Without full awareness working with sacred sites can result in uncomfortable expressions. Part of this is the lack of realization of the site’s specific powers or abilities. No two sites are the same and no site will have the abilities or strengths of a site that may be only a few yards away from its location. Each site is specific to its angular connections and to what prior work was performed there. The expressions of work performed at a sacred site will still be there as an overlay energy. An example of this is entering a sacred site that was used and designed to research sacred geometry with intentions of personal growth. The results would probably not be as productive as one wanted. With this in mind it would be more productive to find a healing site. This is the biggest mystery of the ancient sites. One must know what work the site was intended for, then with knowing the vortex’s abilities, decide if that is of interest.

An example of this misguided focus is currently taking place in Manitoba, Canada. Here native prison inmates are being taken to the sacred site of Tie Creek for healing purposes. Not to mention all the damage being done to the site’s energy, there are deeper levels involved here that may not accomplish what was intended. If you are from Manitoba and are currently involved with this project here is some information for you to consider. This information applies to all sacred sites that are placed over vortex spots. This is the basic outline of how these areas affect different personality types.

Tie creek site

The ten-acre sacred site called Tie Creek, I was told it is 8,000 years old.


If your style is highly intense and you think in vivid mental emotional images, these will be swiftly formed into physical events. If you are also of a highly pessimistic nature, given to thoughts and feelings of potential disaster, then these thoughts will be quite faithfully reproduced in experience. The more intense your imagination and inner experience, therefore, the more important it is that you realize the methods by which this inner experience becomes physically real. Your thoughts and emotions begin their journey into physical actualization at the moment of conception. If you are a negative orientated person that happens to live in or visit a vortex area where the coordinate environment is strong, then it will seem that you are deluged by illnesses or disasters. That is to say if these are the nature of your thoughts, because all thought is so fertile in this environment.

On the other hand, if your feelings and subjective experience are fairly well balanced, fairly optimistic and creative in a constructive manner, then it will seem to you that you have been blessed with unusual luck, for your pleasant suppositions will come to pass so quickly. This is why these areas are called "intense areas" or "power spots". They literally intensify creation by speeding up (in our perception) what we are capable of on an intellectual, emotional, and physic level.

One of the largest earth vortexes can be found in the Middle East. That is why we see on the news so much movement and discord in that region. The hatred and distrust goes back thousands of years. The intensity of the area will accelerate this hatred and mistrust because of the intense energy of the area. This energy source is neutral (as all are) in nature but will co-create with the emotions of the residents. Because of the productive nature of the area, the only way out of this present situation is to convert the respondents to a balanced state of love and trust.    Tie Creek Link     

One more thing to consider about Tie Creek is its alien connection. This site is still an active spot and one can cross paths with them even today. I have photographed their transportation system (LINK) and have a friend that has witnessed five of them on the ground in daylight hours. I’m not trying to deprive the inmates of sacred site experience but the Bannock Point Petroforms Site would be a better choice, as it is a healing center, past and present

Tie Creek UFOBannock Point Manitoba

Tie Creek UFO – note the distortion at the tree. One of the Bannock Point formations.

Each ancient sacred site (regardless if it is the same culture) will have its own energy design. This will be a design set up by the originators of the site. Over time other shamans with slightly different intentions and desires will more than likely try to redesign the site to their purpose. This added energy work along with the originators energy will still be there, regardless of the time duration. The problem comes in interpreting the site in modern time frames. Most large sites will be a compilation of different designs or modifications. Regardless the site’s abilities, which would be geographic position and relevance to universal structure, the energy will always be there and with all its variants, layered throughout the site. Also over time new shamans came and went adding or subtracting physical elements and thus changing some of the site’s original focuses. Each shaman will have their own agenda, desires, and abilities. These past individualities are always recorded in the background energy profile of a site. This is why novices without complete balance or an understanding can be drawn into different energetic purposes that were never part of their, or the vortex’s flavour.  

Stanton Dowsing

The above picture is a scientific study of the ancient site called Stanton Drew in Somerset, England using magnetometry. The study, using a Caesium gradiometer recorded these inner circles as magnetic anomalies. Energy at these sites can overlap into recognizable spectral fields of energy. In the above case  the instrument was designed to detect magnetic anomalies. At ancient sites you can also use instruments that scan energy in the Scalar energy bands. In truth instruments are only useful in measuring the level of reality in which they themselves exist. Below and to the left is a Dowsing diagram of the energy that the late Ian Honeywood found independently of any scientific results (right side diagram). Comparing the two, it is obvious that this is the same energy.  




Gravrinis Site


No stranger to this energy pattern, in 1958 the Stanton Drew spiraling energy was also recorded by Guy Underwood’s dowsing. In other sites, 5000 years before that, megalithic shamans were recording the energy patterns on stone (above, to the right Gavrinis, France). These patterns are the energy of the ribbon spiral and more advanced understandings called Patches.  

Shamans were drawn to these spots for their ability to enhance the work that needed to be done. This work included a wide range of needs and desires from healing work, dimensional traveling, and social needs like hunting and protection.

The sacred site designs were all about the angles, that is of one’s position in the greater universal structure. If there is any correlation to celestial objects, a distant mountain, or whatever it is simply a coincident in direction. The fact that some celestial objects coincide with different Universal Structures only provides more evidence of this structural pattern. No star or galaxy is in a haphazard position of random chaos.

There are many that would have us believe that the universe is nothing more than an exploded mess of cosmic matter, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Everything has its position, in relevance to all that exists and within the universe’s structural design. Associated celestial objects at primary sacred sites do not have a purpose other than being signposts, a way coordinate to remember the proper angles or conduits of energy. The sun and stars became icons and as thousands of years past the original understandings were rendered down to just the stars and sun as being special. It took many generations to erode this knowledge down to a level where the succeeding groups only retained the special nature of sun and some star’s position.

At this point in history the sites lost their usefulness to most and took on positions of social gathering places or graveyards for love ones. For the last two thousand years any information gleamed from these sites would have this focus and would have nothing in common with the originators of the site. Today, finding a grave at a sacred site is typically announced as being the purpose for the site, as it is a convenient explanation for a complex purpose.   

 In ancient days worshiping a sun or star position at certain times of the year would give one the proper angle for ones desires, regardless if they are aware of the process. Along with this, knowing the position of sunrise or a certain stars during the year can determine other desired angles of the universal structure.   

Knowth site, Ireland

Even after finding a power spot and having the knowledge to connect to the proper elements it was not as easy as we think today. Without compasses or charts the ancients would first have needed to find north, as this would give them all the other angles needed. They did this by first hammering a wooden stake (called a gnomon) into the ground (see above diagram). A circle was then drawn around it, using a piece of string twice the length of the height of the gnomon. Where the shadow of the gnomon touches the circle at sunrise and sunset marked the east and west directions. (See the reason why sunrise and sunset became icons.) Two large circles were then drawn using these intersecting points as their centers. These were called the “head and the tail of the fish”, indicating true north and south. The intermediate directions were located by drawing four large circles using primary compass points as their centers and where the circles overlap indicated the exact compass points, as in the above diagram.   

Bannock Point

A Petroform from the Manitoban Whiteshell area call Bannock Point. (Not a reliable position, as many Petroforms at Bannock Point were moved to be closer to a tourist observation tower.)

Sacred site usage is about realities and creating within them, as well as visiting and downloading from nonphysical ones. Each site had its designed purpose and this varied as much as the culture and individual shaman that was involved. Connecting to ancestors, aliens, and angelic worlds, the process is greatly enhanced with a proper energy shrine in a sacred site (link to Shrine page  for more understandings on shrine designs). Each structure in stone would facilitate this desire through its ability to focus desired energy from the proper angles of the universal structure. In fact just the physical laying of stones into the proper angular position is a “grounding of desire”, in the energetic system of a vortex or portal.

Sakkaka Al-Jou

On the left - A three dimensional connector called Al-Jou, Sakkaka, Saudi Arabia.

On the right Bryn Cader Faner, Gwynedd, Wales

Although the 0-180 has core patches, what we are interested in this chapter are the patches created along the 45-degree angle (Electromagnetic Patch). As the octahedron shells intersect (crosses) the electromagnetic line a secondary patch system is created called the Reality Patch. This patch overlies the physical structures as elements, time, and space unfold to create realities for consciousness. In the diagram below I have shown the schematic of part of this creation.

Polar Ring Galaxy

Below is a simplistic diagram showing one layer of spiraling ribbon energy of a Patch Head. As you can see, each ribbon “cycle” will have its own specific canted angle. This angle connects to larger and smaller structures giving it a unique flavour or connection into the entire gamut of energetic possibilities. In other words to isolate specific energies a shaman has two choices. One would be to intuitively choose body positions with the proper body language (mudras and direction) or with knowledge, enhance the sites abilities through stone arrangements (focusing lens). Now, if one were to use both together then the effectiveness would be magnified immensely.

Energy spirals into our reality, with the pitch and direction of the spirals determining the type of energy involved. In the simplistic diagram below only a small amount of spirals are shown. The diagram is simply a visual demonstration of spiraling energy going up and down.  (picture below, to the right from ORBS page)

The Aura around our body is a structure that comes from the patch system.

Ancient body positions and the energy that is felt.

Many people practise meditation using body positions called mudras. Mudras are unique body positions usually involving gestures with hands, fingers, and arms. Extending this to the rest of the body it is known as Yoga and Tai Chi. They all work by connecting the exercise to specific energy angles. Unfortunately half of the benefits and usefulness of the experience has been lost in history. Randomly doing yoga or a mudra without being conscious of the directions or what energies are being connected to is inefficient and sometimes a waste of effort. Just as one knows in a yoga position that proper body alignment is crucial, so too is the proper alignment to sources energies. Full efficiency of any posture is never gained without this complete and full alignment.

This applies to whether one is in a vortex area or not. Mudras can be extremely powerful, if used with the proper angles associated with the universal structure. Every position that a body operates in throughout the day connects its vitality or life support to its energy sources. The energy of one’s higher consciousness runs through thousands of energy strings that originate and are facilitated by the universal structure. As described above all energy in the universe runs along specific angles and structures. This includes the designer itself, consciousness. Facing the proper direction and utilising the appropriate mudras or yogic positions will bring quickness and efficiency in strength to the exercise and desires. Each angle in a mudra or yogic stances is specific in energy that the body is taking in. This is why most of the mudras and yogic positions need revamping with enhanced awareness of directions that one should be facing. The reason I bring this topic up is because shamans at ancient sites were aware of this and applied these understandings to their ceremonies and work.


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