How to Resist Energy Sappers.



There is a lot of information out there on how to protect oneself from people that drain your energy. After meeting certain people one can feel physically drained or tired. This is very common and most of the information out there is all about building protection shields and walls to keep them from robbing ones energy. This is not the desirable way to go about it, as it is very limited and takes effort that should not be required. The only way I found effective (out and about in the public) was discovered accidentally. This was through an observation of myself years ago as manager dealing with the public and just meeting different people in the evenings. 

The reason these “energy sappers” love to hold onto another person’s energy is because they lack their own vitality, or basically are of a lower energy and feel your higher energy vibration as nutrition (like a child needing to be feed). They actually get a “high” off this without even understanding their feelings or that it is you that are providing the “high”. The secret is that they are allowed to do this, by us, on one level or another. Putting up barriers and blockages sometimes just encourages them. It also takes energy and focus to do so. This extra work and energy is not fair or needed. In fact it only has a partial effect on them as they learn how to use this extra defence method as a way of control (puppet strings). They just become more skilled over time and a person has to “up the ante” to keep ahead of them. Doing healing work can attract even more of them and at many different levels of need, with personalities being physical or nonphysical. They gravitate to one like a magnet. Upping the energetic field just attracts more of them.

The trick I found was to vibrate past their ability to recognize your energy. Each level of person will recognize most lower levels, their own level, and one level of vibration higher then themselves. Raising ones vibration higher than that one level above theirs will take the ability out of their hands. They will not even recognize your energy vibration, never mind as food to them. In fact they do not even physically see you in a crowd! You become invisible to them and thus uninteresting to them. Even if the odd one recognizes the higher level of vibration they are incapable of “grasping” or holding on to it.

I have proven this many times with being in groups of people were I was told to watch out for that certain person as they are an “energy parasite”.  At one occasion I arrived at the event with this waning and within minutes was unavoidably introduce to one of these people. A few seconds after being introduced I saw their eyes swing over to the side and start to scan the room full of people. I was as interesting to this person as a sidewalk. It took only a minute for them to pick out their next victim and almost plow through me to get to them. I was essentially invisible to them. I think most people have experienced this and took it personally but is it all about another level of interest called resonance frequency. Having a common or within range of a common vibration allows this to take place.


Here is a passage from the “Schematic of God” I wrote years ago. The subject involves vibrational separations but it is still relevant to this topic:


“Each dimension will have its own spectrum of vibrational levels that compose that individual level or dimension. But if the specific dimension’s lowest vibrational layer is still too high for you, then you will not be able to resonate with it. You may experience a brief “visit”, which is exactly what happens with many profound mystical experiences. They are usually one of a kind and cannot be maintained or held because the individual can’t sustain a vibration that is not them. So how do I manage to journey into vibrational fields that I cannot come close to in this human conscious form? It is very simple and yet takes many years to complete. By completion I mean a balanced state of being. To arrive at a balanced state takes years of personal “housecleaning” and reorganizing of your beliefs. Housecleaning is clearing all that is in conflict, with expectations, fears, past hurts, and so on all acting on your vibrational field to keep it in a lower state. It is a huge topic and there are many self-help books on the market, but I think you get the picture. As you get closer to clearing all from this life you will inevitably start to stray into prior lives and levels for more clearing. With each level cleared a new level of connection will be gained and a new sustained higher vibration.”


Another passage:

“If the person is of a lower vibration they cannot be expected to reach extremely high vibrational realities. This is simple harmonics or vibration and as shown in this book, there are universal laws that group vibrations into their own specific range of intensities or scales. In other words there are only so many vibratory levels you can access before it is out of your ability or range of spiritual vibration. This range aspect can also be referred to as a filter system, when no real filter is needed because the system is self-regulatory by design. As mentioned before there are octaves of harmonic “notes”. You will be able to travel in your “octave” but to continue to the next level or octave you will first need to become that level.”


If you are a healer, and have a dedicated room for this you can use smoky quartz, and a lit white candle to help to drain or move the undesirable energy from the room. The key here is to place these objects in point of the room that have energetic lines of movement. These lines are the “shrine” aspect of the room itself. They are along energetic angles that facilitate the energetic movement back to source, earth, ground, etc. Ask or feel what would be the most efficient angles in your “shrine healing room” for this. For more information on how shrines work see the Shrine Page.

Beware that one of the first signs that you have after a stained rise in your vibration is the recognition that you are not seeing some old friends as much anymore. This is an indication that you are moving on and some of them have not. This includes all levels of relationships. In other words be ready for a change as it goes hand in hand with this shift in energy. Some people in your life will simply fall away from your reality.

Rising ones energy vibration permanently is not a quick and easy thing to do. Typically we do it in steps that require refinement along the way. Examples of raised vibrational states can be done with meditation and working with nonphysical guides, but these levels of vibration cannot be maintained. Typically outside influences will “re-ground” one into their common vibration. Unless you live in a cave as some monks do you will be reclaimed into the reality of everyday life and the work place.

The first thing to do is stop watching the daily news, change ones music to more elevated choices, hang around people that are positive and so on. The most important thing that has a long lasting effect is to do one’s own “personal house cleaning”. That alone will create a permanent vibrational level.


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