As all aspects come together, the octahedron, 45-degree flow, and the ratchet, a new structure comes into focus. This is the structure of reality and is called the “Patch”. It is similar to the main 0 – 180-axis patch but for this axis it is along the physical electromagnetic flows of 45 degrees. As the ratchets of inner smaller spheres and outer larger spheres take place a vortex of spiraling energy is created that mimics the ribbon flow. All flowing energy is curved and incomplete it is a spiral, completed in cycle it is a sphere.

At this level, the structure becomes so complex it would be difficult to show it in its entirety. The above diagram is simply to show its position in a simplistic form. The following diagrams are presented with this simplistic format in mind, and only showing the sphere ratchet.  

The above diagram shows three patches, each a product of individual properties from their co-creative “parent” spheres numbered 1,2, and 3. Each sphere has its own unique properties and flavour, so their combined patches will also be unique to these flavours. This means that every patch will be its own unique creation.

The overlapping area of two spheres creates a discus shape, but as seen below this changes as three spheres interact.

In the above diagram the interlocking spheres have been eliminated to show that the patches are disc shaped. In this diagram all three patches (discs) have a common shared area at the center called a Patch Head. It is within this patch head that realities take place. There is also one at each end of the disc patches.

In the above diagram the red triangle shows the beginning of three-dimensional geometry, which continues down into the patch with all the “sacred geometries” that are required to create a physical reality.  

The spiralling ribbons of energy create complex patterns that start with grid squares to diamond shapes and all the way down into complex grids like the dodecahedron.

Star Bust Galaxy and Gomez’s Hamburger, the center edges of a patch tube

The patch shown above shows the Octahedron Shells creating the horizons of the physical. The Patch Heads spirals into these layers creating different densities of the physical. That is until they enter too deep into the horizons and physical manifestation is not possible.

Dumbbell Nebula


The Patch is divided into three parts with opposite flowing energy at each end or head and a center band of graduated bands of “balanced” energy.

Centauras A – a galaxy that shows its true patch shape with picture to the right showing its shells.

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As the patch’s inner ribbons of energy cross one another they create geometries of energy (strings). These geometric patterns are the foundation of the physical. As mentioned, the structures are a product of consciousness from all levels. As this geometric pattern ratchets down into complexity it follows that the level of consciousness also matches in complexity. As these vibrational patterns reach the physical level they still must maintain a continued flow from their source power (source connections).

The most complex conscious forms within Earth’s realities are humans. To support the nonphysical consciousness that connects and maintains the human body a steady flow of conscious energy must be maintained. This flow is also in a spiral pattern.

Consciousness lies outside the physical body while it is the brain and other organs that maintain the interpretive desires from this nonphysical source.

Consciousness creates the physical. There is no exception to this. Physical does not nor will it ever create consciousness. Even if humans were to create a “life form” it will not maintain its form without a steady injection of human conscious energy. In other words it is not a life form but a projection of a human desire. Humans have the ability to create anything as long as the conscious energy is maintained. The creational energy duration is also dependent on the alignment to the universal structure and higher levels of consciousness.

This also applies to certain areas of our planet. All along the surface are areas or geographical spots that have more efficient abilities in connecting to the universal source. Through these connections some spots can arrest time creational abilities while others speeded up the physical ability to create. This is not a random choice of alignments to source energy flows. They are a result of different nonphysical geometric grids that are part of the patch. It all starts at the reality level of the planet and its co-creative abilities to maintain other forms of conscious desires.

Did you know that that almost 90% of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere? In addition, that half of all Earthlings reside north of 27 degree N. of the equator, and with the average human living at 24 degrees from the equator – either north or south. With the earth’s tilt that produces 24 + 23.5 = 47.5 degrees.

These areas can be plotted out as they have specific geometric patterns that are products of the inner weaving of patch ribbons. Each geometric pattern will have its own harmonic framework, its frequency, which is not that much different from patterns seen in the Jenny’s Cymatics. Over time shamans began to recognize key junctions in these patterns and marked the spots as being sacred sites (energetic portals). Unfortunately, today recognition of these special spots on the planet’s surface has not furnished any understanding of how or why they are so powerful.

Ancient shamans understood how and why these spots were created for they researched the information much in the same way I have, through connections to the nonphysical realms. They understood the relationship between the universe and how its supportive foundations and structures could be used to enhance efficiency in their work and desires. Along with this knowledge is the understanding of how placement or location is one of the prime ingredients. (These earth spots are the bridge between desire and fulfilment.)  

German Megalithic sites

In the left map above, German Megalithic sites have been plotted out and because of this it is easy to recognize order and alignments. One can plot these out without much analyzing. On the right side is the Becker & Hagens purposed grid map. This map has some accuracy for some of the ancient sites but does not allow for individual time periods or the overlapping of these shamanic periods. Junction points (crossings) can also be off to the side of specific sites due to placement in time (during different time periods of development). The sites would have been chosen with the alignments of the grids of the day. Unfortunately grids migrate, like all structural components they are in motion. Once the grid migrated off to the side the site would start to lose its ability. This would results in the site being abandoned or reconstructed to a new position. A site 1000 years later than its neighbour will not align to this Becker/Hagens map.  To finish a map like this would be a major undertaking as one would have to know the ages and the intents of the energy that were being connected to. There are also different geometric grids involved here. The map above is based on the Pentagon shape. There are many grids from Octahedron grids (diamond) all the way to Dodecahedron (Six side slices). Each of these geometric grids will have their own vibrational level and energy flavour. They are not connected but do support one another the same way notes in music support an octave. Each one shares a part of the entire structure of nonphysical, semi physical to physical. (In the above map the two red dots are “A” - Majorville and “B” - Tie Creek.)

How the sites work is extremely complicated and it would take the resources of a very knowledgeable shaman. Once the site was built, all could have benefited from its properties. Unfortunately once the original designer was gone, the site more than likely fell victim to those that were unfamiliar with the design or purpose. With processional shift and different needs being utilized for the cultural, a whole new design would be created. 

People who study the sites have observed that around the world there are common angular positions or directions that the sites would be aligned to. Also noted was that a group of sites on one side of the planet would be aligned in the same angular direction as a completely different site, on the other side of the globe. Both groups of sites could not be visually seeing the same star or planet configuration regardless of the time of day. How then could this be possibly be related to individual constellations or an astronomical point? They can’t but there are other reason for alignments in common directions. Some of the common directions noted around the world are; 12 to19.5 degrees, 52 to 54.5, and 110 to135 degrees. In the Manitoba Whiteshell area, archeologists have for years noticed that the ancient Petroforms (rock mosaics) were aligned at 53.5 degrees. It puzzled them as they scrambled to relate it to something. The sun, moon, and stars had to be the answer, but there was never any valid association found.

In other places the researchers noticed very accurate planning of the city structures with puzzling twisted or out of pattern buildings. Why would a supremely superior “alignment” culture like the Maya have such scattered pyramids in a complex? Below is an example of this advanced civilization purposely building on a slant to the other structures on the site. One has only to look at the statistics of the main pyramid at Chichen Itza to see how incredibly accurate the Maya could get with their alignments and measurements. 


The above diagram shows a small part of the temple complex at Tikal. There is no mistake taking place here. Lower pyramids (A) are in line with north but as you can see the (C) and (B) complex is straying to the east. The reason for the misalignment of pyramids was due to time and the Precession of the Equinox, the tilt of the earth through its 26,000-year cycle. We are presently in the Piscean Age. This is determined by locating the sun’s position in the zodiac at the exact moment of the Vernal (Spring) Equinox. Every 72 years the sun “backs up” approximately one (1) degree. An Astrological Age is the amount of time it takes for the sun to move “backwards” throughout one astrological sign or 72 years X 30 degrees = 2,160 years which is the length of an astrological age. Three thousand years ago, on the Vernal Equinox the sun was in the sign of Aries. This would put it in the great Egyptian Empire days.        


It was been known for years that the Mayan pyramids have older existing ones below them. In fact there are as many as thirteen smaller pyramids identified under the one at Blackman Eddy, in Belize. As noted by the archaeologists; the pyramid was taken apart layer by layer, revealing thirteen building phases. "As we dug through the layers of the pyramid, we hit 800 B.C. and kept on going down to about 1100 B.C., where we were finding settled agricultural peoples making sophisticated pottery," Below is a cross section of this pyramid.         

Unfortunately they don’t make mention of, or did not look for the evidence, of why they might have to rebuild in the first place. If the original pyramid was built to connect to the energy direction of choice then the earth procession would change in 72 years so the angle would be off. If it took 20 years (the period of reign) to build a larger pyramid over the older one to adjust to the new angle then it would explain why they built a new pyramid every 52 years. It would also coincide with their calendar because the connection with the Almanac year cycled back to its original start every 52 solar years. Therefore, the dates on the Calendar Rounde fixed with a never-ending cycle of 52 years. With this thought in mind I would even question if modern researchers have misdiagnosed the Mayan calendar as being a Mayan “Vastu Vidya compass” instead.           


Due to alignment issues there was choice of just building a new pyramid. This would explain why even the smaller cities would need so many pyramids. The advantage for a smaller community would be less building material and labor required when just starting new. There would become a certain size that building over the old pyramid would be just too extensive to be worth it. It should also be noted that pyramid ages could be calculated by their angle, in correspondence with the 26,000-year precession.                    

For more reading on this subject I have some pieces from my old website that can be downloaded as a PDF file. I did this work many years ago and like everything in life I have learnt a lot since that time. Essence Site PDF of a 137 pages.

When it comes to these power points on the earth’s surface I will not show what can be accomplished or what angles are the most productive or powerful. This is because in the wrong hands some could take advantage of this power and use it over others. Another reason is that this information is very specific to individuals and their levels of awareness. A person may think they are working in a sacred site for a certain corporeal desire without realizing that their higher aspects have another agenda at heart. This can lead to confusion or the conclusion, from an intellectual level, creating disappointment that one does not see the results that were expected. There are also times that energetic results can be so subtle that association to the site is not recognized. This is because the connection and the follow up work was accomplished from higher vibratory levels, and more than likely having their effects many days after the visit to the site.   

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