In one of my Remote Viewing sessions I asked what time looks like. This is what I was shown. Three orb surfaces with crossing strings of energy meeting and intermixing, the same as one would see three waterfalls merging together.

As you recall, the ratcheting of the spheres create movement in a basically static structured background of harmonic energy. Larger spheres influence smaller ones but they in turn influence the larger one as it is the supporting structure for this larger one. Each influences the other as all is connected. Below are a couple of diagrams demonstrating this. The sphere ratcheting in (from the right side in this example) brings with it its different harmonic levels of shells. As each shell and its layers rotate into the patch head (in yellow) it influences the reality inside this patch. Each shell and its layers introduce a time wave or shift in time cycle. This introduction comes from a larger aspect of the structure and thus a different level of conscious vibration.   

It gets very complicated when you start shifting into different levels of realities and trying to maintain certain time cycles. Below are some examples of this complexity. These are diagrams that I was shown and are presented here only for your contemplation.

time cycles

In some ways the cycle has no end or beginning as time travels in both directions and our senses can only detect forward flow as the backward flow cancels out the forward one. The diagram below shows how time cycles are introduced into a reality (diagram is a two-dimensional slice). The sphere ratcheting down into a smaller 8 pack spheres show how a larger cycle of time affects these smaller sphere cycles. In this basic diagram a patch head (shown in red) is being influenced by two different sized time cycles. These are shown flowing in opposite directions, as they are duel energy flows themselves. Filtering the experience of which flow was relevant to an observer would be a simple matter of which direction they themselves are flowing. If the energy “half” of the time cycle is flowing up into higher harmonics then these people would be following this experiential evolution. If on the other hand the conscious desire was to ground into the lower harmonics, then that would be the filter system and one’s direction. The cycling aspect of larger cycle rotating through the smaller sphere would appear to a person in the physical as being slower or a larger time period. This is because their higher vibrational rates in the smaller cycles, which are finer and thus a quicker frequency. In our reality this makes the larger cycles appear to take more time to transpire.

The winds of time are a multi mosaic of different sized cycling spheres. Smaller cycles within larger ones, the composite creates our understanding of time. Remember these diagrams are very simplistic and are here only to show small parts of a complicated system. In reality there would be thousands and thousands of different sized ratcheting cubes and spheres. Together they create the geometric grids of time and perception of space.

As pointed out, the basic structure of the sphere and the cube are intrinsically linked together. For the sphere to ratchet down there would be an energetic response from the cube grid or lattice. This ratchet does not change the basic lattice but the movement created by consciousness does pull at the cube structure creating a canted cube or vortex grid. This canted cube also has association with the octahedron. All is repeated and all is connected. See the 45-degree angles spiral inward in the above diagram (Jenny harmonic photo to the left). A completed cube ratchet creates the 8 pointed cross that are seen in many ancient symbols. This “pointed star” also supports another level of 45-degree’s creativeness.

nazca square

Nazca 8 pointed cross site showing these shamans understood..

The sphere ratchet along with the cube ratchet influences the structure. This is another OBE traveled route into the structure and has been known for thousands of years. This avenue of travel is called the “L Gate” and it allows travelling into the depths of different physical or semi physical realities.

L Gate

L Gates – the shift of realities and dimensions through the patch and cube ratchets.

The ancient Swastika or L Gate is misunderstood today as many try to intellectually assign it to numerous properties but the bottom line is that its origins are shamanic. Dressing it up by adding fish, bird, or limbs are all schematic symbolic representations of this ability to transverse space and time.

The ancients did an incredible job recording this complicated understanding on rock and other media for the time. In fact if the ancient ones had a computer you be seeing the same diagrams that are in this book and not rock carvings.


Top left: Cycladic civilization   Middle: Cucuteni-Trypillian Right: Craig Mound, Spiro, Oklahoma. This symbols represents movement and change. NGC-1097 to the right, showing the ratchet.


 In the above photo is the oldest example of this knowledge. It was found in the Ukraine and shows the geometric understanding of the L Gate concept. Carved from Mammoth ivory it is a map representation of the pattern traveled into the Universal Structure. The assigned date of 12,000 years is a conservative date as the understanding probably goes back thousands of  years earlier. As time went on the understanding slowly converted this map into newer representations that became an energetic symbol more than a guide of what to focus on in an OBE journey

L gate 

A few years ago when I was researching the L Gate the above diagram was given to me. From top left to the end at the bottom right is a breakdown of this very complex understanding. The “L” Gate allows overlapping realities to be accessed, via a 90-degree ratchet. In the term “L” Gate the “L” stands for a 90-degree turn. UFOs disappear from our perception using this gateway as witnesses have seen in  the 90 degree turn, as the UFO “blinks out” of their perception and reality. 

We live in a reality that can be summed up as perception based and of conscious construction. This construction is nothing more than a type of camouflage that convinces out physical mind that everything is real. Camouflage means, anything what our senses perceives is also a mask of what is actually behind it. In other words the construction behind the camouflage is not sensed, as we are blinded by our 5 physical senses. The UFO phenomenon is a classic example of this and bears the truth behind the above statement. They are not what they appear, but are our interpretation of their form.

Advanced science in other realities learnt how to travel between planes of existence. Due to their reality laws (vibration) they bring with them their own camouflage manifestations. This cannot be separated on some levels as every physical or semi physical reality will have its own camouflage individuality. As they leave their manifestation via the L Gate they bring with them their camouflaged patterns. Certain kinds of science cannot operate without it.

When the inhabitants of a plane have learnt mental science patterns, they then are to a great degree almost free from the more restricted camouflage patterns. The UFOs appearances come from extremely technologically advanced systems but they are still of this mental science plane. Their appearance in our plane offers a conflict of sorts as their system is not ours and this put their “craft” into a state somewhere between the two planes. It is in conflict between realities and that includes our perception, is also in a state of flux.

All atoms and elements in our universe are the same but the interpretation or perception (camouflage) of how they are experienced can be quite different. A metal in our reality might not have the same properties as a metal in others. So upon entering our system their material construction tries to distort into our mental reality. Generally their construction remains intact on their “side” but we struggle to perceive what does not come from here and what cannot be constructed with these “properties”. From our observations this lends to the UFOs changing shapes from a disc, to a tube, or sphere. There are not different UFOs but different struggles of perception. It gets even more complicated when you bring into the formula different human perspectives of the same event. Some see the UFO while others standing beside them see nothing.     

Olmec shang

The L Gate became the Shang Cross, from there the Olmec Cross and the opening to other worlds. This evolved into the Olmec Dragon Cave eventually adopted by the Maya as the Sacred T.


Each patch has a horizon with attached flows of creation. A mirror of this reality lies on the other side of this horizon.


With these basic understandings I would like to jump ahead and show how this knowledge was used. It varied from culture to culture, shaman to shaman over the thousands of years of usage. This variation shows that the knowledge can be adapted to anyone’s level of understanding or needs.

Life cycles 

The above diagram is one I was shown many times. In this simple diagram I show only a few expanded ribbons of energy to demonstrate what I was taught about life connections. Within Earth’s energetic structure (patch head) each species has its own angular flow and its own time current within this. As large and small cycles continue the supportive energy it maintains a species in its reality. As the time cycles move off to more canted angles this supportive energy wanes. The waning of earth realities and time cycles results in a change of types of species. This is referred to as evolution or extinction, depending on one’s view. Most do not want to accept the idea that evolution of species can only happen if others become extinct. The truth is this is the way all levels of spirit grow, including humans. In the animal kingdom many different species will have common sources that try on different forms to enhance their physical experience. This is subject to the evolving vibrational levels of the planet’s position in time, as each form must be current with this vibrational level to maintain its existence.      


Update diagram: I recently saw this time image (in color) in a Remote Viewing session of the Carahunge Site.


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