Level 1


Our universe was created by a completely different level of consciousness that could never exist in this universe, in its entirety. This exceptional creative awareness level is referred to as “All That Exists” or “God”. The reason is that our physical universe and all its nonphysical states are still too restrictive for its energy form. This includes the highest vibrational states, be it the angelic realms or physical creator Jinn levels. It also includes the lower vibratory levels of the Dorajuadoik (see Dorajuadoik). As a result of vibratory restrictions, the level of consciousness that created this universe resides in it but only from certain levels.  As a comparison it is not much different from living in a house that we have built. The house is our creation, we live in it, but the house is not us, nor are we the house. We cannot become the two dimensional levels of consciousness that make up the building material as we are much more.  

Each level of consciousness can only operate efficiently in a common frequency that supports its level. This includes all the highest and lowest vibratory levels of that consciousness in and beyond our universe (for more information on this topic see;The Schematic of God” and this web page). 

The creation of our universe (on all levels of existence) was a result of an injection of this powerful level of consciousness into itself. The original thought form created expansiveness within itself, we call it the universe. A universe with no limitations of expression for the source level is incapable of limits. Defining this new universe is a matter of defining different levels of the source consciousness. In other words as the universe creates upon itself many different levels of source energy are expressed. These “expressions” are measured in vibratory levels. Through this injection all forms of consciousness are created and recreated as expressions of the original thought. Each level of consciousness thus inhabits its own level of awareness (or vibratory state).

From the primal thought that created our universe to the many trillions of thought forms that create all the realms, physical or not, there is only one source of power. That source power of creation is consciousness. Without consciousness physical and the nonphysical forms would not exist. Thought, a creation of consciousness creates movement in this static background. This can be described as imbalance, as it forces a balanced static background of universal energy into movement. This movement can be plotted as it has to adhere to the structure of the universal design. This is the most important thing to understand and remember, consciousness creates all that exists, on all levels, without exception.  (By the way, our consciousness does not reside in the brain as this organ is only a translator for our physical reality.)

Primal consciousness (God or “All That Is”) injected the primal desire (a thought) and this was the beginning movement (as previously described in “The Schematic of God”). Primal thought or consciousness thus is the impetus and driving force behind the creation of the universe. This force graduates down into individual levels from source point outward. Each level will create its own specific region of unique individuality. The uniqueness is kept separate by resonate difference in frequency, due to structural levels of common ground.

We will never see or understand all the levels but we can understand some of the levels that are closer to the physical and in time we will be able to detect many of these levels with instrumentation. In fact some of this detection has happened now but without the understand of what is being detected there is little proper interpretation.

In our understanding of consciousness as the highest vibratory state in the universe we would have to start at the primal level of creation. This level can be referred to as a God level and its seed vibratory level, in our perception, could be called the Harmonic/Light Spectrum. Both harmonics and light are different flows but because of origin they are one. All energy regardless of its level will have a counter part that acts as a balancing agent. It has to have movement in order to exist in the physical. Without movement time and space would have no measurement and thus would not exist at all. The Maya called God (Hunab K’u) “movement and measure”, they understood this basic concept. 

The light and harmonics I talk about are not what we would recognize in the physical. Their vibrational level is far beyond the spectrum of the physical reality and our comprehension. Yet they do permeate all levels including our physical and do give us a recognizable part of this spectrum in visible light and sound. The higher vibratory levels are not detectable by physical senses or apparatus but can be found through “mind avenues”. As described before there are two primal directional flows. Each flow extends outward to complete its cycle as it returns back to Primal Source for balance and a state of nonexistence or “home”.

The Light/Harmonics Spectrum is just that, a spectrum of gradient levels with each of the two primal energies having many different vibratory stages. This is before even reaching the denser realities of physical creation. Each level is a complete separate system and is responsible for creations that occur in its field. Remember the nonphysical levels will be beyond our instrumental and mathematical capacity to decipher. This is why this material is so important for there is no other way to understand the building block properties of the universe. It must be understood that we only see a fraction of the smallest part of all that there is, and the best of mathematics cannot decipher what exists beyond measurement. To use mathematics in multi-universal context you would need two opposing formulas, one in our reality while the other was in the second reality. Even with this you would need the perspective of the third and higher reality to make sense of the other two formulas and their interactions.


Language terms from the other side:

Cube- Harmonic wave fields that create lattice structures.

Sphere - The end results of spiralling energy in completeness.

String - Two opposite flows of the same energy level that twist into a balanced form.

Ribbon - A composite of like strings that follow a wave form creating a band of energy.

Axis - The central injection flow of energy that parallels the universe’s axis.

Event Horizon – An energetic boundary created by overlapping structure.

8 Pack or the Octave – The inner 8 spheres that create a balanced state supporting a larger aspect of this combination.

Octahedron – The boundary horizontal fields that are created along overlapping of the center of the 8 Pack. 

Patch – A secondary structure created by the overlapping of two spheres creating a prolate shaped structure.

Tubes - The center axis of balanced flow of the Patch.

Patch Head – The end cap of a Patch.

Ratcheting – The movement from one level of structure into an adjacent level.