The Ratchet

It gets very complicated from here on and unfortunately would encompass a great amount of explanation to fill in all the gaps. On extremely basic levels I need to start from the beginning again with the layers of equal sized cube/spheres. See the layer as a three dimensional grid (cube diagram below). Billions of these nonphysical harmonic layers occupy the universe. They also stretch down and up in proportional sizes, but never intermixed in the layers. Each layer would be a different vibration and not occupy the same dimensional structure. All vibrational levels (relevant to size) are independent from smaller or larger layers.

As consciousness enters the system it will resonate to its level of vibration (size of cube/sphere. With this injection the movement is initiated, as consciousness is the only aspect that can create movement outside the basic background “god” level.  It enters into its resonate layer and creates a twist in the structure (starting from the center of the sphere). This twist diverts the energy into a replica sphere moving it into the layer below (or above – depending on injection’s direction). The original cube/sphere structure does not move out of its static position. The deflected energy creates a mirrored dimensional double that divides itself from the static background. It is an energetic waveform or complete shadow of the original sphere/cube structure.     

The ratchet of the 8 pack from above.

Ratcheting starts at the center and twists outward. It is responsible for all geometric shapes (Sacred Geometry)
Jenny harmonics showing progression of ratchet as frequency is raised.

An incredible Jenny photo showing the shift from one state to another.

Science has detected the structure, on one level; as far back as a hundred years ago. Today they call them Buckyballs. Buckyballs are a three dimensional shaped aspect of the Universal Grid. A ratcheted structure that vibrates at a different rate than other structural forms of the Universal Grid. Basically it is all about what can detected using our current limited technology. 15 July 2015 - Nature Magazine

Buckyballs in space


In the above diagram, to the left, I show a side view of this ratchet. The bottom two spheres being overlapped by the third sphere (in this case moving from above) creating the Vesica Piscis (called a Patch). This movement creates three Vesica Piscis with a concentrated multi energetic triangular shape in the middle. This center structure is called the Patch Head and has common ground to all three patches.

Some ancient diagrams demonstrating this knowledge.


In the above diagram one can see the complexity of this simple ratchet, shown with a small number of shells. This two-sphere combination allows for the mixing of each parent sphere but this is where it ends. Two spheres are a two dimensional balanced state after the mixing is complete. It creates a mixing of energies as the individual spheres have their own unique flavours. Added to this are shells with variant vibrational levels of their own. 

Three patches, each sharing unique properties with their co-creative “partners”.

In the above diagram of overlapping spheres or orbs, #2 rotates into #1and #3. The red “1” in the middle of the patch would be a balanced state of the two orbs. The variants on the sides, 1a to 1-a are degrees or the flavours of the two orbs. As the third orb #2 ratchets down into the other two it adds even more movement and variety of vibrational energy. The third orb of sphere enters into the balanced two-dimensional state (of two spheres) and creates an imbalanced state or movement within the bottom two spheres patch. This now becomes a three-dimensional conscious structure.

Each one of these sectional pieces of the three spheres (numbered 1- 6) could be called realities. All this is in just the top part of the patch called a Patch Head. The Patch Head is the combination of the three patches and shares energy from each of the three and their inner shells.

With just showing the outer shell of the three you can clearly see how the patches and the central Patch Head is created. With more inner shells replicating the outer ones it creates a multi shelled patch head. The outer sphere’s strings create shells with their crossing of each other. These new patch head shells create the outer and inner dimensions of the patch. Remember, these strings are dual flowing energy helixes, which are now converging into one area of common ground. (What are not shown in the above diagrams are the many inner spheres of the three, as described prior). With the other sphere shells included they would create patches within patches called Patch Shells. The spheres are moving energy that gives the illusion of “rotating” energy and this rotating energy carries on into the patches. So as three spheres rotate into one another you have spiraling vortexes of energy that create the patch, as seen in the below representation.   

Each patch also has a central energy axis (more on Patches later, as we get closer to the physical realities).

In the diagram below the ratcheting of three spheres creates the 45 electromagnetic flow. It forms a patch along the 45 degrees with its central axis called the “45 Degree Axis” of the electromagnetic flow. In the diagram below one can see three patches (Vesica Pisces) being created between the top sphere and the lower ones. As an example only, the right top sphere rotates into the bottom two which starts the energy to spin around the 45 axis. This spiralling allows for many different angles or variants of the electromagnetic axis (as seen in the above diagram). The 45 represents the purest of the energy flow so all defections or variants will have different flavours of the participation sphere energies.  

The above diagram is a representation of one of the 45-degree spiral ribbon and its inner spiraling ribbon shells. Each degree or variant will have its own ribbon of angular “cone” shape. As these energy cones have supportive vibrational capacities they too will be associated with physical forms including animals and other life forms. (More information further on). As a reference I have been told that my connections lie towards the 54-degree flow.

Las Labradas Petroglyphs

In the above diagram a 45-degree energy line with opposite flowing ribbons would produce ascending and descending wavelengths of flow. This would result in some parts of the complete flow being matched to each other in wavelength, while others

would not. It is at the matched or balanced sections that time and physical creation can take hold. I have been told that typically only one galaxy or physical dimension would be created on anyone of the 45-degree lines of an 8-pack system. In the above diagram I show how two logarithmic ribbons flow across one another would have certain areas of matching frequency or vibrational mirrors of each other. At these “balanced” zones time framed physical reality possibilities take place (if consciousness was in agreement). 

45-degree lines have octahedron shells as their horizons. In this diagram a combination of 2 logarithmic balanced ribbons pass through an octahedron shell to create the physical dimension.

As referred to in the horizon section above the 45-degree angles have their horizons also. These are on different dimensional levels but are still called horizons, or 45 Horizons by the “other side”. They are created from the crossings of the 45 degree ribbons and the octahedron shells, the “organizer of the physical” (shown below).

The Elements


The element subject is huge so I will not burden the reader with any more details than an introduction. This introduction is necessary so the physical elements, the ingredient for the physical reality, can be placed into the structure topic. Recording the entire element teachings would take a couple of books, but if the reader wants more on this subject there are completed books by Water Russell that can be purchased or downloaded free. Walter’s books provide very accurate information on the formation of elements and their position to one another. This material is not currently recognized by any models of science, yet!

I was not aware of Walter’s work when I was being taught the material for this website. I had been immersed in my teachings for a number of years when by accident I came across one of Walter’s books. I saw immediately this was the same material that I was being taught, and had to get my hands on what he had come up with. Tesla once told Walter that his work is a 1000 years to advance for this world and should be hidden until then. I disagree with Tesla as I think humanity will be ready for this material in a couple of generations, and the introductions should continue as a prep until this time. What is the most impressive part of Walter’s work is his outlining of the element stages. It is because of his extensive work into the “periodic table” that I have not bothered to go any further than this introduction, which has some variants to or additions to his material. The main difference is that Walter did not see the 45 connection or he just decided to ignore it for simplicities sakes. It could also be a case (which I was told) that it all comes down to perception and one's viewing angle (see introduction diagram).  

The two easiest introductory books of Walters are “A new Concept of the Universe” and “The Secret of Light”. There are also a couple earlier books that can be downloaded free off the net. (Which deal more with the basics of the subject, and are somewhat “overly stated”). Links to the books:


The Universal One – Information starts at Page # 91….


The Russell Genero – Radiative Concept

Keeping in mind all that has been introduced in the prior sections there are two things one must keep in focus. The first one is that the basic background structure remains intact regardless of its size or movement, and with this is a repeated design throughout the dimensions, from the atomic level to a galaxy. Along with this, remember that even the most complex patterns will have this underling basic support structure. This would be cube/sphere, spiralling ribbon, and so on, for they are always in the background, even if the creation is in a different dimensional level or size. The second thing to keep in mind is that patterns evolve into more complex forms as the harmonics shift into complexity. The bottom line; complexity cannot exist without the basic tones that gave rise to its creation.     

In the last diagram (above) I have created a representation of the main energy flows connected to the 45-degree axis. When combing the above sections of “45” and “The Ratchet” the result produces the 45-degree axis. This duel helix of 45-degree energy flows (8 in number) into and out of the core of the cube/sphere, passing through the octahedron shells (residing on a different level). As magnetic flow enters the cube/sphere structure from its core the opposite balancing flow of electric energy is ejected from the 8 corners back into the cube’s core.  Both electric and magnetic enter and exit from different dimensional structures but are still the same energy. Their difference is a product of their exit points. That being the sphere’s center and the cube’s corners. The energy is the same level but inner dimensions of the sphere, as compared to the cube will have different interpretations of this energy. In the physical level it is expressed at the 45-degree horizons, from sphere core horizon moving up through the different horizons the energy is expressed as magnetic. The opposite expression comes from energy flowing via cube corners and exiting into the core of the sphere’s horizon. In the physical structures this results in magnetic flow expanding outward (radiation) and electric flow compressing inward to the core (gravity).  

All energy flows are “filtered” by the event horizons regardless of their level and angle. As explained in prior chapters, the octahedron has shells and each of its 8 facets or sides will be composed of stacked layers or bands of different harmonic octahedrons. Octahedron inside octahedron, with all of them deriving their creation from the original 8 pack and its layered shells. Each of these octahedron shells will have their unique flavour and thus a specialized “filter”, as compared to its neighbours.   

With each facet of the octahedron having aspects from its parent spheres (from the 8 pack) the 8 different electromagnetic flows become individuals from one another. Each of these 8 electromagnetic flows encountering “interference” at the spinning horizons creating a looping effect in their flows that resembles a figure 8 pattern.

Like the main 0-180 axis the spiralling ribbons of the opposing 45-degree flows create figure 8 loops of energy at the octahedron horizons. However, this time the 45 axis flow differs from the main event horizon as it belongs to the physical level. The flow of the main 0-180 has no physical level capacity but in the electromagnetic angle, the physical elements are the product of interaction with the octahedron shells. That is if all of it falls within the perfect balance with underlying energies and structures.


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