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Science is closing in on the truth

These two articles are not new information for humanity, but they are for modern science.



This is the most scientifically detailed map yet of our place in the universe


Science is starting to figure it out. The universe is a sphere and one that is constructed from the same  template as all of creation is, from the atom to the entire universe itself.

Below are the latest scientific understandings or our universal design. This is a small part of what I have been taught by the “other side”.


Here is how science describes  it:

“In a fascinating new study for Nature, a team of scientists mapped thousands of galaxies in our immediate vicinity, and discovered that the Milky Way is part of a jaw-droppingly massive "supercluster" of galaxies that they named Laniakea.”


Laniakea universe

The above and below scientific diagrams compliment what I have been taught. They are very basic in understanding but just the same exciting to me to see science is finally unravelling what I have been taught. This new scientific understand shows some of the results of a energetic structure but it does not address how or why this spherical structure is created. Part of what they are also looking at is the structure of time itself, but again there are many steps in between to bridge this level of understanding.

Unfortunately science will not get to the point of true understanding for at least another generation. There are just too many in control to allow the old theories to be abandoned that would open up this door of truth.

What most don’t understand is that this designed structure has been part of human consciousness for thousands of years! (I included examples of ancient teaching in my web pages to show this is not new information.)

Laniakea supercluster

Above and below are diagrams from what the scientists have mapped out.

Supercluster of galaxies named Laniakea

Below are some links to pages from my website that outline the universal structure the way I have been taught many years ago. These pages are from the middle of the article and would be best started from its beginning (at the first page link) to see how it fits together, but way jumping ahead, here are some pages:

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Universal design

Cymatics is the study of wave phenomena - on the left are what science was mapped out,

to the right are Hans Jenny’s photos of harmonic structures he photographed. They show the same movement and basic structure.

The universe is a harmonic structure created from the same template; from atoms to nebula, galaxies, and the universe in its entirety. There is a unified theory that exemplifies all of creation, if you know what to look for.

Mysticism may be defined as the belief in a third kind of knowledge, the other two being sense knowledge and knowledge by inference. The “third kind” of knowledge is one that goes past what is observable, because direct observation is not always what it appears to be. The “edges” of our sciences and religions are starting to realize this with every new generation that comes along.

As we shift into greater capacities to understand and with more sensitive instruments to discern with, we find more questions than answers. A mystic is one who, above all else in life, has a desire to know what is behind the physically perceivable level.

Our current culture is so far behind the true understanding of universal design and operation that we must start over again. Many scientists today are saying the same thing. Their statement comes from frustration, because none of the theories complement each other. The better the instrumentation gets (as seen in the above article), the more they realize the old theories are all wrong or just contradict the old axioms. Today scientists are starting to recognize that they need to go back to the basics.

Science based only on intellect is and will prove to be a dead end process. Stepping outside the known (intellectualist’s box) is the only future for science, as well as organized religion. Only the brave and true explorers will accomplish this, and probably only in secret. They will be the first to discover the truly exciting discoveries to be found in this universe.

Past mystics working outside the norm are recorded as historical visionaries and can be recognized in most of the major past discoveries. Mystics included in this list are Albert Einstein, Marie and Pierre Curie, and Isaac Newton. Mainstream science will never admit to the fact that their major players and founders were extracting information using unorthodox methods. The truth is that Einstein dabbled in metaphysics with Upton Sinclair and the medium Roam Ostoja. Alchemist Isaac Newton was relentless in his pursuit of the avant-garde, being rejected in his own time for it. The Curies and their group of fellow scientist signed documents stating the validity of metaphysics. Out of their group alone came five Nobel Prizewinners.

These are and were true mystics in every sense. History books can censor this part out, but the fact is they reached out of the physical norm to achieve their goals. Today they are labelled as scientists, mainly because their discoveries have finally caught up to this present acceptable academic dogma.

universal design and nebula

The universe is a harmonic structure with the same temple; from atoms to nebula, galaxies, and the universe in its entirety. There is a unified theory that exemplifies all of creation, if you know what to look for.

At one time I too worshiped the ground that science stood on as science was the seeker of truth and knowledge. Unfortunately the deeper I researched into my interested fields the more science show a different type of truth. This was one that was based on order of succession, that being from the guardians of the field. These are people that have vested an interest in guarding their positions and prior research, regardless of its flaws. Today, in the inner circles of science it has become in every way a true religion. Obedience is the mandate in any religion and one doesn’t question those on top; the “guardian category”.

I think the part that disappointed me the most was research done by past scientists that tried in vain to show the world how physical creation was constructed were completely ignored by the “establishment”. Researchers like Walter Russell and Hans Jenny are prime examples of this. Between the two geniuses their research could have advanced possibilities in technology and science a thousand years ahead of its current state. For instance free unlimited energy would be available for all.   

In reference to the diagrams and photos above Han Jenny showed the way decades ago. He was a pioneered a field of Cymatics, a study of wave phenomena. This is a field of science pioneered by this Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist (Hans Jenny (1904 - 1972). Dr. Jenny's writings are pure "left brain" science with many of his experiments using simple substances like sand, common liquids, and powders placed on a metal plate. The plate was attached to an oscillator. A frequency generator controlled the oscillator, which was capable of producing a broad range of vibrations. Almost all the photographs shown in this website have been taken using the Schlieren method. In this method, the light is projected from underneath and passes through the liquid and the camera looks down on the process taking place therein. By adjusting the length of the lenses they can observe the phenomena at various focal planes within the vibrating liquid

VLT reveals alignments between supermassive black hole axes and large-scale structure

eso1438 — Science Release

19 November 2014

New observations with ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile have revealed alignments over the largest structures ever discovered in the Universe. A European research team has found that the rotation axes of the central supermassive black holes in a sample of quasars are parallel to each other over distances of billions of light-years. The team has also found that the rotation axes of these quasars tend to be aligned with the vast structures in the cosmic web in which they reside.

Quasars are galaxies with very active supermassive black holes at their centres. These black holes are surrounded by spinning discs of extremely hot material that is often spewed out in long jets along their axes of rotation. Quasars can shine more brightly than all the stars in the rest of their host galaxies put together.

A team led by Damien Hutsemékers from the University of Liège in Belgium used the FORS instrument on the VLT to study 93 quasars that were known to form huge groupings spread over billions of light-years, seen at a time when the Universe was about one third of its current age.

The first odd thing we noticed was that some of the quasars’ rotation axes were aligned with each other — despite the fact that these quasars are separated by billions of light-years,” said Hutsemékers.

The team then went further and looked to see if the rotation axes were linked, not just to each other, but also to the structure of the Universe on large scales at that time.

When astronomers look at the distribution of galaxies on scales of billions of light-years they find that they are not evenly distributed. They form a cosmic web of filaments and clumps around huge voids where galaxies are scarce. This intriguing and beautiful arrangement of material is known as large-scale structure.

The new VLT results indicate that the rotation axes of the quasars tend to be parallel to the large-scale structures in which they find themselves. So, if the quasars are in a long filament then the spins of the central black holes will point along the filament. The researchers estimate that the probability that these alignments are simply the result of chance is less than 1%.

·         A correlation between the orientation of quasars and the structure they belong to is an important prediction of numerical models of evolution of our Universe. Our data provide the first observational confirmation of this effect, on scales much larger that what had been observed to date for normal galaxies,” adds Dominique Sluse of the Argelander-Institut für Astronomie in Bonn, Germany and University of Liège.

·         The team could not see the rotation axes or the jets of the quasars directly. Instead they measured the polarisation of the light from each quasar and, for 19 of them, found a significantly polarised signal. The direction of this polarisation, combined with other information, could be used to deduce the angle of the accretion disc and hence the direction of the spin axis of the quasar.

·         The alignments in the new data, on scales even bigger than current predictions from simulations, may be a hint that there is a missing ingredient in our current models of the cosmos,” concludes Dominique Sluse.

Below are some links to pages from my website that outline the universal structure the way I have been taught many years ago. These pages are from the middle of the article and would be best started from its beginning (at the first page link) to see how it fits together, but way jumping ahead, here are some pages: 

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