The Tourillocree

The Sushumna


It is from the realization that consciousness not matter is the ultimate reality and thus the ultimate of all being.


Orbs do the same energetically as all structured harmonics. The vibration increases towards the center and at that point it folds inward to create a new harmonic shape and a reality that is associated with this new vibration. Universal law says that only like vibrations can attract "that like vibration". So by the very act of shifting to another vibration, you are in, or become that vibrational environment. The snake drawing called the Ouroboros is just another way of showing this process of going inside to find God. This has been part of the mystic understanding for thousands of years.


The chakras are the ultimate energy source in the body. Now and in the past they have been complete for the energetic bodies and lives that we have led. This chakra system now appears to be shifting into a new form. This new form will facilitate another level of completion. As we develop and finish our present physical process we need to bring in more balance in the way of spiritual energy. The old system can be considered "incomplete" because it is out of balance with the "total" spiritual part of us. Because we are so physical we need more of this spiritual energy to balance out this physical energy.

There are many of you that have been working hard to clear all the thick unwanted energies clinging to your energetic system. Clearing the front chakras are only the first step in this process. There must be balance in order to continue in our spiritual growth. The next step is to balance the energy flow from physical to spiritual. There comes a point in this unfolding and progressively developing state were energy is allowed to transfer between the front and rear of the body with little resistance. This transference is to facilitate a more evolved energetic body that will be created. This body will become the future vessel that will facilitate more human conscious expansion. Below is a picture of the old chakra system.


In this picture a typical human body is shown with some chakras activated while others are not for one reason or another. In this picture the heart energy is connected with an equal amount of spiritual energy flowing in via the back heart chakra. The chakras in this earlier system were only recognized by their energy flow. It is just the flow of energy that people were actually seeing. The chakra source was too small to be recognized. In the picture you can see that the energy flows into the back chakras as spiral energy. This is pure spiritual energy to be converted into the physical energy that flows out of the front chakras again in a spiral fashion. At the point where this energy is converted into physical is a small state of balance. This balance is in the form of a sphere or an orb shape. As you recall a spiral is an incomplete sphere, it is only when in balance that spiralling energy becomes a sphere. The old system shown has always been presented as spiralling energy. This is because it is an incomplete or unbalanced energy state. All of us have this center or balanced state between the two realities. The orbs are the chakras and are orbs because they are in full agreement with both realities. This is a conscious agreement and is facilitated by the growth and acceptance of the individual themselves. As we open up more energy is moved and as a results the orbs are increased in size. They also become more efficient at moving this energy in this state.

This can be accomplished by repeated activation of the orbs (chakras) with conscious awareness. As more clear energy is allowed and received from the physical side of the chakras more spiritual energy is increased because of acceptance and awareness of the process. This state of balance increases and the orbs grow in size as the balanced state is maintained through conscious awareness. This process goes hand in hand in bring higher states of consciousness and the continuation of more expanded energies. In the picture below the human body is seen from above with the old system being incorporated into the new orb system.


Body Chakras  

As the orbs grow they bring in more spiritual energy into this reality. Their energy can be felt physically as a continuation of energy around the specific area of the body (sphere shaped) rather than just an energized circle in front and behind the body. This growth is "in the moment" because we don't at this time in this reality need these chakras activated all the time. In fact, even with the basic chakras you will have trouble opening certain chakras before the conscious awareness is there to handle the energy and responsibility. When fully activated the new orbs can be seen and felt outside of the body as a large sphere shaped energy form. At "rest" or inactive they remain as orbs, but smaller in size. Joanne states "Our chakras function to a level that we need and then they evolve as our requirements and skills shift. This is part of the reason that I don't think it's wise to open other chakras. Our own energetic systems need to adjust themselves."



Because this orb expression is all so new to me I can only write about my current state of being and experience. In the pictures below to the left you can see the three main chakras orbs and their sizes that correspond to the physical body. The picture on the right shows the other chakras forming into orbs (but they at this time in my awareness are only one third of the size of the other three). I am not certain whether they will become the size of the other three, or if they are accompanying orbs rather than equals. It could be postulated (at this time) that three primary chakras shown are the main connecting energies that spirit needs for the future. The others although important, are more oriented to facilitating physical expressions. They may not be very necessary "energetically" in the future.

It is also obvious that spiritual energy must enter into the overall human orb via the top or crown chakra. This top flow of energy must be grounded through the bottom of the body to complete the connection into the physical. As this energy curls around outside of the body it forms the ketheric layer. This is the layer that the physical begins its creation and forms the largest orb or egg shaped energy vehicle. Once again this is a harmonic structure that is harmonically connected to the other chakra orbs. The chakra orbs act as transducers slowing the energy "vibration" down so that this energy can be translated into physical matter. Each orb (chakra) has been created to handle a specific energy or vibration that will be translated into different physical functions and in reverse the physical is translated back to the nonphysical.


energetic body 


The middle of all orbs or spheres, whether they are a complete universal (torus) or a human body, must have an "event horizon". An event horizon is created by the mixing of energies that are flowing in two but equal and opposite directions. (There is more on this subject, but I would like to stay with the one at hand.) So as this energy flows back and forth, from top to bottom or bottom to top, "Carbon Force" mixes with "Silica Force" energy to create the life form. It is at this merging of energies that a mixing current begins and creates the event horizon. This event horizon becomes the energy of the heart chakra. This combined form of energy is translated as, "Gods love force". "Love" is where "two energetic aspects of God" combined into recognition of self are balanced through completion. The two diametrical God forces are in balance, but when recognition occurs, it is transformed into pure energy called love (acceptance and recognition of oneself). It is this love energy that mixes and is the product of the two forces that allow creation to happen. This is why it is said that love is the creator of all things. Without this love energy there is just two separate energetic forces. In these terms love is the highest state of balanced energy. It is this combination of three energies that produce and are represented by the three main orbs. The heart chakra appears to be the seed that starts the whole process. So it is this chakra that is the easiest to work with and to expand. When you can achieve an unconditional love for life and yourself this chakra increases in size. From here it is only a small step to activate more spiritual energy from the crown orb and to ground it into the physical via the root orb. As we recognize the physical with love, the root orb grows in size feeding the whole process and consciousness with it.

Remember that these orbs are harmonic in structure and like all harmonics they have three-dimensional shape. This three-dimensional shape when viewed and drawn on to a two dimensional plane (paper) appears as a Mandala. Mandalas are two-dimensional representations of sound or as the Tibetans say "frozen sound". In the picture below to the left is a two-dimensional drawing of the root chakra energy. The core structure can be seen as well as the petals or wispy edges of the harmonic. This is shown in the middle picture with an actual harmonic photo. This harmonic photo is not a photo of a chakra, but is one of the many pictures of sound that Hans Jenny took in his research of Cymatics (The Science of Sound). I have shown it only to demonstrate how the concept that sound, harmonics, and chakra shape is valid. The picture to the right show the two left pictures placed over one another. Below this a mosaic is shown with the two shapes placed over a human pelvis. If you look carefully at this poor representation you will be able to see that the center triangle (which is a two-dimensional tetrahedron shape of energy) corresponds to the shape of the sacrum. Joanne says that: "this triangle shape represented the flow of energy and not an actual geometric structure." You can see the outer edge of the orb lies in the center of the pelvic basin or bowl. The four-petals shown align with the iliac crest and the femurs muscular leg muscles.

Harmonic pelvis 


The picture below shows a human chest from above with the heart chakra symbol superimposed over the bone structure. Notice the alignment with the back vertebra and the sternum in front. This front sternum also shows a convex shape inside to facilitate the shape of the center orb.



Here is an insight that one of my channels said about the subject:

"Bone structure is related by placement alone. The bones do not form the chakra points. It is the other way around. They help hold the energy because they are the denser aspect of the physical body. The bones are more of the elemental aspect while the organs being composed of mainly water are more connected to the carbon life force. The orb energy connects the two realities of the spiritual and elemental aspects. This is done with thin energetic fibers that create the harmonic structure seen as an orb or chakra. These thin energetic lines of energy allow energy to flow freely back and forth between the two aspects. By allowing more energy to flow they strengthen and because of this can move more energy. As they move more energy they become intensified and grow in size. This expansion is spiritual energy being integrated more into the physical reality. This allows the two worlds to be joined and into balance. It has been up to now more physical and out of balance. These orbs will continue to grow and thus bring in more energy. They also overlap one another and leave a greater connection between the different energies. The body has no choice at this time but to become more light and less reliant on requirements of the physical form. Basically spiritual energy in descending into the physical. Because of this a more balanced state of the physical has to take place."

 Kundalini Energy and the Tourillocree

Kundalini energy


Kundalini energy rises from the base chakra in two separate energetic waves. In the yoga world they are called the Pingala (male energy) and the Ida (female energy). They cross one another at the chakras see picture above. The Tourillocree (commonly called the Sushumna) is shown in purple.

These two energy circuits are not what is known as the Sushumna (the Sushumna is just one part of the main energy channel that travels through the center of the body). These two energy circuits are the masculine and feminine Kundalini energies. This is physical energy that starts at the root or base of the spine and travels upward to the sphenoid bone. As this rising energy crosses its last chakra (the 3rd eye) it than travels down the sides of the nose. From here it carries back into the base of the sphenoid. In this sphenoid base the energy contacts and activates the essence of being (reality based) allowing the physical energy to be transformed into the spiritual essence (non third dimensional). It is here that realities mix and the orb centered in the base of the sphenoid creates a doorway into a new physical reality. Do not get this confused with the pineal-pituitary gland gateway. This gateway is connected to the ketheric layer and accesses non-physical dimensions. What I'm talking about is related to this but has its origins in a new higher vibratory physical world. A world that many in the past have tried to reach, for it has many names and of lately it is being called ascension. This is Joanne's explanation for the event: "Kundalini energy: It started from my coccyx, spiraling up, crossing through each chakra up to the throat, then it arched about an inch above my eyebrows, crossed through my third eye and entered the sphenoid chamber that you described. I could see that this created a physical activation, allowing for a skeletal vibration to resonate through my body. I closed my eyes, and immediately saw the Kundalini flow of the Pingala and Ida spiraling up through and down into that chamber of the sphenoid. "Transference", was what I heard as I observed the energy being transferred up into my crown and swirling around its outer edge." Below is a insert in this article by Joanne describing the Tourillocree.

Pingala and Ida


The Seven Layers of the Energetic Core

by Joanne Francoeur


"There is an energetic core that runs through the center of us, the center of our major chakras. This energy as I see it has 7 layers and is very much like a cable. Each layer has it's own vibration and function, as we heal, grow and evolve, the colors cover more completely and become more vibrant.

In my experience, the easiest to see of this core energy that runs through us is the Gold translucent layer referred to as the Sushumna, then the silver layer that represents our Essence Self and in the very center, the white light that is Source. I have been exploring this core energy and understanding each layer's function. When I asked my daughter what she saw in herself and me, she immediately recognized what I was asking, and energetically looked at my core. She went from the outside layer and came in. She explained, "First there is gold light fading to blue, then purple, green, orange, gold, silver and white. I can see through each color". When she described her own layers, she had different colors in her outer 4, but the inner 3 were the same. I was able to channel in further information regarding the functions of these additional layers and whether they change as we grow and evolve. I understand that we have the same colors in our energetic core through our life and that each layer is an expression of us. This collective core energy has the name, "Tourillocree" (Name derived from my Soul Group). In the center is white light which is Source, the 2nd layer is silver which is Soul or Essence Self, the 3rd is gold which is what I referred to as the Sushumna (relating to both the physical and spiritual expression), the 4th is expressing the individual's life's purpose, the 5th layer represents our energetic skill or gift, the 6th layer represents what we are advancing in and the final 7th layer is the expression of our life's agreement or contract.

Each of these layers is translucent, and in seeing them from my perspective, I can see the next layer by traveling through with my vision. Interestingly, my daughter looks from the outer layer, inward and I the opposite. As I understand it, the first three layers are the same in order and color in all humans. The outer four layers differ, are expressions of who we are and what our life's purpose is."

March 20th, 2003 ©

The Trourillocree's Flow by Joanne Francoeur

As I learn and understand more about this energetic core, I am able to see its flow. I have observed the flow inside the body and now have come to understand its movement outside the body. When the tourillocree is not impeded in anyway, the layers separate into two groups. The inner core of the white Source light, the silver Essence Self layer and the gold Sushumna layer travel out the body and through the Katheric layer out to the Universe. The remaining four layers travel out the crown chakra, above (approximately 3 feet) the body and spread out and around the inside of the Katheric layer. The flow continues back up in through the root chakra, up through the remaining charkas and out the crown again. The pace in the flow varies as our needs change. The intensity of the light also may vary as we grow and evolve. The stages of life that we are in from newborn, through to an individual preparing to pass from this life also affect the density of certain layers. For example, I was assisting someone in a process of leaving this Earthly plane and their needs changed. The silver layer of the Essence Self went from the size of a cord, to a denser rope-like appearance. As my understanding of this energetic core grows, I will continue to share the information.

April 3, 2003


I have always thought that the ascension process was raising your vibration out of this reality. It turns out that you do raise your vibration but you have to travel in to get out. The old adage "go in to find God" still stands. Just a little confusing until you look at the dynamics of the orbs. As discussed in Part 1 the orbs vibrate with increasingly higher vibrations towards the center. It is at the center that the highest vibration is reached for the structure. It does not stop there but universal law says that it must change form to step into a higher vibration or octave. Harmonic structures do not gradually change but switch immediately into new form or shapes when vibration increases. This is the same as entering into a new octave or higher level of the same notes.

Bringing vibration to this sphenoid bone also effectively will stimulate the orb's energy and connect us to its state of higher vibration. Toning, breath, and visualization are the most common means of doing this. With breath the air rushes over a curled tongue and stimulates the hard palate or palatine and maxillae bones. This vibration quickly rises into the sphenoid bone and into the orb. It's not just the bone structure that carries the vibration but the nerves are also very directly connected at this point. Certain sounds will produce different effects but "Omming" is the best. Varying different vocals of this sound can also produce slightly different slants on the experience

Sphenoid energy vibration


This procedure of activating the orb is being used by many including Reiki attunements and Munro Institute style of OBE's. Obviously the Tibetans and other older cultures are very familiar with sound to produce the effect.

Other than breathing and toning techniques, you can also just use visualization. This is accomplished by going into a meditative state and bringing your focus back into your head. Start with the mediation first, than from a point between the forehead and the base of the nose slowly move your focus back into the head. You will reach a point were you see the color blue or the orb itself. If it is just the color or even variant of the color this is fine, now look for the black spot. It may be small or very obvious. Bring your attention to this blackness and enter it. It is here that you will find the wormhole that provides the conduit to the next reality. If this energy and attention is sent farther into the pineal-pituitary gland gateway then you will be entering nonphysical realities. It all takes practice and the experiences will be "filtered" through your own expression. Because of this I do not what to tell you what I have experienced due to the fact that this may hinder your own experience or flavour of realities.



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