(For those coming into this understanding from prior Ancient Sites pages you have just jumped into the middle of it. I brought you here to show how complicated the knowledge was. If you are interested in knowing more I would suggest starting from the beginning at  page 1.)

Larger cycles of the main sphere (containing the 8 pack) influence smaller spheres and their cycles or spirals. The string flow of the main sphere combines in energetic time cycles within the inner 8 spheres and their patch systems. Each inner sphere has a different harmonic flavour, but still a common vibrational level with the other 7 spheres. This common ground allows contact within the time cycles, through the main sphere.

This is the biggest reason for the lack of alien discloser to contactees that ask where they came from. There is no common understanding in our current culture to explain that their reality ("planet") is still within our larger context of common main sphere. The information provided in this book clears up some of this ground and does provide a introduction for this communication. Many have asked why don’t aliens just contact our scientist and begin this communication. After reading the information provided by the other side and what is currently accepted it is obvious there is no common ground for such a conversation.  

Another problem humans face in exploration of other realities is that we cannot leave our Earth’s magnetic field and survive for any great length of time. The concept of going to Mars for a few years would take a person out of our magnetic field and they would not survive. The human body would start to break down, as death would quickly follow. Only with extremely advanced magnetic technology that can replicate earth’s magnetic fields can humans leave this reality patch. Going from our patch and sphere to another inner sphere would be destabilizing enough, but to leave to another main sized sphere would be impossible.

It can be accomplished in nonphysical ways as the ancient shamans discovered. Focusing in the right directions with constructed “machines” can be very efficient. Below are two examples of “time machines” or transportation devices that allow one to make contact outside of one’s inner sphere. The two sites shown below use similar understandings but have different purposes, as seen in the canted ratchet of the squares.

Nazca Hpewell

Knowing the direction in time and space allows one to contact others with clarity and efficiency. Below are a couple of diagrams that show some basic outlines of this understanding.

Elementals, Sasquatch, Reptile Alien, and others are all shared realities within our larger sphere and cube construct. This interlinked construction of sphere and cube levels of consciousness also creates two perceptions of time, one from the sphere-based reality and the other from the cube-based one. This is very complicated but can be worked out if one takes their time. All relevance to exact position in the above diagrams are from the observer’s position and directional flow. The time cycle of the larger sphere connects all but inner rotation determines what time events will follow.

 There are few different ways of time travel but they all break down to basically two focused methods. One is via the sphere and spirals (ratcheting down into sphere – time tunnels) or through the ratchet of the cube/octahedron system (L Gate). The cube/octahedron system is more physically based and if a shaman is requiring this focus they would use the later of the two. The Hopewell Mounds and pyramids work with this focus. 




Working at Ancient Sites

The ancient structures were built as collectors of energy that allowed shamans to enhance their abilities and experiences. This was accomplished through knowledge of the universal structure in conjunction with the geographic locations. These structure or “machines” made it easier to attract and store the avenues of choice. Creation in the physical is a combination of energies. At these sites one can focus specifically at one part (angle) or use multiple points of focus. There are no rules per se but one must understand the general purpose of the angles. As shown in prior chapters there is a time orientated structure at all sites built on vortex areas. Facing the direction of choice is important and with this the correlating desire for experience. Efficiency (quickness in time) is a result of desire aligned with spiritual connection and physical positioning. Generally circle sites are more oriented to higher vibratory states while square and triangular are more physical creators. Pyramids are machines that focused in three dimensional alignments with the same angle. This could include journeys (contacting to physicals outside this reality), power of creation in the physical, physical based knowledge, and so on.

Remember this reality’s present position and to a future focus is angled at approximately 51- 55 degrees. This is why many ancient sites are aligned to these 50ish angles. Using a 3 dimensional sphere as one’s compass, see the angles that apply. The opposite angles of 234 degrees (of 52) shows the way to our past. Both angles represent the physical connective angle but the 234ish angles are the past physical and one’s foundation in their physical. Family ancestors are along this back angle. Focusing to the elemental or animal guardians would be found in the range of 120 - 135 degrees. Going deeper into the lower vibrational levels would take you to the Dorajuadoik level of 160 + or -. Tilting any angle sideways or up and down (3D) will result in variations of this energy so one must experiment or rely on intuition to fine tune this.

This is the biggest problem with ancient sites. Their angular structure is typically set up with alignments of past earth processional tilts. Unless a complete time cycle has taken place the structure is typically out of sync with our present.  Higher vibratory site structure should be aligned to 0 degrees and this is why some sites are presently at 12 – 15 degrees off north (processional shift). In this modern time period the benefit of working at ancients sites is not in the site itself (unless researching past shamanic understandings) but in the general area. Typically the main vortex area has moved over to the side and out of the archeological site itself. With this understanding one can comfortably create their own site without disturbing any archaeology or energy of the site. Dowsing rods or pendulum can help in finding this new vortex position.

Dating the site can be calculated by this deviation, assuming it has not cycled around a couple of times. If a site goes back too far there is another angular problem that is present but its subject is too big for this book. Here is a link to its direction if you curious:


The best thing I can say is to experiment and experience it yourself. This is because everyone will have different results depending on their awareness level, and desires. Also remember that because of the differences between the sites and one’s own process there could be immediate results or it may take weeks to see any changes. This is one of the most important things to understand. Like all evolution of spirit one must be ready for change. If one is not ready to change do not expect instant results. This sounds easy but we hide our fears of change, and so well that most are not even aware we have any.  

Don’t forget that this is also based on a 3D sphere, with one in the center of it.  The angle’s in this sphere can be seen as “rings” or hoops of energy around the sphere. In my teachings they never referred to the opposite degrees of an angle as its numerical extension. So 53 is 53 degrees all the way around the sphere. 45s and 90s are the same with the only difference is the axis position of 0 and 180 degrees (see diagram below). There is so much around this subject and it gets very complicated but the purpose of this text is to introduce people to this lost understanding.

Time Cycles and Ancient Sites

Standing in a vortex or an ancient site (assuming the site’s energy has not shifted) true north would be “0” degrees at the horizon, in front of you. Arching up in at the same latitude of 0 to one’s crown is the highest vibrational level. Arching backward behind one’s body, on this same latitude, is going back into the present physical body’s spiritual past. The further back the angle the deeper back in time one goes. Continuing on the same arch back behind oneself and now below the horizon is our spiritual past, but in Akashic (DNA) levels.

Repeating this exercise in another angle produces connections to other aspects of us. For instance starting at a “physical present” (51 – 55) just below the 45 degree angle represents now. Grounding this “now” into our future would be arching down towards the horizon. (The purpose for these 50ish degrees in pyramids.) Swinging up on this same longitude angle to our crown is the highest vibrational (spiritual) level for our present physical existence. Swinging backwards past our crown takes us back in time of this present lifetime. Continuing the sweep backwards and below the horizon (on this 50ish angle) is a connection to our ancestors (if one is into ancestor worship). It is actually our past DNA design, our past lifetimes in this body configuration.

Each angle and its sweep around the arch have their own specific energy connections. No connective angle can exist without all the other 360’s contribution (balance). On larger cycles, into the larger spheres, connections with other reality types that shared our 8 pack are presented. The 8 different 45 degrees are as they have been described above. The horizon or 90 degree angles are the physical creator types or Jinn connections (a huge topic that involves different angles in different shell levels). One last comment; this can be done at home in front or behind one’s shrine.  



The Time Factor at Ancient Sites

Time has to be addressed as it one of the main components of the “power” that sacred sites have. It is the time factor above all that produces the most dramatic results. Other than the obvious measurement of events, from a shaman’s view, time can be observed as structure. The biggest problem describing the time aspect is the number of views or properties that can be focused on. Time has a distinctive pattern and a schematic. How we see this pattern depends on what level or angle of the structure we are looking at. At one point we see a grid, another ratcheting spheres or cubes, and at another level moving structures that spiral. It can also be sequential patch works or pockets of time displacement interacting with one another. It is all the same structure and it is all the same movement, just different aspects of the whole creation. The duration of time can also vary from one dimensional level to another including the physical.

Time tunnels

To the left is a time tunnel that I have seen in my journeys and on the right a true celestial time tunnel with its spirals and physical rays, the edges of the 45-degree spiral. On the right Chuckwalla Spring Petroglyph proving the ancient observation.

Wooler Northumberland petroform

Northumberland, U.K.

In my vision of a time tunnel (above left diagram) I could see divisions or angled lines and between them conical bumps. These I was told are the edges of spheres within the patch’s long ratcheting tube. In other words the smaller spheres can be seen in association with the patches spirals. The center of the patch (called a Tube or energy portal) would have too much energy movement to maintain physical creation. This central flow tube is similar to the center axis of the main sphere structure itself and only refers to the alignment of this secondary patch axis.   

Time flows and continues in all dimensions with varying degrees but only according to the “rules” of structure. Due to the personal perspective of time from different realities the only practical way to describe time in this book’s context is from a structural side. Since the subject of this book is ancient sites and their design this is the avenue of choice.

Consciousness thinks, it desires, and this IS a projection of a path! So a direction is created but not only because of the choice but rather because of vibrational resonance with all of “like” similarities. Within the Universal Structure this incorporates angles and dimension that have predispositions. Choice is not always a matter of what but rather what is capable, within a particular vibrational signature at hand. The time aspect spirals due to movement in the fabric of creation. This spiraling is relevant to the desired “direction” which could be up, down, or in some cases to the side. It all depending on the original position of this projection. If it is projected towards the 3rd dimensional shell level it becomes a three dimensional physical form. Projection into the third dimension also varies as there are many angular “portals” of entry and exit.


Instructions on time tunnel exploration.

Here is a small part of what I was taught by those from the other side of our reality. First of all there is no such thing as the space time continuum and one mathematical formula would only apply to our physical reality, as there a multiple time and space scales to consider. I don’t just mean time zones here, but completely detached levels of space and time. In our current understand, time is the fourth dimension for our three dimensional world. The truth is that there are fourth, fifth, and so on dimensions of space and their individual times are completely and independently different. We cannot see these dimensions but some do have physical form. If we could see them they would be seen as semi physical in nature, with a graduation all the way into total nonphysical.

Keeping within the topic of the book and using all the information provided above for placement, our patch reality exists inside our main sphere level as seen below. 

We exist in our patch reality called the physical world, but this world is a result of all the combined structures that support it. This includes the 8 pack, main sphere, and all the ratcheting above and below this structure. Time is flowing energy and is not dependent on space within the structure. As we all know time cycles, as there are larger and smaller cycles that can be observed. This rotation of time was completely understood by the Maya. The Mayan calendars are maps of cycles and not about sun or celestial movements for tracking time in the way we understand time. They used stars and sun alignments to orient themselves in time spacial co-ordinates within the Universal Structure. To the Maya the “calendar” was a schematic route into the past and future. They understood that time cycles were “mechanical” in nature because of their predictability. They also saw how events were linked to these cycles and their energetic “footprints”.

This obsession was part of their purpose for reincarnating into this earth reality. In our 8 pack, their past is our future due to directional rotations of sphere cycles. Our reality never had to cross direct paths with the older generations’ existence due to this. Their archaeological remains exist due to the high level of conscious focus and as a template reminder for us today.

Yes we can have opposites of creation on the other side of the horizon.

As shown above, the orbs twist in a rotational pattern never replicating the same connections. Like a worm gear rotating around with thousands of teeth to move with. This creates the illusion of time or sequencing of events. This rotational cycle was understood by the Maya more than say the Egyptians. 

If one was to rely only on the physical expression to understand time it would be analogous to studying tire tracks on the bank of a shallow river. Studying the physical composition of these tire tracks and analyzing the physical properties will tell you all you want to know about the track itself. What it will not tell you is what kind of vehicle made these tracks and where in the river did it enter.

Reality can be likened to this shallow flowing river. As water flows; rocks, sand, and their arrangement are set into patterns that suites the current. The speed will determine what gets placed into its position on the river bed. This environment maintains its stability as long as the flow maintains its volume and speed. With more or less volume it creates a different flow pattern. As a tree falls from the bank into the river it creates a new flow pattern. The third sphere ratchet into the balanced state of the lattice is the falling tree. Along with this are the different angles that the tree could land in the stream. One pointing up stream will have a greater influence than a downstream placement. This is the nature of all energy angular placements. As far as the vehicle that left the tracks it only created a ripple in the river’s flow. The “tracks” left behind are the only thing left of this event. Similarly, the ancient site’s ripple is gone, but the site’s “tracks” are still here.   

The angles are thus the determining factor to time flow of energy. As a cycle goes through its course it is obviously influenced by different intersecting energy flows. This is why the cycle is never static but becomes an expression of all the intersecting energies in the flow. The end of the cycle is thus a point where the flow has matched its momentum or balance, at which point larger cycles start the flow again. The end of the cycle means that the original flow has gone through its “experience” with other influences and is now back to the beginning. The completion is a reference point. As larger cycles are still within their movement they now influence this null point of reference to create another fork in the road. The cycle is never the same as the last one because the larger cycles influence is at a different level of the smaller cycles.






Reality Sphere Placement

Below is an example of what I was shown about reality sphere placements. The diagrams I received varied depending of the level, shell size, ones position in time cycle and so on. So the diagram below is only an example and not “cut in stone”. The complexity of it all is beyond my capacity to show in diagrams so these are only slices of one part the overall structure. Some of the examples I was shown related to cultures, others to spiritual levels, and even alien placements. The example below is one of these diagrams and our (earth’s) position would be relevant to ones perception of it all. 

Life Angles  


Each shell level would “house” different aspects or energetic profiles of the entities that resided within its vibrational framework or placement in the larger pack. The size in relationship to real reality could cover many light years, but there is no need for this in the “real realities”. Star groups or constellations would be shown or referenced to only because of their proximity, in the angular alignment of the common 8 pack structure. Pointing in a direction does not necessarily mean that is where they came from. Generalities are the only way alien communication of homeland could take place, in an environment that knows nothing of the real structure of universal realities.

Dealing with a static 8 pack is complicated enough but when one views the ratchet of this structure in relationship to shell realities within it, things get even more complicated. The above diagram is a ratcheting 8 pack “A” with a couple of different bands of vibrational shells involved, shown as “B”. Each level now occupies and shares reality shells with ones of a completely different vibrations.

The only “alien map” I have seen is the famous Betty and Barney Brown’s map which was assigned to the Zeta Reticuli System.

(See story: http://archive.org/details/AlienAbduction_74

Taken from memory in 1963, the map is supposed to represent a system of alien trade routes. At the time Dr. Simon gave Betty the post hypnotic suggestion that she could sketch a copy of the "star map" that she later described as a three dimensional projection similar to a hologram. She hesitated, thinking she would be unable to accurately depict the three-dimensional quality of the map she says she saw on the ship. Eventually, however, she did what Simon suggested. Although she said the map had many stars, she drew only those that stood out in her memory. Her map consisted of twelve prominent stars connected by lines and three lesser ones that formed a distinctive triangle. (see below) She said she was told the stars connected by solid lines formed "trade routes", whereas dashed lines were to less-traveled stars.

Zeta Reticuli betty and barney hill 

Just for curiosity, I took this map and laid it over the 8 pack I was shown above. For a different approach to this story and to check for any commonality (see below).

Zeta Reticuli Betty and Barney Hill

On Betty’s map 9L and 8L would work out perfect as 90 degree L Gates. At the event horizon is a balance state of time as this facilities the L Gate.


Within every 8 pack is another 8 pack and so on into infinity, smaller and larger in size. As ratcheting takes place so does the multi time cycle continue to work its magic, allowing connections that would otherwise never be possible. This is the merging of realities and is all part of the system that creates the evolution of spirit. Earth’s sphere is composed of its own 8 pack and within it more 8 packs. Shown below is simple diagram representation of time shells and its influence on inner spheres of a ratcheting 8 pack.   

Time cycles 


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