DNA Ratchet

DNA is the Template for Time Perception and Evolution


(Information from the nonphysical dimensions)




DNA is a quantum effect that is activated by consciousness, perceived through time, and created in reference of desire.





(Some of the diagrams are too advanced for this article as they were taken from more detailed explanations. For this detailed information see: researching3.htm )


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As part of my “free flow” journeys to the other side of this reality I prepared questions to ask the guides. These questions were typically for further explanation of prior teachings. I would constantly ask for clarification to the teachings and when learning about the Universal Structure I would ask several times (over a period of time) to make sure I got it right. Below is a simple question that produced a not so simple explanation:


Question; if we exist in a sphere that contains past and future how is it possible for time to exist in both moments?


I was shown a sphere surrounding me with thousands of energy filaments (energy angles) connected to it. (The sphere, as mentioned in prior articles has other spheres or orbs that overlap its “boundaries”. For clarity we will call our surrounding energy sphere; simply the “Sphere” and all other contributing spheres as “Orbs”.)


They stated that a life form within its sphere would be comparable to a musical composition. As with a life form, music is a composition of all the notes and tones of energy and vibration that compose it. Every note and tone entering into our “Sphere” is a part of our composition and changing one note produces a different vibrational support for the piece of music and for the life form. 

Therefore, shifting to the future or past is possible but not in the present form, for this form is a “snapshot” of the moment. The moment cannot be changed due to the composition of balanced energies that create this state, in its current physical form, within a time and “spatial presents” of a reality. The form becomes stuck in time, of that moment of its existence, as this is a state of momentary balance, a snapshot of its creation. As soon as the form moves into the future or past it is no longer a part of that present moment (Sphere) and thus not physically there. Movement is a result of replication, through its desired design, in a seamless fashion to another balanced spherical state.

orbsbody orbs

On the left, over lapping orbs of our Sphere (composed of 4) rotate in their own and independent directions.



All adjacent overlapping orbs have their own directional flow or entrance and exit points in “our Sphere”. Within our focused Sphere “new” energies from the other orbs enter in as well as “old” energies (experiences) from these orbs flow out of our Sphere’s influence. The relevance of which energy is flowing out, and that of flowing in, depends on the perception of the viewer, but generally the new energies provide evolution and growth regardless of direction.

What is determined as old or new energies depends on the desired focus of our creation within the Sphere. In the diagram above; if the (3rd) rotating orb was an opposite flow going upward it would be bringing energies into the Sphere from Earth reality or grounding energy (lower vibration, from below an event horizon, as previously described in prior articles). If our desired need was from that direction then this would be our new experiences and growth. On the other hand if our soul’s choice or its need was from a higher vibratory level this opposite lower directional flow would create stagnation, through already established experiences. In this case, as in above diagram the desired flow for soul and our true needs would be from upper horizontal levels of reality.


Desire and need are opposites; desire is the projection of soul and need is the security of established experiences that offer little growth and tends to cement us to the present. This type of need is thus a residual “snapshot” of a creation or experience that tends to cycle repeatedly. “Need” slows evolution of the soul and produces slower spiritual development. New energy or experiences are the desired directional flow as there is little evolution in repeating old energy profiles. You will witness these types of people as being “stuck in their own time”, repeating the same old things, listening to the same old music, and so on. New energies represent a new experience and thus the future the soul’s desire. So future experiences will be in the direction of growth and old becomes the past or lack of new experiences, the opposite of the soul’s flow. 



When both future and past are in balance in their state, it allows and creates a present moment or a moment to be present of ones recognition in the physical. The “present” is the state of balance between future and past as well as the balance of all energies that are connected and supporting it. Time then becomes a state of balanced and unbalanced flows of energy. Time or the awareness of ones presents is the comparison of one balanced state to another that has preceded it or has followed this moment of realization.


All energy that flows into a sphere attempts to be in balance with its opposite flows, regardless of direction and vibrational flavour. This is the duality of physical existence; otherwise the state of being physical could not be accomplished or maintained. It is us, and only us, that manipulate the flow directions and the amount of energy from these directions.


Desire creates the perception of a balanced moment for it is only within the moment or present that the form can exist and desire can be fulfilled. It is in fulfilment that all exists for without fulfilment desire has no direction or course.


To desire is to know achievement is possible for there is little value of expending energy to a desire with the knowing that it will never be fulfilled. So fulfilment is creation and desire is the imputes behind it. Perception become the expression and the expression is fulfilment of desire. Desire itself is the need to find ones existence on any level. It is through this need that the universe and all that exists is created. A desired need to experience is recognition of self, and this is the essence of soul or as some call it, God.


Ratcheting sphere into new exterior orb energies results in forward time flow.

Thus the physical is a product of the nonphysical state, as there is no physical form in the first place, only a state of balanced perception. This is a perception in that moment in which all energetic flows experience a state of balance, with one another. So perception of one’s desire is time, for time constitutes the equivalent of desire and fulfilment of the duration called perception.


Perception is a physical based recognition of ones observance in any vibrational level, within time sequences called Sector Sequencing©. This sequencing is directly related to the vibrational field of the DNA template. Its vibrational level and flow are a template for the life form’s perceptional ability or capacity to create and perceive.


Perception then becomes a field of observable probabilities that are constituted reflections of ones own vibrational field, within the boundaries of the DNA’s limits.

dna orbs

DNA thus becomes the vehicle for time flow in the physical as this provides the template and the vibration of a perceivable reality (always in conjunction with the vibrational ability of the DNA).


Time for the physical form becomes a Sector Sequencing of DNA coding that allows the biological form to evolve with the soul’s desires. If you ratchet this sequencing you will produce different biological forms and a different vibrational field of perception. Link to ratcheting page ---- it is recommended to start at page 1

orb ratchet

So all biological forms are related through an extended line of DNA codes. These codes are a result of evolution of consciousness and the experience in the physical from these expressions. Consciousness dictates DNA patterns and not the other way around. Each DNA code is a composite of energies that support the life form through structural probabilities within its vibrational field and the “symbiotic reality”. These probabilities are created in dimensional sequences that are not at first physical. The desire sequencing starts in nonphysical and ratchets into the physical field of vibration.

DNA spheres

The soul’s desire is a form of organizational patterning of energies that are capable of reflecting energy into all dimensions. As this “desire”, for a biological form, enters the physical realms it flows though the pre described vibrational pattern or DNA template that must also comply with the “laws” of the projected reality’s vibration. Each vibrational level or reality will have its limits or parameters that must coincide with the DNA template for the form to exist. If either vibration shifts too far from the other the biological form becomes extinct in that field only (reality). The template is not destroyed but merely “kept” within its boundaries, as all species still exist, including the future ones that have not evolved into Earth’s reality. All exist now for they are only a moment and vibrational level away.      


Within the perceivable field of different reality vibrations, all can be achieved but within the limits of individual vibrational fields.


Sequencing becomes a matter of perception through the variables of the stream field of time called Sector Layers©. This can be in either higher or lower vibration directions. Time Sectors are the layered vibrational shells of the orbs (in reference to time they are called Time Strings©) and the created centered Sphere. (see article in website for more and Time Cones)  --- it is recommended to start at page 1

time stringsTime strings

Dna Balance

As time moves forward so does one’s perception of the sequences called learned experiences. It is in the perception of learning that one has the experience of evolution due to comparison of the present from a prior vibration. As the original desire is exhausted, within its field of variable frequencies, it must ratchet to the next level for more expression. For the ones left behind this is interpreted as the extinction of the species, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

DNA evolution

This is the essence of evolution and the injection into the time sequence at any point, whether its source is from lower or higher nonphysical vibratory levels. It is the design of sprit. Spirit has the choice of where it will focus its desire into a sequential field and with what vibrational DNA profile that is needed to bring the experience to fruition.

DNA Balance

DNA in a multi time spatial sector and is a complete sphere, but only part of it is observable. It appears to us as a two strand helix because only that level is observable in our physical vibration.


Reality and the perception of it has now become the eventual sequence of desire or thought in physical form. This form can now occupy space in the context of a co-creative reality with other like vibratory states or physical forms.


Physical form is the direct result of desire, interacting on the energetic field of the universal matrix and its structure through vibrational differences and the sequencing of these differences from one another.  

Perception is also memory, as it is the ability to recall through this memory all of the experiences gained in soul creation, in the environment at hand. So perception becomes a quality of soul interpretation of the events at hand. As this ability is honed so is the ability to perceive. More ability (experienced based) the more capacity to evaluate future experiences through increased perception. 


This creation is totally dependent on the vibrational level that projects the desire and the medium or physical environment that this desire is projected into. Vibrational level of the consciousness combined with digested belief systems within will determine the creational results. This creation will gravitate to the environments of similar frequency. Each reality is a composite of variable levels of similar vibration. Pockets of realities then exists within this common order of vibration. A reality is thus a compilation of many desired creations that can operate and coexist within their current framework of vibration.


Reality is the ordered expression of consciousness within a system of beliefs and desires that can and do create common ground that support the belief systems. Variables in the system are subjected to common expressions of emotion and intellectual desires. Both work hand in hand to evolve the system into a changing landscape of sub realities. Change in the environment can show the inner expressions of emotion and desire. This can be seen in all the world’s creations from weather patterns to disease and abundance. 


The closer you are, be it emotionally or physically, the more you will create with common desired effects Co creation becomes the expression of common vibratory state of existence within the physical reality.

DNA reality

Each shell, composing a physical form overlaps with other shells creating pockets of commonality. This pocket area is a co creation and it will be an expression of the two or the many. The bigger the expression the more people involved. Small storms will be an expression of the local emotional state of the habitants. Larger storm systems will require hundreds of thousands.



DNA is a quantum effect that is activated by consciousness, perceived through time, and created in reference of desire.






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