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The Octave – 8 Pack

The Jenny photo above is only a thin slice of a harmonic sphere. Within the sphere’s inner level or inner dimensions are another level of cubes/spheres that are proportionally sized down. Cubes within cubes and spheres within spheres, as there are no limit to this in either direction of size. So what we are seeing in the harmonic photo is a sphere with inner chambers or smaller spheres. All structures support the whole and the whole is part of the smaller inner structures. The harmonic slice shows 4 spheres but there are actually 8. In my teachings they call this structure the 8 Pack, as see to the right of the harmonic photo above.

The sphere octave is as it sounds eight spheres that create a balanced state and a unity that can create and support the larger sphere’s balanced state. This larger sphere can then joint seven others of equal size to create another 8 Pack or octave. This continues on from the infinite beginning to the infinite end. It is only when we get down closer to the physical vibration that imbalance creates new structures. This brings about the creation of physical elements.

Although the spheres create and support outer and inner structures they are a completely different level or dimension from one another. They still influence one another as the main spiral energy flows from one another though the larger orb axis, falling under influences of the inner structure (that is on a different level). As above so below! Due to vibrational separation all can occupy this same “space” without interference of the creation. All are “notes” that support the “octave” of the structure

Like the outer or larger sphere the inner 8 pack of spheres are “rotating” around in their specific directions. (The movement is not random, see further explanations below.) This “rotation” of inner spheres creates currents that affect the whole. Below is a diagram of this flow. 

Consciousness enters the cube/sphere structure from the center. Coming under influences of the axis flow from above and below as it creates the inner structure of the 8 pack.

The 8 pack’s movement and the influence of the axis create an event horizon in the middle of the 8 pack (as seen in the central diagram below, #2). The energy flowing into the main sphere spirals down until it hits this dividing region of the 8 pack. From there it continues to spiral outward but its outward expanding flow is interfered with by the larger sphere’s shell. This outer shell’s movement redirects the spiral and causes it to turn inward along the event horizon. Spiralling along this flat plane towards the center again the energy flow now contacts the axis flow which drags it down and into another level (below the event horizon). It is at this point the energy is free to spiral outward again into its new environment, that is until it hits the main sphere’s shell once more at the bottom. 



Event horizons are very important part of the physical reality. It is here that elements and galaxies are created (but in another angular level, explained further in this book). In Out of Body journeys I have traveled down this spiral towards the event horizon. I saw the way the larger sphere’s inner shells and flowing energy defect the spiral back into a plane. Starting as a wide horizontal spiral on this plane you gradually spiral inward along it to the center of this plane (now back to the axis). As you encounter the axis you are dragged down or up (depending of direction of flow).  (New scientific Information)

Down towards the horizon and from the horizon down and out.

Petroform is from Wooler Northumberland, U.K.

The event horizon is not just one line of interference. It is actually two as is demonstrated in the picture of an actual galaxy (above, to the left).

Above is an example of this event horizontal crossover between the two horizons. This produces the typical warped structures that are seen in galaxies. Note, galaxies are not found in the main axis, the photo is only to demonstrate this property of horizon creation. I will discuss this further into the book, as this level of structure belongs to the physical level called 45 degrees.


The spiral and horizon are the source of radiation and gravity. They are one in the same but opposites of each other. In the 45-degree section of physical elements these two properties come into our perception as forces of nature. We recognize them as pulling towards and the expansion or disintegration of physical.   

Horizons are also in three directional planes in the main cube/sphere structure, as seen below.

Sonora Desert

Every form is becoming either a cube or a sphere, or is a section of either one. Complex structures are multiples of spheres of matter surrounded by multiples of cubes of space in multiples of fields.                    To the right - Sonora Desert, Arizona

The Ribbon


The spiral energy described above is not just one strand of energy, it is a ribbon of helix strings that create a banded flow.  This banded flow of energy is called the Ribbon.

The spiral is a ribbon or a band of energy that is composed of strings of opposite flowing energy. These are the strings that wrap around each other to form a helix. The ribbon can be seen in something as common as the Aura Borealis, show in the photo above. It can also be seen in the axis of our sphere called Earth or the moon Europa, seen in photos below.


The ribbon of strings can clearly be seen in a close up of a Jenny harmonic sphere photo, seen below. They are tightly layered and not as shown in the expanded left diagram. This diagram is only for demonstration purposes.

Each layer of the ribbon is complete and of a different vibrational level than its adjacent neighbour of descending or ascending size. Each ribbon also increase in vibration as it closes inward towards the axis. Likewise the vibration lowers as the spiral ribbon filaments expand away from the axis.  

Visible sections of ribbons

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