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World Grid

The World's Grid

"A small part of the Universal Structure"

Below are some independent (from my own) observations of the Universal Grid by people using an OBE (Out of Body) technique. This level is observable just outside the physical level of reality. In the first  reference Déjà Allison describes the grid as diamond shape because this is the level she is observing it from. The initial shape is  a 3D cube and as vibration increases the ratcheting effect creates many different geometric shapes, but all in 3 dimensional forms. 


By Déjà Allison

"This is an illustration representation of a "grid" of energy. It is the very essence and fabric of the universe and is the energy that connects all. In the illustration the grid has boundaries. It had to be drawn that way for the sake of explanation. When I see grid - it has no beginning, no ending. The grid is above, below and on all sides of me. I am of and in the Grid and when I have unconscious awareness I can be on the Grids as well.

The grid shimmers with "current" or grid flux.

It has no color as there no color at subatomic levels as such. Color is a visual portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It demonstrates a continuity of energy showing length and frequency of that particular pattern of energy - ie: the color red vibrates more rapidly than the color purple. Purple vibrates much slower in frequency. Color is just a complex neurophysicalogical response. That's what makes the different color manifestations. Why we call them what we call them is due to human labeling.

If you place the grid vertically you will see it makes a four-sided diamond shape - following creational geometry. It is the interlace weave pattern of Universal Structure. It is what has been referred to as, "God's Trowel". When energy flows unobstructed the flux remains relativity even - though there is always intonation at all times. You can also see examples of how the shape forms other geometry for manifestation. Human DNA is configured by this geometry. In order for the flux to have different levels of intonation there must be a catalysis of some kind.

Space tells matter how to move. Matter tells space how to curve.

Matter is the "densification" of energy. Thought and action are two of the different types of catalysts. There must be movement of some kind to effect change. Change as we perceive it differs universally.

There are many "Laws" that govern the Grids. There is a 'Law of Balances', 'Laws of Neutrality', and yes, there are immutable laws. Immutable laws are codes of energy that once put into motion cannot be stopped and they must play themselves out to whatever conclusion. How it affects us is in equal ratio to our own energy patterns. Laws of Attraction apply here and what determines them is all our thoughts and actions and the types of experiences to which we have engaged whether it is this lifetime or another. Immutable energies cannot be stopped, there are loop holes and they can be, in certain incidences, be alteration as to the way the event is channeled ( to some degree) but not stopped completely.

Grid Lines

(Illustration by Déjà Allison)

Example A. is a Flow Line. It usually represents an even energy flux. If I see this it means that expression is moving in harmony without much impedance.

Illustration B shows a DDS grid line. What is a DDS? DDS is a Dynamic Dimensional Space. This line usually sparks the initiation of a telepathic or telekinetic event.

C. In a synchronic or mirrored event it means that events have connection or are linked in ways other than regular sequence like flow lines are. Synchronicity is an event that singles itself out to have importance to us bridging the abyss from the unconscious to outer consciousness of reality in our everyday lives. It grabs our attention if you will. The feeling of "dejavu" is a fine example of this type of expression. Synchronicity shows itself in creative manifestations, by images, sounds, or events that are all linked by ones observation and it brings one to a higher level of awareness and reality about themselves others are something.

The spike in the grid as illustrated in illustration D, represents a twenty-four hour event. It is usually sharp a spiked very high off the grid.

E. Is a time skip that is to say these energies skip and go out of phase or pattern. They are somewhat more unpredictable than any of the other lines and karma plays an incredible amount in these types of grid markers.

When I see a duration and intonation like illustration F., it tends to be a Universal event or connection. Sometimes events that are traditional religious, or spiritual comprised manifest this way first.

G. Represents a series or 'sequenced" event. This means that there will be a repartition in the pattern or a string of events that will "appear" to happen one after the other. By the wayŠ. sequence or what we term as sting events only appear in logical sequence to the conscious mined. It does that so it can make sense and order of reality. Reality, however, isn't always sequential, but that's linked temporal physics where effect can precede cause.

H. Represents a series of events that take about 72 hours to manifest on the physical earth plane. They are usual linked by similar resonance and follow a spiked pattern that shows intensity. Usual the more spiked the pattern the more obtrusive the event upon the earth plane RT line. There are so many other different patterns. I have only represented a few here just for the sake of explanation of this topic.

Vortex Grid

(Illustration by Déjà Allison)

The illustration (below to the left - at the end of this article) is an example of how one event can and does affect all dimensions. I have been seeing this for years, now. I have soul traveled (OBE) the grids since childhood. On these different levels are other manifestations of existence. It may be parallel or not. I haven't drawn ALL the different dimensions and levels available. I couldn't - it would be impossible to do so. I’m just giving a sort of quick representation of what layering and dimension looks like as it carries the event.

The bottom part where you see what looks like a fan that bottom part is the Pool of Souls. It is the Primal Essence of all creation. It is where ALL is created and manifested from. The squiggle line inside is the best I could do to represent what looks like the petals of an open Lotus flower. I'm not sure I still understand the full potential of that as yet.

As you can see, no thought or action - no matter if it's past, present of future escapes the grid. Everything has an effect on everything else. Is this what they mean when they say no person is an island unto themselves? It becomes quite clear why we are responsible for all our thoughts and actions. Look what one thought does! As the effect is moving across the grid it flows down (only a human directional term for sake of depiction---not an actuality) and enters the pool of continuing flux. This is why we can only create from what we create.

What are Grid Lines and how are they created. Ancient sites used for collectors of this energy.

I began to consider why and even how these people knew where to place them. I began to compile data. It appeared that the depth of the strength of the grids varied. Somewhere 300ft others a tad slight more shallow. Yet when I tracked them they could run for miles, straight across the land with slight lifting periodically here and across other where only 1 foot and a half. Some of the ley lines seem to just abruptly end after miles. Yet when I would switch from earth plane viewing to soul travel view I could see they traveled infinitum cross vectoring and changing their subtly as they switched to the different levels and dimensional manifestation. Only in several places did the ley lines actually cease. Now, viewing these manifestations on the Time Line gird is a whole other experience, of which is not what this article is about.

To continue in the vein of this writing, I now began to wonder how these people knew where to place these shrines. I interviewed most all of the creators of these testaments to faith and spirit and in every case when I asked why they placed their shrines in that particular spot the over amazing reply was that, "God told them" or that the, "Blessed Virgin" said that were to put it. When I asked them how they heard this they said they prayed to have a guidance of where it should be.

Interestingly, enough some said too that they heard a high pitch whine when they got right on the exact spot. When they would divert to any other direction the tonal pitch would weaken or waiver. So, ley lines, also have tonal qualities as well. I was skeptical, at best. Remember these were my "scientific" days the days where tangle earth plane proof was required to make it legitimate. Course, eventually, I did out grow that rather limited definition of "real"--It much more education and informative to be out of such a rigid confine. Universe saw to that by giving me an assortment of abilities and experiences, as is always how soul lessons go here upon the earth plane.

It then became apparent, while gathering my data, as to why over the thousands of years of human civilization and cultures, why there where sacred grounds, places and monuments, etc. Graveyards are nothing more than chosen places to place our departed, but they are designated places nonetheless and consider hallow ground. Churches, synagogues, temples and all holy meeting places are usually built on consecrated ground. The reason? To uplift human consciousness at that gathering place. Haven't you ever felt exalted sitting in a sacred place? Well, it more tan just a psychologically association as to why you are feeling that--its the ley lines underneath you!

I think, to a lesser degree the creating of gardens, hedged mazes, lawn makers, and other social markings are still in inlayed attempt at ley line placement. They mark, for their creators, special spots or places where they will frequent most oft and leave in an elevated state of either awareness or peace. These are the places of harnessed and unbridled Universal flux. The East Indians called these places, tantrapieds. Nothing is more relaxing to me than the traditional oriental garden with its bridge over a body of water. I prefer running water via streams, ocean, waterfalls, etc., as ponds, lakes tend to stagnate if they are not kept flowing. Meditation and compilation are brought to a higher level. The traditional religious retreat is based on similar surroundings.

Grid Gates

These existing power points along the grid network have very interesting results as they converge on to the Time Line. They have a profound effect on Time. They can be "pop in" points or "windows" to peek into the alternative of present or even the past and the future. In my Time Line viewing I see these Gates all the time- no pun intended. They are incredible. One doesn't need a gate though to "pop" a Time Line. One, if they know how, can just "walk" into any existing dimension via site line. As popularized by a lot of TV., films and sci-fi books, a vortex is not needed to Time Trip.

Water, Rivers and Other Flow Lines

Natural as well as artificially constructed waterways or paths have a profound effect on the grid's quality. I have seen Ley Lines refracted, weaken, enhanced and altered in a variety of ways. Hot Springs and natural formations like them are sitting on top of major convergence points. So, as you can see, Ley Lines can be used for healing and transformation too.

How Can One Detect Ley Lines?

Well, if you don't have access to film, scopes and you aren't gifted with psychic sight or can't soul travel, then I suggest you try Dowsing. It is an extremely old technique used for locating Ley Lines and in particular those with running water. Well diggers have occasional called Dowsers when they were having difficulty locating water. The dowser can feel the emanating currents up through their entire body. I tried doing this myself once thinking, sure, okay, lets give THIS a try. I used a rod of Willow--very powerful. You know what?? It worked!! I can feel them. I am very susceptible to these kinds of energies. Sometimes, I get migraines from too much contact with them. Some people use pendulum but for me that never works as I can't be sure I'm not moving my hand or arm myself even if I think I'm not.

(See dowsing article link at bottom of page)

What I have noticed is the effect on Central Sleep Apnea and the grids, as well as the dreaming/sleep aspects of both.  It seems there is a profound effect on the temporal lobe section of the brain. Some, susceptible individuals, have been known to have seizures if they have too much contact with the grids.

Harmonic Grid              Petroglyphs meanings

Déjà Allison's diagram on the left and Robert  Bruce's on the right.

One can see that in both interpretations of what is being observed turns out to be the same structure. This structure is a common motif used by ancient shamans, having also observed it throughout the millenniums, as shown in the pictographs above.


This is how Robert Bruce describes his journey into the layer just above the physical called the Astral Level:

“Each astral plane appears two-dimensional when its surface is approached. However, a fully three-dimensional environment is experienced when it is penetrated. The atmosphere above the plane, surrounding the projector, is faintly color-tinted, as if consisting of thin vapour radiating from the astral plane's surface. This color-tint is not apparent when looking directly down upon the surface, but can be seen misting all horizons. The corners of each square contain small but distinct dots and splashes of color that look like yellow, green, orange, and red paint. Each of these appears to be an entry point into a specific internal realm or kingdom.”


In the above diagram, upper right is shamanic pictograph (shown in white) from Canada, I have super imposed it over the R. Bruce diagram. The pictograph shows a shaman hovering over this grid. Note the outline of two top parts of squares and center orbs, in comparison to Bruce’s diagram. The artist-shaman even shows the corner aspects of those Bruce details.  For those familiar with the Out of Body experience the line extending from his face is known as the “Silver Cord”. The other line at the top is a 53-degree angle that is extremely important in knowing how to connect to the desired grid energies.  In other words the pictograph is a "teaching map" for this knowledge.


One of the best researchers in this field is a practicing shaman and anthropologist by the name of Dr. Hank Wesselman. He has experienced these states and writes about them in his books.

From his book “Vision Seeker” he describes the grid in one of his journeys:

“A sense of movement began, and I found myself ascending rapidly, rising along a luminous fiber through a long series of nested curves or arcs of light that converged towards a brilliant body of enormous size at the zenith of the sky. As I looked toward it, my vision seemed to darken, and its luminosity deepened into a rich golden-orange hue. My attention shifted away from the beautiful misty-golden field. All around me were other fibers or lines of light, whizzing by. I was traveling through the grid, along the aka web.” He goes on to say: “Far above me and slightly to one side, I perceived a shape that was roughly circular. It looked both reflective and opaque at the same time, constantly shifting back and forth between one state and the other. I noted that the fiber I was following was headed right for it. As I began to move across a bright, misty region, it seemed to resolve itself into units- into uncountable numbers of lights, looking somewhat like tiny, glowing bubbles or globes. As I got closer, each took on the appearance of an elliptical milky orb within which a brilliant “X” or cross formed a denser, central core. My perception abruptly shifted, and the plan appeared to me like a great matrix composed of endless numbers of luminous bubbles, each enclosing a neon cross, all fitted together intro a definite, composite whole, like endless cluster of tiny grapes.” 

World Grid Tow Row

More ancient shamanic images of the Universal Grid with our closest understanding of the "flower" image on the right. This is a harmonic image made with sound. It is a small part of Hans Jenny’s work. For more on this image see:



Connecting to the Grid in Ancient Times

Coba Pyramid

Coba, Ixmoja Pyramid

Map of Coba

Map of central Coba

The above map is a part of the central complex of the Mayan city of Coba (0 to 1100 AD) in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The Spanish archeological map traces the ancient Mayan roads called Sacbeh labeled as Camino. These are not insignificant roads as they have a thickness of 2 feet to 7 feet with a width up to 30 feet and paved with lime. That is as wide as a modern highway (not bad for a people that did not have the wheel for transportation). Like other ancient roads (Hopewell, Anasazi, Nazca, etc.) these followed the earth grid lines to junction points (in this case pyramid locations). To the knowledgeable ancients, it was so important to follow the grid lines and stay connected to the energy that topography was ignored or altered. Above is a perfect example of this, Lake Macanxoc was in the way. Rather than just going around it they went through it (shown in red circles). You can only imagine how much work that would be to fill a part of a lake without modern bulldozers. The world is full of examples of ancient roads that go up steep hills, cliffs, etc. just to maintain the connection with the energy.

Mayan roads called a Sacbeh

Mayan road called a Sacbeh

It is too bad the ones that designed the modern trails at Coba did not understand or feel the energy connection that was available there, otherwise they would have cleared the ancient Sacbeh for people to follow. That is where the true experience lies. On the last trip to this site my friend and I walked the tourist trails without any outstanding experiences until the trail connected with Sacbeh # 9 at a "T" junction. As we turned towards the Macanxoc Group my friend noticed an energy flow, at which time I also picked it up. As we walked down Sacbeh # 9 toward the Macanxoc Group the energy grew stronger and stronger. I have felt a lot of different energies at ancient sites but this was OUTSTANDING! It was like a strong wind, without the physical blowing. I tried different experiments along the trail but it was on the walk back that I realized the energy had quit. I turned around and walked back towards the pyramid and there it was again, just as strong. The energy had a one way directional flow.

Coba Stela

Coba stela on the way to the Macanxoc Group

Walking back and forth from the Macanxoc pyramid confirmed the directional flow. I also wanted to see if it kept on going past the pyramid, which it didn’t. This is because the foot trail also runs off to the left of the Sacbeh. On Sacbeh # 9 I also noticed my hands being very energized, just like when you working with Reiki energy. Hand energizing is also a very common experience at some of the Whiteshell sites.


Macanxoc pyramid at Coba

Macanxoc Group Pyramid

The Mayan city of Chichen Itza was considered the most important ceremonial site in the region. One of the most confusing things that archaeologists have trouble with is the 100 km. straight road (Sacbeh) from Coba to Yaxuna passes right beside Chichen Itza but does not connect to the city. It is considered the most prominent and important center and yet the road bypasses it. The reason is that the roads were not intended to be used strictly for commerce and transportation. They were designed to follow the energy or grid lines and supply more power to the collectors at the end, the pyramids.


Carnac Stones, France 

Carnac alignments

Carnac alignments:


All these stones were not placed on this field at one time. It probably took hundreds of years to achieve the size we see today. The first clue of this is the curvature in the rows. See photos below as well as click on the above for a larger image.  

Carnac Stones alingment

In the beginning a few stones were placed one in front of another to follow the Grid lines and maintain connection to this grid energy. As time goes on the grid shifts and the row must be adjusted, thus a curve is created, more time more curve. This is the same reason why the ancient Maya rebuilt their pyramids every 52 years. The new angles in the shifting Universal Structure meant changing the direction of your physical rock arrangement or pyramid. Over great lengths of time the structure just had to be abandoned for logistical reasons. Through neglect and accumulated grid shifting the structure stopped producing the same effectiveness; understanding would also be lost in this transformational period. For more on the topic see: researching9.htm#Angles

Chaco roads

The above picture is from the web site Chaco Canyon Prehistory Roadways, two grid lines cross just west of Santa Fe. The Chacoan roads are the linear features fanning out from the lower right corner. The yellow lines are current day roadways. The current roads follow topography, and the path of least resistance in construction. Conversely, the prehistoric roads are strikingly linear.

Chaco Roads

The following statement is given by the archeologists:
"The Chacoan roads are the linear features fanning out from the lower right hand corner. The yellow lines are current day roadways. The current roads follow topography, and the path of least resistance in construction. Conversely, the prehistoric roads are strikingly linear.

The Thermal Infrared Multispectral Scanner (TIMS) was flown by NASA over Chaco Canyon for the first time in spring of 1982. TIMS measures temperature differences near the ground, it has five meter resolution prehistoric roads from 900 or 1000 AD were detected. The roads could not be discerned by the naked eye from ground level. They also could not be seen in either aerial photography or color infrared photographs. Three more flights over Chaco detected over 200 miles of a prehistoric roadway system, as well as prehistoric walls, buildings, and agricultural fields. It may be that Chaco Canyon was a social and religious center. People were coming exchanging ideas, practicing ritualistic activities, such as breaking pottery, and then returning to whence they came.

Why were the Chaco roads designed with exacting linearity, which surmounted any topographic obstruction, built to a width of 20 feet or more, and constructed by people who did not even employ beast of burden in their lives?
The Chacoan roadway system was an impressive accomplishment that facilitated widespread movement and participation in religious activities. They connected the people along the periphery of the San Juan Basin and beyond to sacred places upon the landscape, to outlier sites, and ultimately to Chaco Canyon itself.T

Earthworks are often physically associated with roads as they approach great houses. These features, composed of mixed midden and fill, appear to be placed so as to delineate an area surrounding a great house. They may therefore be more closely related to great house function than to road function, but they do serve to clearly delineate where roads enter great house sites. Similarly, a few large platforms composed of earth and rubble have been associated both with great house features and with roads. These platforms are so rare that no clear patterning can be identified (e.g., Vivian 1995; Nials et al. 1987:16).

While confirming the existence of long, continuous roadways emanating from Chaco Canyon has proven to be a difficult endeavor, archaeologists have identified an increasing number of short and seemingly unconnected road segments located throughout the northern Southwest.

Nazca alignments

Nazca Lines on the Pampa adjacent to the southern edge of the Ingenio Valley this is a 3.5 mile section.

Portals do exist; see NASA MMS research project - http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/news/mag-portals.html

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