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One of the misconceptions in spiritually is that enlightenment means the completion of a spiritual journey, the end of a long spiritual "road". Nothing could be farther from the truth. Enlightenment is but that, enlightened to one current level of understanding. There is no end to the spiritual levels that can be achieved physical or nonphysical. Each layer needs enlightenment to complete the process and move on to the next. Many so-called enlightened individuals have a long way to go to find balance and understanding that exemplifies this reality. The proper term would be Whole Consciousness, meaning a balanced, full spectrum connection to source.

This material will stand as the beginning of a new conscious expanded form of exploration. This material is not meant to change anyone’s mind. It is not to argue a point, nor is it here to prove itself, for this is almost impossible at this expanded level. It seeks not to create a new religion or to contradict any existing one. In fact it can be used to expand all beliefs and faiths. This material is here as a template, a blueprint of how the universe and spirituality (consciousness) is constructed. New levels of spiritually are revealed for the first time to our modern culture. Both directions of God or "All That Is" are explored. Insights into the most nagging of spiritual questions are revealed.


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