. I know this flies in the face of these that say the opposite, so I have included another source to back up my "truth".

For the other viewpoint see bottom of page by "Mila", channeled by Karen Danrich.

See Orb Page

Old chakra system

Old chakra system

The message has been the same for thousands of years. "Go inward to find God". It has been said in many different ways, but the message is still the same. Inside of us, or inside the orbs of us, are the doors to spiritual enlightenment, for we are nothing more than orbs ourselves. From our spiritual source level, the vibratory or harmonic shape is spherical. Our chakras are scaled down versions of this shape. We are energetically a composite of energy spheres. At one time, the chakras were considered funnel-shaped. This is still true in some people as the spiral or funnel shape is an incomplete sphere. As our vibrations become higher, we become more complete and so do our energetic "creators" - the chakras. Completion and balance are the end result that is achieved through balance and evolution of spirit. Today many people are now in this state and their chakras are now complete orbs or spheres. This state is achieved by connecting to the higher vibrations of the carbon sphere not the silica cube-tetrahedron energy.

Activated Chakras

You are probably wondering, what is the importance of all this? As previously stated, the importance is to create a balanced and complete structure, a harmonic state that is at its completion. It is at the center of this structure that you will find the highest state of vibration. I have been shown now a few examples of what can be achieved at this center. For those that are at this level of completion, I will give you some practice work to try on your own. I'm not sure if people with incomplete chakras can get any results, but is still worth trying.

Once the chakras have achieved this orb state, then you can start to work on levels that you could not imagine before. You can do this work on any of the chakras, but in the article I will concentrate on the third eye chakra. Ancient mystics that achieved the orb-chakra level have left pictures that show the way. With this third eye chakra, the focus point is via the base of the sphenoid bone.

New chakra systemNew chakra systemchakras


The sphenoid bone is the foundation or connecting bone for our skull. Shown in the picture is the placement for this bone. At the base of this bone is a hollow bone structure that is cube in shape (big surprise isn't it). Yes, we are physical and we must also have this "silica" cube shape to connect us to the physical grid. So the bone cube and energetic orb that fits into it are all part of God's planned structure. The orb that occupies this place is blue in colour. The wings of the sphenoid radiate the energy out from this centre to the rest of the skull and brain. By focusing your consciousness into the centre of this orb you will be accessing the door out and into an ascension reality. By going into the centre you find the highest vibratory state of this orb and your being.

Sphenoid bone (corpus shenoidale)

The body of the sphenoid bone (corpus shenoidale) has a hollow bone as its base that is cube shaped. In the skull that has been split into right and left halves in the midline, this foundation is recognizable as a wedge of bone, which continues upward and forwards the line of the vertebral bodies. The wedge slopes upward from the front edge of the formamen magnum at an angle of 60 degrees, is about an inch and a half long and is continuous in front with the back of a hollow, bony one-inch cube. The hollow cube is the body of the sphenoid bone. The front wall of the cube cannot be seen from inside the skull since it faces back of the nasal cavity. It is in this cubed bone structure of the sphenoid that a special orb exists. This orb is the dimensional doorway into a new reality. I have been taken out of body through this doorway a few times now and have been shown how to find it. This portal or doorway has been known for thousands of years.


sphenoid bone


At this centre lays a black hole or tunnel. This tunnel, or wormhole as some would call it, appears when traveling down this type of structure, very similar to the wormhole that was shown in the movie "Contact". There are twists and turns but the journey is quick. As you exit this wormhole, you will find the other reality that we are vibrating into as a species. I will not give you any description of this environment because I do not want to bias your experience.

There are two things you can do both with your eyes closed. One is in a meditative state; bring in the "white light". If you look carefully you will see a black or dark spot in it. Go towards the spot until it opens up into a round hole. Enter this hole and go down the tunnel.

The second way is to take your attention and slowly focus backward starting from the forehead. As you focus backward look for the orb. If you cannot see the orb look for the colour (it may appear as purple-indigo or blue). Inside this colour, find the black spot. Again, go into this spot or tunnel. Not seeing the orb means that you are not seeing it from the outside and are already inside the orb with the colour all around you.

sphenoid bone

It is exactly the opposite of what I have always thought ascension would be. I'm not saying that this is the only way, but it is the way I was shown and it does allow you to see this other reality. In the past, I thought that you ascended up or out of your body and energetic field. What I have been shown is that you "go in to get out". Because there is no time and space this is possible. Space is another perception and does not exist (in our perception of it) outside of this reality. The smaller inward worlds or universes are the biggest and highest vibration. Appearance and size is an interpretation that we humans need to use in order to put things into perspective. What is happening is space is folding into itself and out (see picture below).

Sri Yantra

Above Sri Yantra an ancient symbol for the crown charka. To the right a more modern understanding of the chakra. This is a diagram of from C.W. Leadbeater's book "The Chakras", Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House, 1972edition. As you can see it's an orb and within this orb are two spirals of energy and a structure that can be seen as geometric. This geometric shape will depend on the slant of your vision and what you are connecting to.

harmonic structure

Our bodies shape is a product of the harmonic structure that defines us. This structure creates the bones and organs that allow us to exist here. If you look carefully at the pictures below you will see a harmonic image overlaying a sphenoid bone. Notice how the shape aligns with harmonic structure.

Sacred Geometry

sphenoid bone


Sphenoid bone

Sphenoid pituitary gland

Sphenoid and Pituitary gland

Omming parts

Nasal and palate bones are part of the Sphenoid bone and the reason Omming works in OBEs and meditation.

Ahura Mazda Zoroastrian god of light

Ahura Mazda, the Zoroastrian god of light – 5th and 6th century BC.

Showing the proper angle of ascension into physical perfection (For full explanation see The Schematic of Time and Ancient Sacred Sites).


From modern energy symbol of the Caduceus to ancient Barrier Canyon shaman work the energy of the sphenoid is well recognized. Notice in the shaman’s pictograph that the bolt of energy was recognized as blue and seen “within the eyes” symbolically as the color blue (not their natural color).


Mastering One's Own Destiny by Karen Danrich Channeling MILA - March 25, 2002…http://www.ascendpress.org


Many humans are in a fantasy of illusion that electrical sacred geometry that is Star of David or mer-ka-ba in structure will ascend a form in the magnetic creation that earth resides. Such geometry serves in early ascension only through initiation 1024. Beyond 1024, the electrical geometry is transmuted into a round pattern that is magnetic and related to the Language of Light. Earth is attaining initiation 3000 in October of 2001 no longer runs electrical sacred geometry upon a global level, or within her major chakras.

Those humans attempting to hold large electrical sacred geometry in motion will find such geometry turned now inside out and sent inwards into the molecular structure of their etheric body. Why? Such sacred geometry cuts up and shatters earth's rotational chakras and it hurts earth when such geometry is launched and runs for any length of time between many humans. Those focusing consciously upon setting in motion such global electrical geometry under the guise of supporting global ascension are only harming themselves; for all of nature focuses in return upon inverting such geometry inside out and forcing it back into one's field and molecules. Such energy movement then cuts up the grid work of the etheric body of those attempting such a focus and will lead to disease and an early death if one continues with such practices and intents.






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