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The brain is capable of interpreting and translating far more inner information than it appears to be doing. It is the egoís idea of what is possible, the egoís concept of reality, that determines in a large manner whether or not the brain will interpret any particular data. Now some inner data cannot be perceived or translated by the conscious part of the brain. What happens is, as consciousness expands into new levels of awareness new pathways develop to accommodate the new information, into a translatable matter. In other words the more a mystic works with the material the more clear and complete the material becomes. Basically there is little difference as to the manner in which normal perception or extrasensory perceptions are received. Both originate in the nonphysical, it is our choice as to which one or both we want to perceive in the physical.

When Einstein was asked in reference to relativity, "How did you do it?", he replied, "I ignored an axiom." This is exactly what needs to happen, the next level of understanding is only waiting for us to tire of this one.

It is well documented that novices and academics who slip into nonphysical reality for information, make most of the great inventions and discoveries. This can include informative dreams, being downloaded through an insightful moment (The "aha" spark, called channeling), and visions. These injections into our reality come from outside the human experience and intellect is usually available to anyone listening. Typically, a few people hear the message at once; they are usually the ones that are focused on the problem prior to the insight. Of these few listeners, only one or two will carry through with it and thus a discovery is made, followed by the patent. It is well known that major discoveries are done by more than one person in the same time period. They can be on the other side of the planet, but both are connected to the download, it is just a matter of which one registers their discovery first. This pattern happens because the informationís source is outside our physical reality and thus time and space are not part of the equation. It does make one wonder how many past "egos" have buried their story so that credit is given to their intellect.

There are many recorded instances of this out of reality research including most of Thomas Edisonís inventions. The German chemist Friedrich Kekule, for instance, dreamed of a snake with its tail in its mouth, and understood that the molecular structure of benzene was a closed carbon ring. The French mathematician Jules-Henri Poincarť, during a sleepless night, saw mathematical symbols colliding until they coalesced into equations. This discover process still goes no, even in the time frame of writing this chapter, another scientist has just dreamed the impossible. It has been physically impossible to make a dimmer switch for a florescent light bulb. Scientist have worked on this for thirty years until this year of 2006 a scientist dreamed the solution, went to his lab and created the dimmer switch in a couple of hours. Most of these "accidental" discoveries are done through the pattern of letting go. The pattern flows as; saturating yourself in the subject at hand, learning all you can, and thinking about it day and night. After this period of time, lack of results will indefinitely result in frustration, this is the perfect time to let go of it all. Unfortunately some donít know how to let go, because they have so much invested. They usually "die trying", while others abandon the project, only to find themselves being downloaded with the knowledge that they have been searching for. Itís as simple as that Ė Let Go! It is pure logic, that if you search for the unknown you will not find it in what you know!


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