Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung, Rainy River, Ont.

Ancient Stone Stories


I don’t put much faith in psychic information simply because of the level of vibration that it is extracted from. Psychic information is usually associated with the physical or “near physical realms” (referred to as the Astral Level). Because this energy comes from areas so close to the physical the information itself is usually influence or changed by contact with the our conscious level. There are times that it can be valuable but personally I would still place the information in the entertainment field because of its susceptibility. Any information that has forecasting properties will have the same reliability as flipping a coin.


The further you are personally removed from any information (on psychic levels) the more accurate it will be.  The distant past is a perfect example, for it gives us a window into the energies of other realities. It should also be understood that there is a limit to how distant in time you can go with any accuracy using this source. The reason for this can be shown in the structure of time itself (To be revealed in “The Schematic of Time”). Below is an experiment I did with the intent of entertaining possibilities in time. This took place in 2002 on a trip to the West Coast of Canada. Two ancient native sites and one grave marker were visited. My method is to allow myself to be drawn to a stone on the ground, pick it up with the left hand, and then download the latent energies in the stone (in a meditative state). I also try to find interesting stones, ones that look like tool making material or ones that have been altered.


Here are some physic impressions I received from 7 stones at two ancient spiritual sites. These were visited in 2002 and are: St. Victor Petro glyphs in Saskatchewan and the Majorville Medicine Wheel in Alberta, Canada.


August 3/2002

Stone - 1- St. Victor Petroglyphs - This stone told a story about an elderly native woman that related to the site so much that she chose this place to be her last memory here on earth. - She was known as a shaman but in the healing arts only. She let others do the sacred teachings. - She tried marriage but it was impossible to stay together without “killing each other”. - Age was becoming a big problem with her. This centered on the lack of teeth and the cold winters. - It was late fall and a time to make a decision on whether to go on or not. The summer foods were possible to consume but the winter dried and frozen foods had become a difficult chore. She felt that one more winter was not necessary. - The cliff area was well known for its healing and vision abilities and was her personal healing spot. She felt this spot was the closest to her spiritual source. - She was quite comfortable with the idea of death and saw no judgment in the act of suicide. After a day's refection on life she walked over to the eastern cliff area and "fell" off the edge. - Her family found her later that day. - This spot was her favourite place and still has a part of her residing there today. This is not in torment but in connection and service to others. If you desire her help spend as much time there as you can for the connection will be more effective.



St. Victor Petroglyphs – on the right is the eastern cliff.


Stone - 2 - St. Victor Petroglyphs - Chalcedony stone drill bit - A spiritual frustrated novice to the spiritual world (ether by his own naive choice or by lack of instructions). - This one is not a good candidate for spiritual work. - The spiritual problem goes back into many former lifetimes. – Reasons unknown? (This is a good example of the singular level in which psychic energy operates in) – Part of his present life problem was his disinterest in the ancient teachings. - He does remember the connection to animal spirits but is a little “fuzzy” on the subject. - The stone drill was used to carve an animal totem. This was done in sandstone or bone - not clear on this - was not wood. - He is not having a good time here so he decided that a totem animal could help connect him in his vision quest. – Again, he did not belong there for it was not his forte. - He cannot go back to the camp for a few days and this irritated him even more. – His age is somewhere between 12 and 16. - He knew that it was important to make a spiritual connection. Achieving the connection was important in becoming a hunter or brave, for this would be recognized and accepted by the others in the tribe. - He knew faking it would not work.


Stone – 3 - St. Victor Petroglyphs - A troublemaker aspect and a very unsatisfied individual. - Caucasian male no more then 70 years ago. - He was frustrated about life and wanted to be known or remembered historically (knew unconsciously his graffiti would be preserved here). - He also knew that it was not proper to write on the stone cliffs but did so anyway. - He wanted to get ahead in life. - In his mind this was his land or property and wanted to demonstrate it to the natives present or past. - The stone I picked up was used to carve a date or deface the site.


Stone – 4 - St. Victor Petroglyphs – The last stone was a surprise. I could feel something very powerful happening when I picked it up. I was on top on the site in the middle of the meadow area (see picture below). This must have been the ceremony area for shamanic work. There is definitely a vortex of energy circle that is about eight feet in diameter.  After many visits to ancient sites and over the years of integrating this energy you get a feel for the areas that are the strongest. I had not told my partner of my earlier connections so it was an opportunity test the validity my new information. Handing her the stone I had just picked was my way of saying you can go first. This is something I would not normally do for it risks contaminating the object with the other person’s energy. After a brief mediation with the stone she looked up at me and said “I had a vision of an old native woman's face” (I had not yet told her of my earlier connections).


Receiving the stone back from her I took my turn in the vortex field. To my disappointment I could not connect to any of the site’s past but instead the energy took my far past the physical level. In hindsight I should have known this. - I was informed that the information on my grid work was good. – From there I began having visions of vesica piscis shaped energy that crossed at top and bottom, then radiating out to different grid shapes. – I was told there is a consciousness at every energy level of creation. It is compete unto its own. - The bigger the circle the bigger the event horizon. - To find power spots shamans would see them in their journeys or they would be told were to look. When they were back from their journey they would be aware of the signature energy and know when they had found the spot. - Some were also found by accident by just being very sensitive to the energy differences in the environment.





Vortex Area at St. Victor

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Stone – 1- Majorville Medicine Wheel - A young man (in his early twenties) that is apprenticing with an older experienced shaman. His name was something like “Swatgaka”. They are building the outer rim and spokes. - This young man is enjoying life, full of hope and excitement of events to come. - The time period he is living in is good with lots of the necessities of life being available. He has a poetic mind and expresses life through personal poetry. - He was inspired by the great view from the site which gave him an incredible feeling of joy for life, no anxiety or worries about anything. - There are fleeting thoughts about the ceremony to come and the opportunity to meet new females from other areas. - He was picking up stones and rocks to finish the medicine wheel when this stone (fist size) caught his eye. It was made of quartzite and possible tool making material. He struck it hard twice and on the third time it fractured. This is the stone I picked up. - He was also an early descendent to the modern Chief Crowfoot. - He called the site - something like “Amersa”.


Below is his “personal poem”, in English with words that came as translations from his thoughts. His terminology and language probably had much more artistic merit than what is presented here.


Days of lost days of old

Days of grace and life

Days of strength and fortune

Days of growth and plenty

Days of worship and source

Days of life here with many

Days of thanks to creator


The underlying message for building the medicine wheel site was explained to the younger apprentice. At the surface level of awareness the site had a primary purpose (as far as the general populace was concerned), and that was to bring people together. The tribe and its connections to others of their kind created harmony in the region. As far as shamans understood, the purpose was to create in collective values what I would call “collective consciousness”, which would guarantee their future. The Majorville location was picked because of the recognized energy there. This place was also energetically connected to other power spots all over North America. Celestial alignments at the sites were strictly for timing, to guarantee mass group origination over large distances. In other words celestial periods were a method of timing or determining a date for those spread across the land. This site also has an association with the Sundial Site to the south-west.


Stone – 2 - Majorville Medicine Wheel - A little native child (3-4 years old) many years ago threw it into the center area. He had no idea what it was all about.


Stone – 3 - Majorville Medicine Wheel - An archaeologist had examined this piece for any flaking, in case it was an artefact. This is a piece of debris from archaeological dig.



Majorville Site



After leaving the area and getting back onto the highway for a short distance I noticed a cairn to my left. I felt compelled to stop, I turned around and pulled into the parking lot. It was a full moon period and as we pulled up to the cairn the moon was rising to the left of it. This modern marker was a tribute to the great Chief Crowfoot and this is the message that came out of the energy exchange with him. 


Crowfoot gravesite visit - Just north of the Majorville Medicine Wheel - He is sad about a perceived “sell out” and wished he had not gone along with the signing. (He was instrumental in talking other chiefs into signing the treaties) - On a spiritual level he would be willing to work with those that could rekindle the old spirit of ancestral honour. This would bring completion for his restless. Below is a link to more history on Crowfoot





Chief Crowfoot's Cairn



If you doubt the poetic nature of these people here is an insight into their awareness.


“What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.” - Crowfoot


The following comments are the psychic energetic conclusions from the two sites:

Without any hesitation, the overriding message was an urgent and pleading signal from the past to communicate. I'm of European decent and feel uncomfortable to say this about ancient native sites, but this is what was communicated. There is a lonely abandonment feeling that permeates the atmosphere of the “past conscious level”. There is also an incredible amount of information and healing energy at these sites that is available for all.


When we left the Majorville site, we stopped a few miles down the road at the gravesite of Crowfoot. Upon leaving the area a great emotion emerged within me. I could feel the sorrow, anguish and loss of a beautiful culture that cannot be retrieved. I was informed that there is guidance from this past that can be applied to the present. For those who need guidance, you will find the methods. Unfortunately, the only present usage (based on local resident’s observation) at the Saskatchewan and Alberta sites are:


At St. Victor Petroglyphs, it's the odd curious tourists, and at Majorville, it's the odd “night lighter” (a person that hunts at night with a light). One positive thing about St. Victor's is that it does have some local guardians like Dave Munro of St. Victor, Saskatchewan. He is aware of the importance of the site and the energy vortex at the top of the hill. I'm not trying to promote ceremonies at these sites. In fact that is the best way to destroy the site and its energy connection to the past. If you want to learn and understand there are some powerful energies that will help. All that is required on the most basic levels is to put as much time in at these sites as you can. In time your vibration will mesh with the sites, and the information-energy will come in very easily. These people from the past were very powerful and knowledgeable. They spent their lifetimes at these sites as shamans contacting “nonordinary realities”. Appling any “modern” ceremonies at the sites will just meddle the energy that that took thousands of years to accumulate. Spend as much time there and always in silence, after all how else can you hear!


You can also try picking up a stone and “read” the energy. (This is just for fun, after all who will believe us!)



 St Victor Petroglyphs : http://stvictor.sasktelwebsite.net/




Opening photo is from Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung an ancient burial site at Rainy River, Ontario. The energy there killed my batteries in my GPS,  only to have them restored when I got back to the parking lot.



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