Time Cones

Time cones are another level of understanding time. Unfortunately the complexity is too difficult to show fully with two dimensional diagrams. Below is the most basic view I was shown of this aspect. As you recall the 8 pack has 6 vortex entry or exit points created by the internal 8 spheres. The axis and the event horizon fall within the center of these spiraling ribbons of energy flow. In the physical level, this would be seen occurring at the 45 degree axis and its entry and exit points (at the cube corners). This ribbon of spiraling energy also creates funnel shaped vortices called “Time Cones”. I was shown that these main 45 degree time cones are also divided up into different rates of time. These different rates of time depend on the cones position, in reference to flow direction and proximity to higher or lower vibrational influences or axis.

Time Cones


As with light, time does not have a consistent speed throughout the universe. The speed of light varies in every reality/dimension and so does time. This is all above what could be called perception, as time is also subject to its vibrational background.

 Time Vortexes

Our Galaxy

Time cones are a product of 45 degree ribbon flow and intersecting ratcheting spheres. It is very complicated, and at this time I only want to introduce this aspect. 

Time shifts Scotland Spirals

Within all structures are inner structures of repeating size and vibrational tones. All these structures adhere to their basic designs and time is no different. As the Maya understood, time is predictable, if one understands the structure that creates it.


Time Shfts

As with every part of the structure time also must balance itself out with an opposite flow. Each flow maintains the other’s existence and the influences that they create within the realities they affect.

Time Cycles

Simply a diagram for thought.



The speed of time allows energy to move at a scale that is acceptable for all that exist in their individual realities. All that exists in this physical creation is a product of consciousness, on one level or another. Therefore consciousness has power over time for it alone dictates the creation and the speed of individual creations. Time is not singular in form nor is it a singular duration throughout the universe. There are multitudes of different time realities in this universe, for everything that exists will have its own timeframe and its own awareness or need for this framework. Therefore every reality will have its own timeframe or placement in the scale of universal framework. These scaled time realities are only relevant to the creators of them and to some extent those that co-create with the observer. Co-creations allow different conscious levels and sources to assimilate with one another for the purpose of creating realities within a common vibration. It is in this manner that consciousness has dominance over its environment or plane of existence. Each vibrational plane will have its own spectrum of vibrations but it will always be within the limits of that plane’s capacity. The choice of consciousness is; which level is desired for the best creation, and from there adapting a level of its consciousness to the vibration of this level.

If we look towards science for answers to this perplexing question we will find that they will not achieve the answers unless they abandon their current traditional beliefs. Their current understandings will have to graduate to higher state of awareness. One of the first and probably the biggest steps in this understanding is that our universe does not have one time frame, nor do the individual suns and planets that inhabit it. The universe is continually being created; it is by no means an uncontrolled explosion from one beginning point. Matter forms and can form instantly anywhere, all at once, or in separate time frames. In fact the universe is expanding in all directions including inwards and these expansions are in complexity of design. There are many dimensions in this universe as well there are many universes. The big bang did not occur but there was a similar beginning as far as the universe being created all at once. There are also more than this one universe and there will be more to come. The concept that the universe is expanding into empty space is incorrect for there is no empty space. Empty space implies that there is room unfilled, but room in what unfilled aspect or void? If empty space was desired what created the empty space in the first place, and were does it reside or does it need to?

The truth is that empty space is only that which cannot be detected by our three dimensional instruments (refers back to the earlier Seth comment). The exciting part in all of this is that our three dimensional level is an extremely small component of all that exists. 

We have all seen moments that have gone in a flash only to experience a similar moment that appears to last much longer. What we don’t know is that it is controllable and it is done through consciousness. In balance or out of balance we create more or less time flow, for time is an expression of balance over an opposite flow. Therefore time is a measurement of flow rate. Moving the energy of experience with less restriction will create the appearance of faster time rate. An older person is more experienced at moving this flow of energy and thus experiences time as faster than a younger person.


The structure and the workings of this structure dictate how time moves and cycles. Time is cyclic and there are many different “sizes” to these cycles. The ancient Mayans were the historic masters of this understanding. Unfortunately their understanding was lost until now. Knowing how time works within its structure is the key to understanding possible time travel and creation itself. The cycles account for everything including the DNA of species, elements, and even our personal day. You can measure time by observing the size of cycle that is in progress. This also applies to larger cycles that our sun and distance stars are caught in. The Maya understood that it was all related, for everything has a cycle and comparing with each movement a system of reference could be established. What is happening cyclically in the solar movements can be applied on smaller scales here on earth. The ancient Maya knew this and understood the process as demonstrated in their complex “calendars”. Astrology addresses a small part of this pattern but there is much more to it than understood. There is a “clockwork” mechanism at work due the universal flow and structure but most of the “workings” are hidden from our senses. Predictions of probabilities can be observed, as far as knowing where and when change will take place. The type of change can also be determined due to the next “String” or energy flow in the ratcheted movement.


Working at Sacred Sites within Nonlocal Realities

 We as humans, in physical form or not would have to call time an environment of our psychology. Time and space are realities that are created for our own conscious need of existence. For most realities have nothing to do with space as we understand it.  We create multiple layers or veils that give the illusion of space. Our eyes (the sight sensors) become the windows into this creative field of veils. As we look out into the world we see objects and features that are no more than co-creative manifestations of assigned energy patterns called matter. In some respects elements and matter did not exist prior to this co creative organization. As humans we are not only creating our own physical bodies but are also manifesting and grouping together with other levels of consciousness to create this reality or world. Earth based creations have and will always exist whether humans are involved or not so I’m not saying that other forms did not exist prior. What I am saying is that perception determines creation and it is through the filtered perception of consciousness that organization happens. One other thing for now; for our level of consciousness to inhabit any reality there must be acceptance by the other levels of consciousness. This happens through a common vibratory need otherwise we could not create in their or any environment.

Space as well as physical form is a creation of consciousness that organizes the reality into a format of prearranged perceptible templates. These templates have been prearranged at other levels of nonphysical vibration by higher levels that have the need to experience the denser realities. All levels of consciousness whether it is from the lowest vibration to the highest can within limited parts create the environment we call the physical world. The “conscious levels” of individual earth elements will co-create with higher vibratory states like our source consciousness. Their proximity to source energy is their strength and this strength of energy flow creates a longer “time duration” due to slower vibratory rate of this source energy. In this reality that translates to a common vibratory index called the Earth. All environments are a balance (to a certain extent) of energy flows from different entry points or directions. Energy flows are a result of conscious needs and this need can be weak or strong in desire. As the need is resolved (a balanced state) the creational energies that make up the environment start to break up or dissolve.

This dissembling of the creation is a special aspect of time “ending”. We see and understand it as historic endings, whether it is earth’s history or just a moment in our personal day. The duration period of matter or physical reality is determined by the vibratory level, strength of connection, and the source energy itself. Physical matter is a creation of unbalanced energies so the level of imbalance it will determine the type of matter. This process is also in relevance to the time aspect. Like a glass of water tipping over, it will change its shape as in time it finally reached empty.

If you co-create with “natural” material like rock you will achieve a longer lasting creation due to its purer form or direct connection to lower source energy. Wood on the other hand was created from the same elements of nature but its creation was instrumented by the tree’s consciousness and this is a “type of filter” from source energy. The co-creation of the tree’s consciousness with the elements will be a relationship of energies that will determine the time frame of the tree’s needs, thus the wood’s existence. Even after the tree‘s consciousness has left the reality other forms of consciousness like bacteria and fungus will bring about another creation that can accelerate or impede the speed of the time frame. Adding a third aspect energy like human desire will also change the original energy in a subtended aspect that could appear as if the tree’s force is still present. As you can see time in this scenario is all about the speed of each creational need that is present. Time appears to overlap but as far as the original tree is concerned it ended at its death.


You may say why does wood in a desert not disintegrate as fast as wood in a humid environment? It is because there is a forth aspect involved here that is separate but still one in the same. The environment, or in this case Earth will have its own laws of creation of its own time frames. It has its own co creative order and flow of energies. These energies are specific to its structure. In this structure there will be areas of more energy flow and areas of almost neutral or no energy flow. Placement in this larger creation will have an effect because of “time” differentiations in the larger cycle or environmental energy flows. The earth itself is a co creation of different environments that allow for different time periods to develop. Thus desert or dry areas appear to be moving at a slower rate of creation then other environments, for instance the West coast of North America.


In all realities creation and construction are by those who perceive the reality. Those who do not construct a reality cannot perceive it. Consciousness therefore is the primary construction of individual self. It doesn’t project itself onto matter but co creates and organizes with other forms. Together, they become allies that are defused throughout the reality being created. This creative consciousness is not imprisoned into its creation but has only a part of it there to maintain the creation. If a human “soul” energy could incarnate into a physical reality it probably would explode this realities’ structure due to the imbalance of too much energy (as humans we only require 3 -5 % of our soul’s energy). 


We are not imprisoned in our bodies but we are, for now, an individual entity represented in a human form. With billions of layers of consciousness creating our cells and mineral composition there comes millions of layers of needs and awareness. On the other hand the consciousness of a rock is composed of less complicated co-creations thus it is more basic in a conscious form. Human or rock both receive their own level of value fulfilment thought this earthly process.

There is nothing in the current scientific understandings that will help you understand what time is. This is why we have to start from the beginning. The only concepts of time in our modern world have come from intellect and imagination. Although there is nothing wrong with this process there can be a problem with the information being very limited in its scope. If human intellect had “designed” the universe you can bet it also would be completely flawed in more than just concept. All current understandings of time have come from scientific theories. These are theories and are based on understandings that have no or very little truth behind them. Most of our scientific understandings originate from incorrect ideas created decades and even centuries ago. It is from these inaccurate concepts of the natural world that current science continues to carry the torch, but with increased difficulty. To understand time you would first have to understand the design of the universe. Even with our current technology and computer sciences we are still in a very primitive state as far as addressing these major subjects.

How does one find the answers to the questions of time, universal design, and the creation of reality? In the past we created religions based on mystic’s journeys into the non physical realities. Unfortunately interpretations of these journeys were subjective as to the level of awareness and knowledge of the mystics themselves. Even with good understandings by advanced mystics, the people that followed their teachings usually distorted or altered the information over time, for one reason or another. This leaves us with the field of science but again modern science is based on many problematic theories that are all based on intellect only. At any given time period in scientific history the truth becomes dated as new instruments prove that the theory was flawed. This will continues unfortunately with no end in sight simply because tools and mathematics based in one reality cannot bridge the other realities.

It was pointed out to me that reality is an illusion and this illusion can be likened to a mirage. How can an object caught in a mirage understand or investigate what is creating the illusion in the first place? There is only one way, we must remove ourselves from the illusion itself. It sounds too simple but it has been done countless times in the past so what has divorced us from this ability in modern times? Almost everyone knows the answer to the last question (we cut ourselves off from source) but the real question is how can we recover the past knowledge and the methods?

First of all, if you do not understand the energy flow that supports and creates the physical world you will not know why it appears the way it does. Energy always has a source and every source has its flavor or vibrational resonance. It is in the structural design of the universe that decides the type of energy that is accessible and in what amounts are available. All future technology will be designed under this knowledge. All future scientists will have complete concepts to design their technology. If you do not know where to look you will not find what you seek. You could be standing on the truth only to find that your elevated position comes from the structure you are standing on. Understanding the structure of reality can be very simple if taken one piece at a time. Furthermore, all of us have the ability to access the universal knowledge. It is just a matter of acknowledging this ability and then doing something about it. Some simple axioms that can be applied;

One, the information is only available for those that are ready for it.

Two, a major part of this readiness is having a base understanding of the language the information is being taught in. Without understanding the language there is very little that can be downloaded with confidence. This has been the biggest issue with mystic information from the beginning of time. Communication must have common symbolism to form an accurate language for the information. This can be seen in ancient pictographs which show an attempt to communicate the event but following short of the language to transcribe it.  

Three, complexity lies only in multiplying simplicity! You need to see the individual parts first before you can describe the whole.

Who is ready for the information? You are, and simply by being drawn to this book is your proof!


Observing time without tools or structural understanding:


We live in a thought responsive universe and because of this we can observe our “time creations” moving in different rates or speeds without instruments (our own personal proof). Everyone can remember experiences that showed this. Examples of this are vehicle accidents, fights, and experiences of survival. Notice the common theme of fear. So why does fear change the speed of time? It is not fear itself but emotion that is the motivator. Thoughts are projections but emotion is the impetus or driving force behind them. Fear has the ability to etch its memory into our minds at “basic life” levels (it is ingrained from our primal past). Blissful moments or expressions of passion can also show the time effect but they are not as noticeable. We are programmed to see fear with pain and bliss as the reward so fear becomes the base need before any added experience can be gifted.  Blissful and passionate moments generally have opposite effect on time by speeding up the rate. As we have all observed in moments that we are enjoying ourselves time seems to slip away very quickly. So what is the separator between the emotional speeds of time? It can be found in the vibration or frequency of the conscious expression itself.  

On a perceptual level we can examine time and its effects with one of our best human qualities, emotion.  Emotion shows us a lot about our own creational ability. Fear can maintain a grip on this reality and this in itself would make time appear slower (for the observer). The base root of the emotion called fear is a perceptional view of one’s surroundings based on lower levels of understanding. Lower being a reference to a lower vibrational state or reality. As discussed many times in “The Schematic of God” the vibrational level (physical, physiologically, or nonphysical) will only support that like vibration that defines the state’s level. The frequency rate or vibrational level is the aptitude of the level and fear as we all know is very dense in nature no matter where it is found.

Emotions transcend all levels to a certain extent but on higher levels (balanced states) this type of emotion would just be observed. In lower states it is experienced, in other words lower levels support the experience of fear. Fear has a certain ability to lock the expression into slower time frames (but only in lower levels). Lower levels are denser and thus move slower (in perspective of being viewed from a higher state).


Spiritual orb

Spirit entering the physical in its true shape.

As I have already said we exist as consciousness in a thought responsive universe. This also applies to nonphysical realities. As explained in the chapter “In the Beginning” – “The Schematic of God” thought was the source creation of this universe (from Source Power). Thought or desire manifests creation on all levels but as you approach this reality physical forms begin to manifest but in vibrational levels that are still observable to us. As you continue to get closer to this reality you are essentially immersing yourself (as consciousness) into denser vibrational fields. In other words the manifested forms become more physical as they enter into denser regions called “Orb Shells”© and we usually see these manifestations in our peripheral vision. In this level they will appear as semi physical, some people call them ghosts or spirits. This is not necessarily true by definition for there is much more to this. Descending further into the vibrational density, thought forms become perceptible and are called physical. The physical reality is a composite of vibrations, that exist within a zone we call reality. This zone is made up of many different layers of energy thought forms that are perceptible simply because they have some common vibrational needs with us.    

On a radio dial many stations can be separated by a simple devise known as a variable potentiometer. All this devise does is separate the radio band into segments. Radio stations then broadcast on these individual segments. We all accept this concept but to say that there are many realities within this reality is too much for most people to accept. It is the truth for there is a turner and it too uses frequencies to separate the physical realities from one another. Science will someday develop this understanding but only after developing a tool to show them. We don’t need this tool for we are ready posses the ability and it is called consciousness. 

Time is also a component of what separates realities or dimensions. Using a clock to measures time would prove inadequate for the clock has its own vibrational filed and this is also relevant to the observer’s creation. Using the movie model the clock would be one actor and the person partaking in the experience would be another. Unfortunately the two actors are from two different movies and are now co-creating a third movie. It could be likened in difference to an actor from a horror movie now co acting with an actor from a love story. Their obvious vibrational rolls will be very different but yet they can still co-create together, to a certain extent. 

The clock was not assembled with or in any specific vibrational level nor was it created under a specific emotional state. Its parts are composed of more base element level of creation (a balanced neutral primal state) and in one way set the clock at a higher balanced state than the emotion of fear of the human. The speed of time is the measurement of events in sequence, but the sequence must correspond with the vibrational levels of the creating parts. As discussed vibration can co-create to certain extends with other vibrational levels and create a sequence of events called time or reality. Base element consciousness cannot exceed its level of creation but it can join the human in form by allowing human creation to form it into a different shape. It is no difference that the moving fan blades that are what they are, regardless of the speed or rotation they achieve.   

These levels are supported by slower vibrations that cannot create faster movement or results in this environment. You cannot use a clock to time the effects of fear for the clock is only one “actor” in this story line. The clock belongs to a different “movie” for it will have its own specific vibration, a vibration that cannot be changed. The clock was not created in fear and this alone will set it at a higher vibration than the emotion of fear.

There is a difference between rate or speed and vibration. Rate is a sequential or repetition of the same vibrational state. On the other hand, vibration is a frequency of form, it is the essence that separates and creates all individual forms. The preverbal rotating fan blade example is a good model for it can move at a faster rate but this doesn’t mean it has changed its original vibration. It is merely repeating its vibrational level through a patterned repetition (in a closer sequence).It is in the eye of the beholder that determines what rate is observable. All matter is flickering off and on, our range of vision sees what it is designed to see and therefore a solid state of matter is achieved. Someone in a potential vehicular accident scenario will still not see the other car’s wheel in slow motion. What they will perceive is the creation of the event in slow motion. This is because time is proportional to creation for time is the catalyst for creation. A physical world can be created on higher vibratory levels (outside the third dimension) but it is a personal reality (created by consciousness, and can appear just as physical to the individual, but restricted to a singular reality.


Upon death this is what happens to a person. People that are knowledgeable in the other realities move on to finer vibrations levels shortly after death. For those that are rigid in this life this rigidity is recreated outside of this physical reality until outside help shows them otherwise. This world is a stage for all those that have a common creative vibration to share with each other. 

In order to effect the environment on earth one needs to project outward at a different perceptional frequencies than the world itself. This can be accomplished by first raising ones vibration and expanding this vibration outward, not inward, and always to a supportive reality. In other words a person is adjusting their reality to an inner state of vibration. Reality in any dimension is a projection of one’s state of emotions and beliefs. It is the emotional perception and projection of corresponding vibratory “speed” or “rate” that will determine the visual correspondence with the reality. Being placed into a fearful place has the same effect of appearing to last forever. People living in fear do not move for they are “frozen in time”. Love and excitement on the opposite side of the scale will show the same time effects but at a faster time frame, this too is all relevant to the observer and their experience. Trying to measure emotion is like an attempt to measure one’s perception. It is all but impossible on any level of scientific accuracy due to the lack of repeatable results.

There are two ways that an individual can slow down perceived time. One is to raise one’s self to a higher state of vibration then project it to the surrounding environment and the other is to achieve a balanced state within their level. In affect there is no separation between the two for a balanced state is a higher vibration within any level. A balanced state also allows one to connect with higher level energies which in turn will create more balanced energy. When achieved for a period of time a stable higher level can be maintained and this will become the permanent level. 

The difference between the physical reality and those of higher or lower vibrational states is that the physical reality is a very narrow “shell”. Nonphysical dimensional levels are extremely expansive in nature due to the lack of focused “space and time”. The physical band is a localized vibrational state when compared with other dimensional levels. This region of focused energy creates bands of existence that must be maintained and supplied with consistent flow of energy. Take any one “actor” out of our movie and the story line around this actor falls apart.


Above diagram shows creation moving into the densest fields called physical reality.


One final comment on fear and its creative experiences. In a ``life threatening`` experience it is the event itself that is the “need”. In ``life threatening`` experiences there is a goal that is being attempted. The purpose of the event is to achieve change or movement in a person’s life. This is a design that comes from higher levels than the person’s physical awareness. In the case of an individual’s “need” the physical awareness is more than likely stuck in its growth or evolution. To bring it out of this stagnate state, a shock method is sometimes required. This means that higher aware levels of the individual motivate the unaware physical form into situations of attention. Not much different than a Zen master getting some attention from a pupil by using a tingsha. When a person finds themselves in this situation they are not only connected to a higher level but are being immersed in this higher vibration. At the moment of immersion the higher frequency gives us the ability to see the physical reality in a slower rate by default. This default state allows us to “see” more clearly and in slow motion!



Conscious Shells


Consciousness is a band of energy that can be found in layers just like the vibrational “Shells” mentioned previously. They are layered because of common vibration; this includes desire, intelligence, and the emotional quotients. Layering occurs after thought has arisen; from there it naturally pools or gravitates into common arenas of the matrix of all sentient beings. Exchanges of thought and information as well as experiences can be tapped into at these regions. This banding is and does overlap realities in all levels. The difference is that individual realties are only capable of intersecting or tapping into that which is of common reach into their vibrational fields. You can, in your reality, extend out into the higher or lower bands by raising or lowering your vibration to the level of choice.

Tapping into original and unrealized (for Earth based realities) music, art, invention is achieved this way. Start by finding the common desire and intent of your emotional field. Follow it up or down after connection is secured. Once a vibrational shift has been felt – Let Go, and absorb the background energy! This will lead you to the information you seek. You can ask for help in the learning stages for there are many that would love to assist. Everyone understands evolution of spirit!

Connection is there awareness is not because of different flow directions.

Perception of Time

Perception, a physical based recognition that is the observation of one’s vibrational level in time sequences called Sector Sequencing. This sequencing is directly related to the field of vibration that a life form’s specific vibration (DNA) occupies.

Perception then becomes a field of observable probabilities that are constituted reflections of one’s own vibrational field, within the boundaries of the DNA’s vibrational limits.

DNA thus becomes the vehicle for time flow as this provides the template and the vibration of a perceivable reality.

Within this perceivable field of vibration, all can be achieved within the limits of the vibrational realities capacity.

Sequencing becomes a matter of perception through the variables of the field stream of time and sequencing vibration, higher or lower.

As time moves forward so does one’s perception of the sequences called learned experiences. It is in the perception of learning that one has the experience due to comparison of the change or the shift in vibration.

This is the essence of evolution and the injection into the sequence at any point finds its source from lower or higher nonphysical vibratory levels (called sprit).

Spirit has the choice of where it will focus its desire into this sequential field and with the vibrational DNA profile that is needed to bring the experience to fruition.

Although mirrored, DNA sequencing is a flow in opposite directions that create balance it is not something that can be observed from either directional side.

Physical DNA is one half of the flow direction of the DNA Sphere and its placement in a Time Sector of any given physical reality.

Reality and the perception of it has now become the eventual sequence of desire or thought in physical form. This form can now occupy space in the context of a co-creative reality with other like vibratory states or physical forms.

Physical form is the direct result of desire interacting on the field of universal matrix and its structure through vibrational differences and the sequencing of these differences from one another.

The Perception of Space

A topic so complex it has to be experiences on all levels to begin to even grasp the tiniest bit of understanding.

My first introduction into the question of space was a few years ago during a journey into the etheric realties. The notes below might not appear exceptional but this experience was mind blowing. Most of these experiences into these levels are imposable to translate………I guess you just had to be there!

In this journey I asked the question; what is space? Immediately after asking this question I found myself at the edge of an endless meadow that was banked by forest on each side. As I stood there I started to focus into the scene and then realized that I could see the life cycles of the different plants. The grasses, shrubs, and weeds all displayed their lives from start to end and in the time it takes to create this form in the physical. It was obvious I was in a higher vibrational state then possible in real life for I saw all of this at once and in complete ways that defy explanation. From here I was told that space and life are perceptions of cycles. The cycle of one life and the time it take to complete it, was one perceptive.

The comparison could be shown by walking across this meadow; it would (in my mind) take “this long”. Obviously if I drove a vehicle across it would be shorter. Space is as simple as that, a perception of time that it takes to cross a given point of observation to another point where this observation is complete. In other words it is all relative to the life span and scope of the life form that is in motion or observation.

Space now becomes a form within itself as it now occupies consciousness. Encased in consciousness, space gives way to form and the creation of this form. Space is now form and consciousness is the parameters of this dimension of reality. Reality is now dimension of consciousness and the form becomes the space of a given form. There is no limit to the amount of conscious effort, and it will have a direct proportion to the size of form.

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